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Obama's war cabinet

When describing an article that talks about Hillary Clinton being Secretary of State and President elect Obama's choice for National Security advisor, I think there are better headlines out there than this doozy from Associated Press

Obama picks graybeards as wartime CabinetThe position of National Security isn't a cabinet position and making the New York Senator sound like a circus sideshow(Bearded lady) can be called distasteful.


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A disaster awaits us, one ... (Below threshold)

A disaster awaits us, one more devastating and detrimental to our existence than anything we have before encountered. While Obama sits in Chicago picking over the rancid carcass of the Clinton administration in hopes of finding another stooge to fill his cabinet, to our south a storm is brewing. The Russian Bear, now fully awakened from its decades long hibernation, is once again seeking to extend its influence and military might into the western hemisphere. The danger we face from the sinful alliance between the Russians and that criminal Chaves poses a threat not only to US hegemony in our own hemisphere but to or nation as a whole.
What concerns me most is this: How will Obama react to the threat posed by such an unholy alliance we see developing in such close proximity to our own border? If his ill-considered response to the most recent episode of Russian aggression in Georgia is any indication, uncertainty and obfuscation are the only weapons he is able to wield in our defense....

More At:

The Angry Capitalist... sca... (Below threshold)

The Angry Capitalist... scared much? Better change your diaper, the smell of urine seeps thru each sentence.

The "Russian Bear" as you recall a past moniker, is collapsing monetarily as we speak. If oil stays at or close the level it is now rutin' tootin Putin will be riding herd on a mere shell of a country.

Be ye not afraid. The might... (Below threshold)

Be ye not afraid. The mighty Obamassiah will reassure our enemies and convince them to give peas a chance. Chaves, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, Hamas, and those surly Muslim fellows will all eagerly come to the table and prostrate themselves before the One True Leader.

We will no longer need a military, a nuclear arsenal, or the Pentagon. We will be able to divert all this wasted spending towards progressive social programs, such as Wind Power, electric cars, magic lightbulbs, and regulation of the carbon fuels industry, the auto industry, education, and other programs for cultural enlightenment.

As far as the tyrants of the world are concerned, if you build it, they will laugh their asses off.

And McCain would have snarl... (Below threshold)

And McCain would have snarled and gnashed his teeth and the Chavezes and Ahmadinejads would have ran and hid in fear of being decapitated by his steely gaze!


President Clinton, er...Oba... (Below threshold)

President Clinton, er...Obama will figure it out. After all, he preached change but didn't mention BACK. ww

He said, "give peas a ch... (Below threshold)

He said, "give peas a chance" -- that surely did strike my funny bone!

After so many years of peas getting a bump rap, at last a fitting slogan and battlecry: Give peas a chance!


If the shoe fits...... (Below threshold)

If the shoe fits...

I'm predicting Canada will ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I'm predicting Canada will feel cocky and take over 10-15 states too.

Seriously, when have the Cl... (Below threshold)
James H:

Seriously, when have the Clintons NOT been a sideshow?

Hyper, I think Afghanistan ... (Below threshold)

Hyper, I think Afghanistan needs canada's jeep. That is the sum total of your war maching. Retard. ww

I just got called a retard ... (Below threshold)

I just got called a retard by someone who can't spell "machine". Also, the words "Canada" and "Jeep" are proper nouns--use capital letters.

So sick of telling you this: Canadian soldiers have participated in all of the worthwhile conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries. We entered both of the World Wars without being provoked--meaning, we fought for other people's freedom, and not only because somebody declared war on us. (Where was America in 1939?) We have thousands of personnel in Afghanistan fighting those who sheltered the terrorists responsible for 9/11. So, for the last time, you are welcome. Retard.






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