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To the golf cart Robin

This 48-year-old must not be very fleet of foot.

A suspected robber wearing underwear on his head to hide his identity was chased down Monday afternoon by customers in a golf cart outside a South Salt Lake pro shop, police said.

The 48-year-old is suspected of approaching a clerk at Golf in the Round (600 W. 3300 South), demanding money and threatening the clerk with a 10-inch butcher knife, police wrote in a statement.

The clerk noticed the man was wearing men's underwear as a mask and replied, "You gotta be kidding," police wrote. When the robber moved forward with the knife, the clerk tried to wrest it away. The blade broke off, and the robber left the store and ran across the driving range, police wrote.

The clerk, whose hands were cut in the struggle, alerted customers to the robbery, police said. The customers used a golf cart to chase the man and keep him from escaping until officers arrived, police wrote.

The man was booked into jail.

If only the robber was named, I'd give him a Knucklehead award. Damn you Salt Lake Tribune!

Hat tip- Geoff Shackelford


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If:1. We had more ... (Below threshold)


1. We had more citizens who would get involved like this, and

2. Our knuckleheaded judges would punish the criminals instead of the crime-fighting citizens,

We wouldn't have citizens living behind bars for protection from the criminals walking the streets.

Kudos to the citizens in this story! May they be rewarded instead of punished.

Ahhh, its probably an entry... (Below threshold)

Ahhh, its probably an entry for the "Name that party!" contest. Don't want to give away too much detail when the paper is running a contest, doncha know!

Obviously a graduate of abu... (Below threshold)

Obviously a graduate of abu graib university.

You'd think he could have f... (Below threshold)

You'd think he could have found something other than underwear for his head.






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