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Barack Obama to purchase $30,000 ring for Michelle

Barack Obama is so thankful for his wife's support during his campaign that he's buying her a rare rhodium and diamond ring that costs $30,000. I love jewelry as much as the next girl, but this is a bit over the top. I know, it's his money, so he can spend it as he wishes, yet this looks a bit...out of touch. Here we are enduring a terrible recession. Investors have lost trillions of dollars in the stock market. Americans are losing their jobs, and at Christmas time no less. Spending $30,000 on a piece of jewelry doesn't represent the compassion or the hope and change that he espoused throughout the campaign. But do I really have to say this? I'm sure Obama's PR people could tell him this.

However, I have an idea that President-Elect Obama may want to consider. Instead of spending $30,000 on a ring, how about instead spending $15,000 on a ring. I'm sure there are some beautiful rings out there in the $15,000 price range that are suitable for his wife and that would adequately show his appreciation and love. Then he can take the other $15,000 and give it to a charity in Michelle's name. I would recommend Operation Smile. For just $240, a child in a Third World nation can have the surgery needed to correct a cleft palate. With $15,000, 62 children can get the surgery that would give them a beautiful smile and a changed life.

So how about it, President-Elect Obama? A $30,000 ring that no one but Michelle can appreciate and enjoy or a $15,000 ring and 62 lives change forever? Click over to Operation Smile and tell me those sweet faces with their beautiful new smiles don't tug at your heartstrings. This, Mr. Obama, is change we can believe in.

Update: The Politico reports that the Obama camp is denying that President-Elect is purchasing the rhodium ring. As I said earlier in my post, this kind of purchase, although completely within his right, is inconsistent with the persona he presented to America during the campaign. I'm not surprised he's denying it.


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Comments (61)

He has the tax payers money... (Below threshold)

He has the tax payers money to be charitable with. That's what liberals do. They spend other peoples money. No wait, they invest taxpayers money. Lost my head for a second there.

If this would have happened... (Below threshold)

If this would have happened in reverse, the MSM and the whacko leftest blogs would go on and on about how "out of touch" conservatives are with the people and their problems. Where is the outrage? ww

I don't care if the MSM wou... (Below threshold)

I don't care if the MSM wouldn't extend a rightie the same courtesy. I mean, I agree, that's what they would do---consider Sarah Palin's wardrobe scandal. But no matter, two wrongs don't make a right. It's his money, and he can spend it however he damn well pleases. This kind of nitpicking is unseemly.

Why settle for $15K, Kim? Why not demand he spend only $5K on the ring? Only $1K? Why should he give her a ring at all, shouldn't he give all the money to charity? Because of course, Kim, we know that you don't make any discretionary, fun, frivolous purchases whatsoever, preferring to give all of that money to charity instead. He should follow your example!

Didn't give even a nanoseco... (Below threshold)

Didn't give even a nanosecond of thought to voting for him but I completely agree with mcg this is none of my business. He can do with his money as he wishes.

Who cares how the loser spe... (Below threshold)

Who cares how the loser spends "His" taxpayer windfall.

C'mon now. This is America,... (Below threshold)

C'mon now. This is America, dammit. Let's not start talking like liberals in deciding what other people should do with their cash. It's his money to spend as he chooses - period. His wife was very supportive and is deserving of a lavish display of affection and appreciation. Let's not fall into unsavory pettiness. We're better than this.

Get used to it, just anothe... (Below threshold)

Get used to it, just another example of 'do as I say, not as I do'.

I was going to make a comme... (Below threshold)

I was going to make a comment till I realized this post by this author isn't worth a comment.

Obama exhibits strong Narci... (Below threshold)
Dan Patterson:

Obama exhibits strong Narcissistic traits and those are corrosive and divisive characteristics by themselves, but the gift to Mrs. Obama smacks of 'let them eat cake' and that is a destructive combination. What's next, "Off with their heads"? The defensive overreaction of a previous commentor to the Operation Smile idea might be a preview of coming attractions: The Ruler shall not be criticized.

Heh.What Bush ough... (Below threshold)


What Bush ought to do RIGHT NOW is to buy an identical ring, from the same jeweler, for Laura as a show of his appreciation for her support over the last 8 years.

