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Animal Edition of Jackass

There was a time, when I thought one thing that separated Man from the other animals, was Man's incredible habit of doing the incredibly stupid on purpose. The pet rock, streaking, and the election of Barack Obama come to mind as obvious examples. But over time I have found that animals can also choose stupid things to do, for no practical reason whatsoever.

Today's edition features Bingo & Cody, my dogs.

Bingo is a Collie, and Cody is a Black Lab. They are both intelligent, caring and gentle dogs where children are concerned ... and the exact opposite where birds are concerned. More than once, a low-flying bird has discovered how fast my dogs can be, and how high they can jump.

So I'm studying for a final exam, and I hear the dogs making a ruckus, and I go out and see ... a scene from "The Birds".

About fifty crows had apparently been migrating, and sat along the fencetop peering at the dogs. The dogs would jump at them and the birds would fly off for a while, then come back. And every so often a crow would make a low pass through the yard, as if daring the dogs to catch it.


Yet very popular.

Three times I saw a bird lose feathers to a jaw snap, and one bird only survived by frantically pecking at Cody to get his wing free. Yet a few seconds later, here comes another one to try his luck.

It seemed like a crow frat pledge initiation; survive the dogs, buy your pin and the tickets to the next dance, and you're in.



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Comments (15)

And you didnt think to set ... (Below threshold)

And you didnt think to set up a video camera? that had Animal planet written on it. You could have one the $10000 for best stupid animal trick

When turning a corner today... (Below threshold)

When turning a corner today, I saw some pigeons in the road. I thought, "They'll move." One by one they flew away as I approached. I lost sight of the last one for a moment, but he flew away too.

Brilliant.My broth... (Below threshold)


My brothers German Shepherd Dog... Not typically known as a bird dog... Many a finch has lost their lives to her.

In the corner of the yard was a large lilac bush. She would sit under it waiting... waiting... When the birds land... *snap* One less finch. I saw her kill three in an hour and half. Stupid birds.

Haha. They're lovely. I swe... (Below threshold)

Haha. They're lovely. I swear can tell a good dog just by looking at the expression on their face.

This reminds me of my friends' dog. She loves to see birds fly, so she does whatever she can to get them to take flight, and kind of goes nuts when they do. The funny thing is, often she doesn't know a bird is there until it goes nuts upon seeing her. The bird makes noise, then she barks at it, and then it makes more noise. It results in an endless feedback loop until I take her away or distract her.

It's kind of sweet that she loves to chase them, but doesn't actually want to hurt them. Just wants to watch them fly. Anything that moves fast and in an interesting way fascinates her (e.g. laser pointer).

I have watched the birds di... (Below threshold)

I have watched the birds dive bomb the cat, usually it is when the new borns are in the nest. He gets his fill on birds so it must be some sort of game.

BlueNight, I did that "Ohhh they will fly away" thing once, looked in my rear view mirror and saw nothing but feathers floating about.

My dog loves to torment squ... (Below threshold)

My dog loves to torment squirrels and when we go walking I usually let the leash go when she grabs a scent because the squirrels make it to a tree. Once a squirrel made it to the tree, ran up about 15 feet, ran around the circumference, and then headed back down the tree. My dog was there waiting for it.

We have a platinum blonde p... (Below threshold)

We have a platinum blonde poodle/ cocker/ terrier of some sort about, 13 years old we also have an infestation of sky rats (pigeons) in the neighborhood; theres been several times I've come home and found nothing but feathers spread though out the house. I have never seen her catch them...much less eat them, but they are staying away from here.

"There was a time, when ... (Below threshold)

"There was a time, when I thought one thing that separated Man from the other animals, was Man's incredible habit of doing the incredibly stupid on purpose."

No, the all-time winner is Ma and Pa Drummond shacking up that fateful night. But, you said on purpose. That had to be an accident.

Yeah. I have a couple of r... (Below threshold)

Yeah. I have a couple of retired racers (greyhounds). One is pretty mellow. The other has a lot of prey drive. Many are the birds, cats, squirrels, etc, that have under estimated a grey's explosive burst of speed and astounding leaping ability. Even my older mellow boy used to chase barn swallows skimming over the ground at the dog park. They had to turn to ditch him. I had a foster dog trot to the back door with a squirrel over the weekend.

Greys are an ancient breed and generally gentle, harmless, sweet couch potatoes. But if something runs from them, 1000's of generations of breeding will often take over.

I had a pair catch a squirrel one day while on our walk. They never pulled the leash tight. It was amazing natural teamwork. I was in awe.

Why is Cody wearing that sw... (Below threshold)

Why is Cody wearing that sweater?

Why is Cody wearin... (Below threshold)
Why is Cody wearing that sweater?

10. Posted by HT | November 30, 2008 11:05 PM

... or is that the family straightjacket?
Re: #8Who has the ... (Below threshold)

Re: #8

Who has the Hammer?

It's rabbit fur that decora... (Below threshold)

It's rabbit fur that decorates our dogs playground -- a Great Pyrenees and a Shepherd/Husky mix. Are birds smarter than rabbits or just faster? Of course, rabbits can't fly, so maybe my dogs are just lazy.

Years ago, when my wife was... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Years ago, when my wife was still my girlfriend, and she was in her teens, her family owned a border collie.

The dog was the fattest dog I had ever seen. I her asked why her family fed it so much. She replied that the dog had gotten so fat catching and eating squirrels. I could not understand how a dog that fat could catch even one squirrel, much less enough to look like a canine Nero Wolfe.

So she showed me the dog's technique. I stood in the kitchen, looking out a window at the back yard. Dog was parked by a tree, tail end touching the tree. Apparently asleep.

A squirrel came down the trunk scolding the dog. Who ignored the squirrel. Squirrel comes down lower on the trunk, scolding louder. Dog continues ignoring squirrel. Squirrel comes down lower, gets louder. No reaction from dog.

Finally, Mr. Squirrel gets frustrated enough to get on the ground by the dog's hindquarters, and continues scolding. No reaction. Squirrel moves further and further from the trunk of the tree, until finally he is right in front of the apparently comotose dog. Continues scolding.

Suddenly -- lunge, snap -- there is one less squirrel in the world, and the dog is scarfing down a mid-day snack. After picking the carcass as clean as it desired, the dog grabbed the remnants and dropped it on the fenceline, then returned to her post at the base of the walnut tree.

Less than an hour later, a new squirrel starts scolding the collie . . . and the process began all over again . . .

The looks on those dogs fac... (Below threshold)

The looks on those dogs faces tells me they are loved, well-fed, and get away with a hell of a lot.






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