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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Shoppers prepare for a long night waiting outside an electronics store in Lawrence, Kan., Thursday, Nov. 27, 2008. The campers hope to take advantage of early bird shopping specials when the electronics department store opens it's doors Friday. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (87)

Is this the line for my Oba... (Below threshold)

Is this the line for my Obama medical care?

Bread lines are forming now... (Below threshold)

Bread lines are forming now in anticipation of the Obama presidency.

I'm going to wait in line f... (Below threshold)

I'm going to wait in line for 3 days for the chance to buy a $1000 TV at $25 off.

Why, yes. I'm a democrat. How did you know?

Acorn told them they could ... (Below threshold)

Acorn told them they could still vote for Al Franken.

Is this the federal bailout... (Below threshold)

Is this the federal bailout line?

I'm too progressive to fail!

In anticipation of the Obam... (Below threshold)
retired military:

In anticipation of the Obama coronation police prepare to round up the homeless so they wont be an eyesore for the messiah.

Red sleeping bag - $55<br /... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Red sleeping bag - $55
White tent - $100
Paying someone to hold your place in line while you go pee - $200.

Having them call the cops on you because you are trying to jump the line when you come back - Priceless

Applicants to replace Wizba... (Below threshold)

Applicants to replace Wizbang writer Jay Tea began lining up early.

Headline Jan 22, 2009 - Th... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Headline Jan 22, 2009 - The lines at the unemployment office seem to have gotten longer in the past 2 days.

Obama got elected; why is m... (Below threshold)
ParisParamus Author Profile Page:

Obama got elected; why is my life still this empty?

Progressives still think th... (Below threshold)

Progressives still think they're going to get jobs in the new administration.


When she saw the line of pe... (Below threshold)

When she saw the line of people waiting to use her bathroom, Suzanne knew that she should have trusted her instincts and thrown out the turkey.


"Is this the line to get in... (Below threshold)

"Is this the line to get into the Rosie O'Donnell Thanksgiving Special?"

"No, it's the line to get out of it."


After seeing the results, Z... (Below threshold)

After seeing the results, Zhang Han Sen reconsidered his policy of equipping the firing squads with bullets made at a former toy factory instead of sticking with imports.


The Cabinet for the second ... (Below threshold)

The Cabinet for the second Obama administration poses for a picture.

Obama's new "Trickle up" Ec... (Below threshold)

Obama's new "Trickle up" Economic team gets hard at work rebuilding the nation's economy.

Auto executives, who presen... (Below threshold)

Auto executives, who present their "business case" to Congress on Dec. 2, slept outside the Capitol Building after car-pooling to Washington.

The line of hopefuls contin... (Below threshold)

The line of hopefuls continues to grow for the Detroit Lion's mid-season walk-on open tryout...

D/L 2010: Comrades line up ... (Below threshold)

D/L 2010: Comrades line up for the newly named "Fairness Day" (formerly called "Thanksgiving"), a holiday in America where everyone gets the same amount of misery.

Gosh, I hope my new 60 inch... (Below threshold)

Gosh, I hope my new 60 inch LCD will fit down Mom's basement stairs to my room...

Someone call Paulson! The ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Someone call Paulson! The economy looks over-stimulated.

Once you get past the whole... (Below threshold)

Once you get past the whole human dignity/self respect thing, you can save some serious coin...

"I'll wait in line for the ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

"I'll wait in line for the tickets and you take the kids to see the Jonas Brothers" may be the sagest words any man has uttered.

Suckers. The one true Lord... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Suckers. The one true Lord and Savior Obama had his birthday back in August.

You just know that somewher... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

You just know that somewhere the Grinch is laughing his ass off...

What depression era soup li... (Below threshold)

What depression era soup lines look like in 2008.

WizbangBlue posters line up... (Below threshold)

WizbangBlue posters line up for the anuual photo. ww

The benefactors of the Comm... (Below threshold)

The benefactors of the Community Reinvestment Act hold a reunion to share their success stories...

the loyal gather on Barack ... (Below threshold)

the loyal gather on Barack Friday

Bailouts were promised for ... (Below threshold)

Bailouts were promised for the first 500 customers

Captured here for posterity... (Below threshold)

Captured here for posterity, a pivotal moment in Geek/Nerd societal development, the deployment of the first tent used in a Loser Line, this one for the release of "Pong".

Dude, I told you so!... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

Dude, I told you so! The new Star Trek movie opens in May, so we shoulda got in line before Halloween!i

Obama supporters line up at... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Obama supporters line up at 1600 Pennsylvania Av to get their bills paid!

Protesters line up outside ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Protesters line up outside of the international Wizbang headquarters after the sudden departure of Jay Tea.

Is that Jay Tea wrapped up ... (Below threshold)

Is that Jay Tea wrapped up in the American flag?

We waited 14 hours to get t... (Below threshold)

We waited 14 hours to get the best spot for the parade only to get Rick-Rolled?

People line up for the Job ... (Below threshold)

People line up for the Job Fair for the newly created Department of Appeasement.

The Rosie O'Donnell show op... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

The Rosie O'Donnell show opened today, the crowd was estimated to be well into double figures.

Detroit Lions single game t... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Detroit Lions single game ticket sales began today.

the other Bushie turkeys li... (Below threshold)

the other Bushie turkeys line up for their midnight hour pardoning.

Detroit Lions sing... (Below threshold)
Detroit Lions single game ticket sales began today.
Naw.... lines too long.
In the application line for... (Below threshold)

In the application line for a position in the Obama administration, ennui suddenly took hold.

