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Double Whammy

This guy is a true masochist.

SANTA FE, N.M. - A 21-year-old man was accused of driving drunk and leading police on a chase that finally ended with him running over himself. The man was treated for minor injuries at a Santa Fe hospital and booked in to the Sandoval County detention center on charges of aggravated driving while intoxicated, fleeing a police officer, careless driving and two other outstanding traffic warrants.

A tip to the state's DrunkBuster hot line Sunday afternoon alerted authorities to a possibly drunken driver.

State Police Officer Grace Romero spotted the man's pickup truck swerving across both lanes of a highway, driving slowly and then fast. He refused to stop.

After narrowly missing other vehicles, police said the suspect drove through a ditch and a barbed-wire fence before stopping. He tried to put the truck into park, but it ended up in reverse.

Police said the man fell from his open door and both of his legs were run over by the front driver's side tire.

That's got to hurt, between the arrest and the probable broken legs. Another story lacking the name of the criminal. This would have been great Knucklehead material.


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YIKES!!! That hurts just th... (Below threshold)

YIKES!!! That hurts just thinking about it. Yikes!!

I'm forwarding this to my c... (Below threshold)

I'm forwarding this to my cousin, whose son's life has been full of pain, medical treatment, and litigation since being hit by a repeat-offender drunk driver a few years ago. (He had been hard-working, responsible, a good citizen.)

In this Santa Fe case, at least the drunk messed up himself instead of someone whose only offense was being on the same road as the drunk.

You want to smoke, it's your lungs. You want to drink, it's your liver. (I'll ignore for the moment that your medical care will be paid from my increased premiums.) But as soon as you get behind the wheel drunk, that should carry a felony charge, something along the line of attempted assault.






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