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Mad rush

Be glad you're not traveling to Thailand right now. From AP-

BANGKOK, Thailand - Thousands of bleary-eyed tourists mingled with yellow-clad protesters who brought flights to a halt at Bangkok's international airport Wednesday, dealing a major blow to Thailand's tourism industry during its peak season.

The tourism industry, which makes up 6 percent of the economy and employs about a million people, was already flagging after protesters in late August shut down airports serving popular beach resorts in Thailand's south.

With the latest unrest paralyzing the airport -- which handles about 40 million passengers a year -- during the peak tourist season, and TV networks broadcasting images of the chaos worldwide, the damage this time is likely to be more severe.

"Our main concern is to get the first flight home and never come back," said Australian newlywed Robert Grieve, 32, drinking a can of Heineken at 9 a.m. as he leaned against a vacated Thai Airways check-in counter. "I haven't even seen any staff since last night."

Fred Thierry, a Shanghai-based French executive with a printing materials company, had been stranded at the airport since 8 p.m. Tuesday.

"I have some meetings in Shanghai today," he said. "I had a big meeting with big customers."

Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport was shut down Tuesday after thousands of protesters -- dressed in yellow to symbolize loyalty to Thailand's revered king -- stormed the complex. Some of them were masked and carrying metal rods.

Sounds like non-thinking hooligans to me. What could possibly be the reasoning of the people who caused the airport to close? Turists and ordinary people who work at the facility are more likely to be angry than sympathetic to any cause the protesters support.

I've experienced a airport closing once in my life. It was December 1st 1989, and I was flying to Manila Philippines to meet my wife who would a few days later be going for her embassy interview in order to immigrate to the USA. A coup attempt happened in Manila that day and I got stranded in Seoul South Korea.

One of the coup plotters is now a Senator. They have a funny way of penalizing traitors in that part of the world. Will one of the Thai protesters benefit from the chaos they caused like Gregorio Honasan has?

Update- I will give Gregorio credit. He and the 89 plotters knew how to try toppling a government, today when a so called coup attempt happens in the PI, the only threat caused is to hotel guests and a people trying to get married.


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As an aside, Royal Thai is ... (Below threshold)

As an aside, Royal Thai is the best airline I've ever flown--better than Emirates. Have yet to fly Singapore, though..

Hyperbolist writes- As an a... (Below threshold)

Hyperbolist writes- As an aside, Royal Thai is the best airline I've ever flown--better than Emirates. Have yet to fly Singapore, though.

The wife and I flew Singpore in 1998 from Manila to SNG. First class(we had business class seats and a upgrade was super cheap)It was an incredible experience. Ever eat airline food and wish for more because it tasted so good?


Only on Royal Thai! And the... (Below threshold)

Only on Royal Thai! And the cognac wasn't too shabby either, a Remy Martin XO--and I was in the cheap seats! :)

The Confucian emphasis on selfless service really shows when it comes to airlines based out of historically Buddhist countries.

By the way, never, ever fly Air Canada. If you're going to overpay for a flight, you can only do better!

Thailand is now a lawless c... (Below threshold)
david M Burns:

Thailand is now a lawless country ran by an effective fearful govt. that Idiot sondhi has brought the country to it's knees because he did not like the way a free election worked out. And an Army General says that he does not want to interfer! it is a shamful situation and Thailand is now the laughing stock of the world.






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