Conservative blogger soup l... (Below threshold)

Conservative blogger soup line

Loss of sleep - $0Ga... (Below threshold)

Loss of sleep - $0
Gas for Trip - New Blanket - $10
Running Shoes (which you'll really need soon) - $60
Starting a line going the wrong direction by a Circuit City - Priceless

"momma I gotta goo peeeee"... (Below threshold)
retired miilitary:

"momma I gotta goo peeeee"

"Well son you will just have to hold it another 27 hours and we will be inside"

"Waiting for a bus at the W... (Below threshold)

"Waiting for a bus at the Walmart station one toke over the line"

"Hey, is this the line to b... (Below threshold)

"Hey, is this the line to be the next Secretary of State?"

Kevin's search for Page Edi... (Below threshold)

Kevin's search for Page Editor of Wizbang! begins.

The Economic Team wait outs... (Below threshold)

The Economic Team wait outside until President-Elect Obama invites them in.

The line began to form earl... (Below threshold)

The line began to form early outside of the Screen Actors Guild "Repatriotization" headquarters in anticipation of the Obama inauguration.

Liberals line up after the ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Liberals line up after the announcement of Alan Colmes leaving his long running show with Sean Hannity.

Shanequa realized that the ... (Below threshold)
retired miilitary:

Shanequa realized that the line of peoople waiting for Obama to fill up their car and pay their morgage was longer than she thought it would be.

Store workers at the "Homel... (Below threshold)
Joe Miller:

Store workers at the "Homeless Outlet" wrap up another Christmas gift for some lucky kid.

E Pluribus Shoppin'... (Below threshold)

E Pluribus Shoppin'

VOTE FOR OBAMA HERE!... (Below threshold)


"....sorry, friend, the end... (Below threshold)

"....sorry, friend, the end of the line for people banned from Wizbang Blue is wayyyyyy back there around the corner...."

Actual head count: 11... (Below threshold)

Actual head count: 11
MSM head count: 110,000

Black Friday, (AP):<b... (Below threshold)

Black Friday, (AP):

Retailers expect brisk traffic after Acorn and Congressman Barney Frank pushed through the new Tent Equity Loan Act of 2008.

The owner seen here is measuring his tent for a new big screen TV.

More zeros than a wall stre... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

More zeros than a wall street bail-out!

Members of Boy Scout Troop ... (Below threshold)

Members of Boy Scout Troop 76 make camp as part of their push for their merit badges in Rabid Consumerism...

Dedicated members of the Cu... (Below threshold)

Dedicated members of the Cult Of The Sale gather diligently at the Waiting Wall to offer small prayers for just 10% more off the advertised items. Amen.

Obama's transition team set... (Below threshold)

Obama's transition team sets outside the White House waiting their turn at destroying America.

Industry lobbyists lured by... (Below threshold)

Industry lobbyists lured by doorbusters at the Treasury.

"Once again the media repor... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

"Once again the media reports about America's deprived, the poor, forced into living on the streets by a cruel, uncaring George Bush, who celebrates his Thanksgiving weekend at Camp David. The inhumanity of it all."

"It's 10 p.m. Do you know w... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

"It's 10 p.m. Do you know where your Black Friday shopper is?"

In line waiting to see San... (Below threshold)

In line waiting to see Santa
(=Obama ...he has promised to pay for everything)

is this the green card line... (Below threshold)

is this the green card line?

Dude ... where's my bailout... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Dude ... where's my bailout?

If they expect us to hold t... (Below threshold)

If they expect us to hold this wall up any longer they better get some more people!

Wiiling Wall... (Below threshold)

Wiiling Wall

The Long Lost Missing Obama... (Below threshold)
Just Judith:

The Long Lost Missing Obama Voters.

The Waiting Wall.... (Below threshold)

The Waiting Wall.

Hollywood stars wait to get... (Below threshold)

Hollywood stars wait to get back in to America after Obama won the presidential election. [OK, they are actually paying homeless people to wait in line for them; they'll show up in limos at inauguration.]

Opportunity Cost: $0... (Below threshold)

Opportunity Cost: $0
Being first in line: $Priceless

Obama voters line up for Th... (Below threshold)

Obama voters line up for The Last Supper.

When Howard Stern announced... (Below threshold)

When Howard Stern announced that the last Bugger Me Elmo's were only available at a local WalMart lines quickly formed. It apparently surprised no one that those in line had all voted for Obama.

"Now You Know Why They Call... (Below threshold)

"Now You Know Why They Call It Wal-Mart."

Obama supporters line up to... (Below threshold)

Obama supporters line up to receive a 'tax refund' on taxes they never paid.

"I can has Xbox 360?"... (Below threshold)

"I can has Xbox 360?"


The fools! Don't th... (Below threshold)

The fools!
Don't they see that the high-water line is above their heads?

Candidates for the "Knuckle... (Below threshold)

Candidates for the "KnuckleHead of the Day Award".

"OK Ma'am here's the line u... (Below threshold)

"OK Ma'am here's the line up, now can you identify which ones tramples your husband?"

Mall Wall Cattle Call Stall... (Below threshold)

Mall Wall Cattle Call Stall

Security abounds for presid... (Below threshold)
Rachel Edith:

Security abounds for presidential daughters Sasha and Malia in a tent enclosure while waiting in line for Miley Cyrus tickets.

Line to sit on Santobama's ... (Below threshold)

Line to sit on Santobama's lap

"... and here we have this ... (Below threshold)

"... and here we have this years contestants for the annual Walmart "running of the bulls" event in Long Island"

Update: <... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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