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What are you doing here?

Do people really visit Wizbang on a holiday? This post wasn't written today, but on Wednesday and scheduled for posting. I may have a few queue a few more posts for the day. What's a day without a Knucklehead award?

The Sci-Fi Channel is having a James Bond festival today. Is Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and The World is not Enough sci-fi movies? I don't classify them as that. This is an improvement over three years ago, when Sci-Fi did a zombie movie festival thanksgiving. Someone may say that was in bad taste.

I just want to wish all our readers a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. I have no special plans for today. The wife, mother-in-law, and I will have dinner around 4 pm and afterwards may go see a movie. Have a safe and enjoyable day everyone.


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Happy Thanksgiving! Of cou... (Below threshold)

Happy Thanksgiving! Of course people visit Wizbang on Thanksgiving. There's even more time for blogs on your day off.

At 5:30am, a Holiday is jus... (Below threshold)

At 5:30am, a Holiday is just like any other day...:-)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, I ... (Below threshold)

Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, I am here as we celebrated in October this year. My oldest was leaving for Basic Training in late October so we had the meal before he left! And yes, it is just as yummy in October as in November!

Just checkin' in. It's a la... (Below threshold)

Just checkin' in. It's a lazy morning after being up waaay too late working at my very first attempt at a unique stuffing recipe.
Have a Happy everybody!

I suppose that the Sci Fi c... (Below threshold)

I suppose that the Sci Fi channel could have done worse by airing some cannibal horror flicks, so while the James Bond films aren't really Sci Fi by any means, they're still mostly pretty good holiday entertainment in my view.

I'm spending a pretty miserable Thanksgiving myself with the furnace broken today and it's only about 48 degrees in the house even with a couple electric heaters running, but much worse yet if these two heaters weren't running. On a holiday like this, no one is open to buy a primary control unit for me to wire in to get the furnace working. And my family is dead. But I have a beautiful 28 year old blonde haired lady friend who lives out of state that should probably at least give me a loving phone call, and that alone will warm my 53 year old heart despite no heat in the house. This is yet another Thanksgiving with the dog and cats. But I'm still more than grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Wizbang friends here and that includes those such as Marc and Paul Bunyan as well that often do not like my opinions.

But you do ask a good question here, Bill. What indeed are people doing here on Thanksgiving? Well, when you only have a dog and cats as your companions for the holiday it's sort of nice to talk to some humans out there for my part. Bill, you always strike a very moderate and often funny tone that I enjoy. A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.<... (Below threshold)

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

What am I doing here? Keeping up with a routine. After my wife died nothing was "normal" anymore. I can't sleep like I used to so I wake up every day at 6:00am. Workday or not. So I am waiting for my adult children to wake up. In the meantime, I catch up on what is going on in the world, and try to throw my 2 cents in whenever anyone will listen.

Happy Thanksgiving! I alway... (Below threshold)

Happy Thanksgiving! I always check WB before I go to work. Hospitals never sleep, y'all. I expect the usually holiday treats at work today: so be careful, don't drink and drive, don't drink too much, it is just a game and remember to turn off the stove.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving!</... (Below threshold)

Well, Happy Thanksgiving!

I spent the day alone and had a Pop-Tart for dinner. I don't have any TV, I'm taking a break from reading my book, so.. why not visit the site?

I get to enjoy being on her... (Below threshold)

I get to enjoy being on here at my leisure after I've slept in on a holiday. It makes the net cruising even more delectable. I'll admit, I'm an internet blog junkie. Wizbang is just one of of my many, many sites I read daily. I didn't realize how addicted I was until my laptop was in the hospital because it was sick.

Happy Thanksgiving everyo... (Below threshold)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

SciFi also airs ;rofessiona... (Below threshold)
James H:

SciFi also airs ;rofessional wrestling, which is high on the fi, not so much on the sci. I remember that back in the 90s, SciFi aired cheesy cancelled shows from the 70s and 80s as some sort of a "video vault" type feature. While not storytelling masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination, those shows were incredibly amusing.

Without SciFi, I never would have met Manimal or Automan.






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