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From today's Fort Myers News-Press-

Child porn found in new laptop in Fort Myers Beach

That's horrible, a customer buying merchandise loaded with filth. However Is the headline true?

Lee County sheriff's detectives are investigating child pornography a Fort Myers Beach man allegedly found on his new laptop computer. Advertisement

Rodney A. Rosewell, 69, who lives on Zuni Trail in Indian Creek Trailer Park, Fort Myers Beach, told deputies Friday night that he bought a new laptop computer at Circuit City in Fort Myers.

He said he came home, unpacked the computer and his wife turned it on.

His wife then called him into the room to tell him there was child pornography on the computer, Rosewell told detectives.

So far so good except.....

The photographs did not come from the new laptop, but from the network providing Internet service to the trailer park, detectives said.

The photographs, said detectives, came from a public folder accessible to individuals on that particular network.

The photos weren't on the laptop at all. A terrible but not at all that unusual piece of journalism from a Florida newspaper. If this story was partially under the fold like many front page articles are, were some News-Press readers made to believe Circuit City sold a laptop with child pornography on it? I'm sure that or any other retail chain likes that kind of publicity.

Over on the coast of Florida I live on, we have the Sun-Sentinel pimping for casino slot machines. As Bob at The Daily Pulp writes- "Extraordinary: The Sentinel is blatantly pumping slot machines to its readers at the same time the economy is dumping in the toilet." And I make a bet the Sun-Sentinel has editorialized against at least one of these two- casino gambling and the lottery in Florida.

Consistency and good headline writing. Is it too much to ask for these from a newspaper?


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The media are uniformly car... (Below threshold)

The media are uniformly careless, what's new? http://rightklik.blogspot.com/






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