Oh, wait; make that a much less expensive ring, say $5000, and watch the press and the other lefties go ballistic nonetheless over the 'extravagance' of this out-of-touch Republican elitist.

Given Obama's position on i... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

Given Obama's position on infanticide (at least when they've survived an abortion), I don't hold out much hope on any compassion toward children with deformations.

Obama can do with his wealt... (Below threshold)

Obama can do with his wealth as he wishes he just cannot complain about what other Americans do with .

This faux outrage comes fro... (Below threshold)

This faux outrage comes from the same folks who worship at the feet of 'Saks Fifth Avenue" Palin. Remember the $150,000????? Clothes??? Luggage??? Underwear????

Oh how quickly you wingnuts forget!!

I agree it's his money.<b... (Below threshold)

I agree it's his money.
I personally appreciate ones actions towards me than material goods. An inexpensive ring is more up my alley. But each his/her own.

what does irk me is the lavish inauguration coming up.
I think if he is really for change he could do the inauguration simpler, classy, and meaningful without the hollywood extravagence.
where does that money come from anyways? couldnt it be put to better use to go towards some of the changes he has promised?

Perhaps he should buy a $15... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

Perhaps he should buy a $15000 ring for the Queen, and then he can spend the other on a royal pinky ring. Then he can seal the royal edicts with wax, just like the Emperors used to do. Seriously, I don't give a rat's A## about what he spends his money on. It would be nice for him to help his brother out, but it is his money to do with what he wants. I just care about how he spends MY money. That's what I am worried about.

God, I love you, Kim. Ya wa... (Below threshold)

God, I love you, Kim. Ya wanna know why?

Because this story is 100% grade-A bullshit.

Please never stop reading the Daily Mail.

P.S. Ashley Todd.

I thought Kim was right o... (Below threshold)

I thought Kim was right on because of the discussions that followed and that was the real point...

what do you all think of th... (Below threshold)

what do you all think of this?
I am concerned...
why are there so many commercials for Obama merchandise / items already?

Maybe they are giving the profits to the people who really need the money or to pay off some of the debt?

I consider this tacky but some may not.
Specific examples:
when I went to the bookstore there was a whole
table on memorablia/books on Obama , there are commercials for plates (saw on digital when I was in a store...good grief).

This is America where Obama... (Below threshold)

This is America where Obama can buy what he wants and JFO can act like an ass. What a great place.

One ring to rule them... (Below threshold)

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

According to the <a href="h... (Below threshold)

According to the Chicago Sun Times , the Obama camp is denying this story.

Kim, don't be slandering Th... (Below threshold)

Kim, don't be slandering The ObamaMessiah like this.

Hey Obama, spread the wealt... (Below threshold)

Hey Obama, spread the wealth around! I need some bling bling, too!

thanks for the defense ODA.... (Below threshold)

thanks for the defense ODA. And I'll just say you wingnuts have the right to be fruitcakes too.

I hope he does buy her that... (Below threshold)

I hope he does buy her that ring. It's his money and he should do what he wants with it. Also, I love to see a man spoiling his wife. I wish my husband could afford such things.

Alas, Obama's promised tax policies will keep us regular folks from even getting a raise next year, probably. The boss is worried about his tax bill going up. Think the bonuses are going to be good this year? No chintzy little $200 mall jewelry shop ring for me this Christmas. Thanks, dude! But I really hope Mrs. Obama loves that ring.

The poor will always be amo... (Below threshold)

The poor will always be among us, but how long will we be be graced by the presence of The One? Don't deny him a few comforts (and baubles for The One-ess).

Clearly this story is false... (Below threshold)

Clearly this story is false. Why would Obama settle for such a trinket when he could get her $280,000 earrings instead?

(Psst, Kim... that's 1,166 smiles that you didn't seem too interested in two months ago.)

Brian, leave Cindy alone. S... (Below threshold)

Brian, leave Cindy alone. She's just like any other female human. And, to her credit, she didn't murder anybody when her widdle Huggy Bear lost the election.

