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Rising prices

South Florida style.

With the country's largest processing plant in bankruptcy, local kosher butchers say they have less on their shelves and prices are going up.

"We don't have the depth and the variety. And like now, I want to make stuffed cabbage, and I can't get ground beef," said Danny Wasserman, owner of Mary L's in Lauderhill.

Agriprocessors Inc.'s kosher meatpacking plant in Iowa has struggled to survive since May, when immigration agents arrested almost 400 workers.

Local butchers are buying from smaller places that "don't have the extensive range of product," Wasserman said.

"It's a big problem," said Gil Ribak, owner of Aroma Kosher Market, in Cooper City.

I always knew there would be consequences from illegal immigrant crackdowns. The combination of bankruptcy and short supply of kosher meats just wasn't something I was expecting.


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If they would have hired le... (Below threshold)

If they would have hired legal citizens, from the beginning, and no children hired, it's seems like they would still be in business.

And the bankruptcy wouldn't have happened, because they wouldn't have to pay such big fines, right?

I always felt one of the ad... (Below threshold)

I always felt one of the advantages of blackmarket labor from illegal aliens was that they know how to keep their mouth's shut. I wonder how kosher that kosher butcher was?

Well, we are so anxious to ... (Below threshold)

Well, we are so anxious to enforce our laws that we kill our companies and disrupt our economy. No matter, the most important thing are our laws, people don't matter, especially "illegal" people. Them we just treat like cattle and throw them out of the country regardless of the consequences to them or their American relatives, children or anyone else.

Keep doing this and the land of the free and the home of the brave could swiftly become the land of the mean and the home of the unkind.

Not to worry, where there i... (Below threshold)

Not to worry, where there is legitimate need and opportunity, someone will fill the void with a legitimate and fairly priced product. If this is the worst impact from enforcing laws, it is obviously very, very minimal.

Chakademus, Enf... (Below threshold)
Codekeyguy Author Profile Page:


Enforcing laws that "kill" companies may just indicate that the companies were not economically viable in the first place. Throwing people out of the country "regardless of the consequences" indicates that they BROUGHT THIS GRIEF UPON THEMSELVES. The consequences are of their own making, not the result of enforcing the law. But don't worry, the Messiah will join with McCain to create "comprehensive" immigration open borders, and there will not be any law left that needs enforcing. Watch out what you pray for, the Obama "one world" is a comin'!!

Hard times...really, really... (Below threshold)

Hard times...really, really tough times.

The whole Rubashkins/Agripr... (Below threshold)

The whole Rubashkins/Agriprocessors issue goes deeper than it appears.

First off, it is bad for Kosher meat consumers (like myself) for simple supply/demand reasons. Not that it was inexpensive to begin with...sigh.

Second, Agriprocessesors/Rubashkin's has also been accused of using underage workers and other workplace violations. (I can't recall if they have been indicted for this yet).

Third, the initial raid sparked quite a controversy within the Jewish community, as to whether there should be ethical standards set for the treatment of workers who produce Kosher foods. This is a discussion/debate that's still ongoing.

If you peruse some of the major cities Jewish newspapers (e.g. the Jewish Week in NYC, the Jewish paper in So. Florida, etc.) you'll find all sorts of articles related to this very topic.






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