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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Ponce Inlet police officer Chris Selander. He gets the award for the following.

A Ponce Inlet police officer who chose not to arrest an off-duty sheriff's sergeant he described as drunk showed favoritism to his fellow lawman, a courtesy the policeman said he would not have extended for a civilian, an internal affairs report released Tuesday shows.

Officer Chris Selander will be suspended from his patrol duties in Ponce Inlet for two weeks without pay, said Investigator Max Binz.

According to the report, Selander violated two departmental policies the night of Nov. 2 when he refused to arrest Volusia County sheriff's Sgt. Ken Vickery. The policies include one for impartiality and one for DUI procedures.

Selander's punishment is harsher than Vickery's, who was told Tuesday that he would be suspended for one week without pay, said sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson. Although Vickery was informed of his penalty, the internal affairs investigation regarding his actions in Ponce Inlet are not yet complete, Davidson said.

The seven-page Ponce Inlet report released Tuesday afternoon reveals a tense encounter between Selander and Vickery that night, but despite Vickery's sour attitude and sarcasm, Selander repeatedly told the sergeant that he wanted to help him because of his profession.

"This guy has to have the lowest police IQ ever," said police union representative Jeff Candage, referring to Selander. Candage is representing Vickery in his case with the Sheriff's Office. "If you're not going to arrest someone, you don't detail his actions in a report."

LOL that is dumb. Another instance of a law enforcement officer protecting one of their own, instead of the public they are supposed to serve. It is inexcusable, and why I name Ponce Inlet police officer Chris Selander today's Knucklehead of the Day.


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