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Attorney General Michael Mukasey Collapses

Attorney General Michael Mukasey was giving a speech at the Federalist Society when he started shaking and collapsed. An AP report said that he got stuck on a word, repeating it several times before he went down. Associate Attorney General Kevin O'Connor said that Mukasey was conscious about an hour after his collapse.

Update: The latest from the AP:

"The attorney general is conscious, conversant and alert," Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr said after doctors admitted Mulsasey to George Washington University Hospital for the night.


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Comments (3)

the touch has passed....</p... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

the touch has passed....

Poor Guy!... (Below threshold)

Poor Guy!

What torch?? He passed out ... (Below threshold)

What torch?? He passed out for unknown reasons, something people do every day of the week. Let's wait and see if it was a stroke, or if he just got overheated and fainted. Could be his blood sugar was out of whack, or he hadn't eaten and just got woozy. Let's not bury the guy yet.






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