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Running start

The Obama children learned something vitally important during their visit to the White House recently.

U.S. President George W. Bush's family say they enjoyed a bonding moment with U.S. President-elect Barack Obama's two daughters during a White House tour.

Bush's 26-year-old daughter Barbara said she and her sister, Jenna Hager, took Sasha and Malia Obama on a tour of the presidential home Tuesday and even showed the young girls how to have some White House fun, People magazine reported Friday.

"We helped them jump on the beds," Barbara said. "We used to jump on the beds when we were little, too."

First lady Laura Bush echoed her daughter's comments, saying Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10, were shown the inside scoop on White House bed-jumping.

"They're really tall beds; you need to get a running start," the first lady said.

Why Laura, have you jumped on a White House bed yourself?

Hat tip- Ann Althouse


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Comments (6)

Hopefully the Bush family's... (Below threshold)

Hopefully the Bush family's class and hospitality will rub off.

Back in my day the adults d... (Below threshold)

Back in my day the adults didn't encourage this kind of behavior. What is this world coming to?

One of the many things abou... (Below threshold)

One of the many things about the United States of which I am proud is the relative gentility with which federal executive power is transferred. Plus, a little bed jumping is probably good every once in a while.

Jumping on beds were reserv... (Below threshold)

Jumping on beds were reserved for Post and friends in the Lincoln Bedroom during the years the Clintons rented it out.

One of my favorite actresse... (Below threshold)

One of my favorite actresses of all time, major babe, Markie Post, reportedly got to jump on a White House bed after Clinton was elected.

I do imagine the White Hous... (Below threshold)

I do imagine the White House beds saw more than a fair amount of jumping during BJ's administration. As for our current first lady, I'm sure she's jumped on the White House beds too but she's just being prudent and keeping her mouth shut. LOL






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