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Everyone has a hand out

In Canada it is charities that are doing it.

Canada's charities, facing falling donations and rising demand from the poor due to the economic crisis, are asking cash-strapped Ottawa to look elsewhere for ways to balance the government budget.

The nation's charity lobby group, Imagine Canada, said Thursday it has drafted a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper ahead of next week's economic statement asking the government not to slash charitable funding.

"We urge the Government of Canada to maintain existing levels of funding to Canada's charities and nonprofits through its grants and contributions programs," Imagine Canada said in the letter. "Now is not the time to reduce support to communities through federal funding cuts."

Imagine Canada said it was also seeking additional tax benefits for charities.

Is it too much to ask people to be self sufficient? If you can't thrive with the present tax laws and subsidies, maybe it is time to re-evaluate what your organization is trying to do than ask for more.


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During a downturn a lot of ... (Below threshold)

During a downturn a lot of charities will fold or struggle to cover administrative costs. For what reason should charities not join all of the other organizations asking for government handouts during these lean times? A lot of them do work that the government cannot or will not do itself, so keeping certain charities solvent would probably make fiscal sense in that the long-term consequences of them folding could be disastrous. (Not all charities, mind you, but bigger not-for-profits including the YMCA, which helps 50% of immigrant families in the Greater Toronto Area--or 20% of immigrants to Canada-- find schools, doctors, and affordable housing.)






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