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That's all it took

I never thought I'd see a headline like this-

Minneapolis landed Southwest with data and fish. Who ever wrote that headline should be sent back to journalism school or made to work on the titles of my posts.


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Sounds like typical busines... (Below threshold)

Sounds like typical business, GOP style. That's the way business has been working since 2000, right? And now we understand why our country is in such a bad shape. NO OVERSIGHT, since 2000 to 2006.

And in the last two years, with all the GOP obstructions, you can blame the Demo's, right? What a load of crap from the right. Why didn't the GOP, when in complete power, get the oversight, and regulations in place? And don't blame the lefties for any obstructions, the GOP had complete control!

But go ahead and spin the BS, because that is what you will be spinning, pure BS. I have asked before, who is going to be paying for this crap, and not one of you commenter s will answer that question.

Just more BS from the party of "FAMILY VALUES." Enjoy your chrystal ball dreams.

You have an airport courtin... (Below threshold)

You have an airport courting an airline providing those data for several years and have meetings to pitch to them. The Airline looks at its options and makes a decision after several years when it because advantageous for them to make the move.

Sounds good to me. The headline is not very well written it does not convey the meat of the story.

Um... Allen... the point of... (Below threshold)

Um... Allen... the point of a headline is to make the reader want to read the story, not shake their head and say "WTF?"

Which, coincidentally, was my reaction when I read your frothing collection of idiocy that you call a "comment."


People get paid for this st... (Below threshold)

People get paid for this stuff? I'm in the wrong line of work.

What did you expect? The wr... (Below threshold)

What did you expect? The writer is merely a product of an educational system that is more concerned about indoctrinating than teaching, and so graduates today:
1. Don't know how to think,
2. Don't know any history,
3. Can't write a simple English sentence (or headline),
4. Have no work ethic,
5. Have no work skills,

(But on the bright side: They've been freed from the primitive myths of values, sound judgment, objectivity, etc.)






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