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Man's best friend

There has to be a moral to this story but I have yet to come up with one.

PORTLAND, Ore. - A man who was accidentally shot by a 12-gauge shotgun on Saturday after his dog jumped into a boat is recovering. Matthew Marcum's legs and buttocks were injured in the bizarre incident and he was taken to Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health

Marcum's father, Henry, said his 23-year-old son was about to tie up an 11-foot open aluminum boat, when his 3-year-old Labrador, Drake, jumped into the boat.

Matthew Marcum said his dog, Drake, is a good dog and he isn't upset with him.

Dogowners are faithful too. How long before a Oregon legislator proposes a law requiring dogs be kept away from loaded firearms?


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Of course there's a moral: ... (Below threshold)


The guy did not safe his shotgun before putting it down. If he had, this couldn't have happened.

I'm glad he's still alive and I hope the injury isn't permanent.

wolfwalker, FOUR rules aren... (Below threshold)

wolfwalker, FOUR rules aren't enough! This guy shot himself in the BUTTOCKS!

I think we need a FIFTH Gun Safety Rule:
Never SIT on your shotgun while you're tying up your boat if a Labrador is in the vicinity

that'll do'er!

That's a typical liberal ne... (Below threshold)

That's a typical liberal news approach. Blame the dog (indirectly) for the man's stupidity and carelessness.

The guy totally shot himsel... (Below threshold)

The guy totally shot himself without the dog being involved.

I bet he blames the dog for his farts too

How about a law keeping Vic... (Below threshold)

How about a law keeping Vice Presidents away from loaded guns instead?

What would be even stranger... (Below threshold)

What would be even stranger would be if the dog also drove his injured owner to the hospital or even vet's office. A few years ago a dog strangely brought himself to his own vets office after he was injured by a car. That's intelligent.

But seriously, hunting accidents do happen, and suddenly. My grandmother's own brother was seriously injured and eventually died from a hunting accident when he was 16 years old and dropped his gun while climbing over a fence out on their land on the large farm they owned. The gun discharged into his side and caused life threatening injuries. And my sister husband was also seriously wounded in rifle accident when he was a boy as well. Younger gun owners seem more prone to accidents due to lack of experience than older owners it seems.

JFO: "How about a law ke... (Below threshold)

JFO: "How about a law keeping Vice Presidents away from loaded guns instead?"


The last thing we need to do is give Joe Biden a loaded weapon!! He shoots himself in his (and Obama's) foot when he talks!! Imagine what he would do with a real by God gun!

thx for the suggestion, JFO

They never tell you the who... (Below threshold)

They never tell you the whole story. Oregon dogs are allowed to bear arms as long as they don't have a record. This dog was caught running meth about six months ago.

I can only imagine what wou... (Below threshold)

I can only imagine what would have happened if it had been a pittie. Public and officials probably would not have been so forgiving. D*mn discrimination! Maybe Obama can fix that too.






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