Wouldn't be patriotic if Ob... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't be patriotic if Obama and Michelle were to donate the $30,000 to the federal government?

Have you seen this supposed... (Below threshold)

Have you seen this supposed rhodium plated ring? It is ridiculous! And who buys rhodium jewelry anyway?

The whole thing screams hoax.

<a href="http://www.vanityf... (Below threshold)
According to an <a... (Below threshold)
According to an AP report, the office of Giovanni Bosco, also said the reports were incorrect. Case closed.
You don't even bother to fa... (Below threshold)
reality bites:

You don't even bother to fact-check before you post, do you? If you did, you'd have found that this whole "story" is FALSE. As in, NOT TRUE. As in, MADE UP. I realize right-wingers prefer to live in denial and there's no story so cuckoo they won't run with. While you were at it, why not make it a trillion-bazillion-kagillion- dollar ring!? C'mon! You're not trying hard enough!

I understand there's a doll made by Mattel that utters "Islam is the Light." Seriously! I read it at AtlasShruggs, another bastion of thoroughly researched truth and justice! Better jump on that real quick too!

(Jeezus. Wingnutz! And they wonder why they lost.)

I love jewelry as much a... (Below threshold)

I love jewelry as much as the next girl, but this is a bit over the top. I know, it's his money, so he can spend it as he wishes, yet this looks a bit...out of touch. Here we are enduring a terrible recession. Investors have lost trillions of dollars in the stock market. Americans are losing their jobs, and at Christmas time no less. Spending $30,000 on a piece of jewelry doesn't represent the compassion or the hope and change that he espoused throughout the campaign.

Owning seven (or eight, or nine, or 33) houses? Not out of touch.

Having the President fly in on Air Force One to celebrate your birthday instead of seeing to the victims of Katrina? Not out of touch.

Buying your wife of decades a $30,000 ring, less than the price of a fucking CAR?


Shaddap your piehole, idjit.

Unbelievable idiocy. You c... (Below threshold)

Unbelievable idiocy. You can't even be bothered to fact check such an obvious hoax. And who the hell cares how he spends his money when W. is socializing the finacial system. The stupidity of conservatives amazes me everyday.

As I said earlier ... (Below threshold)
Sir Craig:
As I said earlier in my post, this kind of purchase, although completely within his right, is inconsistent with the persona he presented to America during the campaign. I'm not surprised he's denying it.

Because it is just too unthinkable he's denying the story due to it being completely false. Christ, you wingers have more bile than is healthy, you know that? Seriously, you need to lay off the junk food and find a healthier hobby, one that gets you out into the real world once in a while and away from the computer.

The only drawback is we would lose wonderfully hilarious blog postings such as this. However, it's a gamble I'm willing to make.

Ha! You libs! The point is,... (Below threshold)
Amy Alkon's Testicles:

Ha! You libs! The point is, even if Barry Hussein X Muhammed (a KNOWN MOOZLUM) didn't actually buy this ring, it's so easy for us to BELIEVE that he did that Kim's point is made. This whole story has the "ring" of truthiness, and I, for one, choose to believe it fatally damages the Hussein presidency. Barry Soeteor must resign the office of presiden-elect IMMEDIATELY.

I also heard that President... (Below threshold)
reality bites:

I also heard that President-elect B. Hussein X has already had a secret harem installed in the White House. When Michelle found out she threw a lamp at him. Also, she had that $3 million ring appraised and it's just cubic zirconia. Then she got REALLY mad and bit Barbara Bush on the ankle. Check it out! It's all TRUE! I read it on a rightwing blog somewhere so you know it's got to be real.

I bet Barrack was going to ... (Below threshold)

I bet Barrack was going to give this imaginary ring to Michelle while they were eating imaginary caviar and champagne during an imaginary lunch at the Waldorf.

heh - 30k? Isn't that the c... (Below threshold)
Von Cracker:

heh - 30k? Isn't that the cost of Cindy McC's Lacey Underalls?


Well, it could be worse, he... (Below threshold)

Well, it could be worse, he could get her a half million dollar outfit like Cindy McCain; or he could buy Palin's hand me downs from the elction at half price. Spend a whopping 75 thousand dollars.

