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A shambles

The latest news out of Zimbabwe

A cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe has killed at least 484 people since August, according to the UN.

More than 11,700 cases of cholera have been recorded over the same period, an update from the UN office for humanitarian affairs said.


Cholera is endemic in Zimbabwe, and there have been outbreaks annually since 1998, according to the WHO.

But this is the most deadly outbreak for 15 years, health officials say.

During the outbreak, the case fatality rate from cholera has risen to 4%, the WHO said, but had reached 50% in some areas during its early stages.

As Dr. Taylor notes Cholera is easily treatable except for the fact that Zimbabwe's healthcare system is in ruins just like the economy.

The latest estimated annual inflation rate was 231,000,000%, and just one adult in ten is thought to have a regular job.
The history of Zimbabwe in the late 20th century and early 21st will be a case study in how one man can destroy a once prosperous nation.


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I'm sure the outbreak is ju... (Below threshold)

I'm sure the outbreak is just another case of 'outside nations' trying to increase 'internal tensions'. Nothing to do with the policies of their sainted ruler for life.

Hey Venezuela, you watching?

The article in the Atlantic... (Below threshold)

The article in the Atlantic was rather telling. Its basic premise seemed to be that, because somehow the land was "stolen" from the blacks in Rhodesia, then it was justifiable that Mugabe take the land away from the white farmers and give it to his cronies. So now, instead of the land feeding the people of the country, and provide much needed goods for sale and export, the land sits uncultivated, and thousands starve and die of disease. And this is justice? This is progress? The US and Britain share a good portion of the blame for this travesty.

Ah yes, those 'evil' white ... (Below threshold)

Ah yes, those 'evil' white men, who did something that will live in infamy...Like take thousands of acres of land which were doing nothing, and turning them into prosperous farms which not only fed all of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe's people, but even exported food to other starving african nations.

Those that settled in that country also set up an efficient and relatively clean government and judiciary, which in Mugabe's hands changed into a ruthless and corrupt dictatorship.

There have been multiple generations of those who first came to that country, and they are just as much citizens as those who are still playing the tribal hatred game. They stayed and tried to make the system work for everyone black and white; despite the threats, the murders, and finally the outright confiscation of their farms which were rewarded to Mugabe cronies, or mobs of 'veterans'.

But hey, as long as Jimmy Carter blessed Mugabe's 'elections', and he gets a standing ovation at the UN, everything is OK.

Somehow, this must be Georg... (Below threshold)

Somehow, this must be George Bush's fault. Haven't figured it out yet, but I will.

"The US and Britain share a... (Below threshold)

"The US and Britain share a good portion of the blame for this travesty."

Bullshit, the sole target of the failure of that country is Mugabe. His actions over the decades has driven a once prosperous country into a cesspoll of corruption, poverty and famine. It has been his policies and his alone that have caused the country to slide into a anarchy run by cronies, gangs and wannabee thugs. All the aid sent to that country by the US and other countries failed to reach its intended destination and ended up in his buddies warehouses to be distributed to 'friends' of the government. Anyone who was productive has either fled or been murdered.

For you to try and pin the blame on outside countries without the first clue as to what has gone on there shows you to be a clueless twit.

These numbers are appalling... (Below threshold)

These numbers are appalling - and inexcusable! It drives me nuts that the leftist illuminati will ignore a humanitarian crisis in the news, just to get in a few extra potshots at an outgoing administration they don't like.

Cholera? Oh, it just gets ... (Below threshold)

Cholera? Oh, it just gets better and better the more you check up on Zimbabwe these days.


> Water supplies to residents in Harare were cut by the authorities yesterday ...

> The Zimbabwe National Water Authority turned off the pumps in the capital after it ran out of purifying chemicals ...

> ... and an anthrax outbreak ravaging the the countryside,

Anthrax!? This is getting downright biblical!

> The seething anger felt by ordinary Zimbabweans exploded yesterday as hundreds of off-duty soldiers went on the rampage in the centre of Harare. Witnesses said that the violence erupted at a bus depot on the edge of the city centre where soldiers, frustrated at not being able to draw cash from banks, ...

When the dictator can't afford to pay the soldiers, you know the end is very close.

Both the city of Detroit an... (Below threshold)

Both the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan are very similar to Zimbabwe, except Zimbabwe has a more robust economy.

Mugabe never gets credit fo... (Below threshold)

Mugabe never gets credit for creating more billionaires than in any other country on earth.






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