Amy, are you really going t... (Below threshold)
Amy Alkon's Testicles:

Amy, are you really going to let these libs smear you with "facts" and "research?" Are you going to let a perfectly good outrage against B. Hussein Muhammed X (socialist) get trampled by their ravings about "denials" and "proof?" I say, ride this story all the way to a TownHall gig! You can do it, Amy! I believe everything you say, and the "facts" be darned to heck!

Glad I found another one of... (Below threshold)
The Needle:

Glad I found another one of those always wrong but never unsure wingnut comedy blogs to mock. No Quarter was getting boring.

What a sucker, what a rube, What a sap you are to fall for this kind of malarkey, not once but repeatedly. No wonder you back the Rethuglicans. You're an eager patsy for any con artist who can sell you a big ol' piece of crap to eat so long as it's covered with a crunchy shell of fear, racism, and divisiveness. You've been burned before, but you go right ahead with a big grin and bite into that poo candy with gusto every time. YUM!

Duh-oh!... (Below threshold)


Also, I understand the Mich... (Below threshold)
reality bites:

Also, I understand the Michelle Obama "whitey tape" will be released any day now. And you guys are all still on the fake birth certificate story, right? Don't give up the fight on THAT one! Plus: Why are the mainstream media covering up the fact that B. HUSSEIN O. flew to Hawaii to kill his own grandmother during the campaign? Oh, oh, and how about Rev. Wright, the nutball Christian minister whose ugly remarks B. Hussein X repudiated, even though he's secretly a Muslim, I think that's right, isn't it? And let's not forget Bill Ayers! I heard Barrack HUSSEIN Obama is going to appoint him to head up the Dept. of "Kill Whitey and Confiscate All Their Stuff and then Take Their Wimmen" cabinet post! boogety booogety run away!! Have I forgotten anything? What about the "puppy" he promised those two BLACK children he fathered; will it be a stealth Muslim Islamofascist mutt or a real American dog? It would be irresponsible of you not to speculate.

KimWho gives a fly... (Below threshold)


Who gives a flying fig as to what he does with his personal money. Not only is none of your concern, but it abky illustrates just what a small minded piece of trailer trash that you really are.

Had Dubya purchased his wife such a gift in recognition of her spousal loyalty during his term of office, you would be penning a saccharine piece on his gentlemanly qualities.

"The boss is worried about ... (Below threshold)
Grover Gardner:

"The boss is worried about his tax bill going up."

Riiiiiight. I wonder who's getting a new wide screen HDTV this Christmas...

It's hard to tell why a fak... (Below threshold)

It's hard to tell why a fake story like this would be plastered all over the place. Maybe, like with the Somalian pirates, they are trying to distract from the cholera epidemic infecting thousands in Zimbabwe with the idea of slave mining in South Africa. That is the primary source of rhodium. So, if we are looking at an "expensive" ring, we are not noticing the poor sewage and tainted water in these areas, and less likely to investigate the cause of it.

I'm surprised the DEMONcrap... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised the DEMONcraps aren't complaining about the cost of this ring, after all, think of how many recreational abortion gift certificates that money could buy.

How do we know Obama didn't... (Below threshold)

How do we know Obama didn't buy that ring after all and use his nefarious Illumnati Antichrist Jedi neuromatomic mind tricks to hide the fact from us?

Anything is possible in these End Times! AYYYYYYYYYIIIIIUGH

Dumbass. No ring was bought... (Below threshold)
Sam Barber:

Dumbass. No ring was bought, so you then claim "he's denying it." You waste your time writing about how many orthodontic surgeries can be bought for a ring that was never even purchased!

Did you blog about the clothing that Palin and Cindy McCain paraded around in while pretending to be just "one of the ordinary folks"? Of course not!

Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican.

"Dumbass..." Sam, how do y... (Below threshold)

"Dumbass..." Sam, how do you really know "no ring was bought"? Just because someone suggests the president elect is being dishonest by using the press, doesn't mean he is letting the Republicans off the hook. No one cares about clothing, anyway. We all know the election was purchased.

The fact is, you liberals i... (Below threshold)
Gary Ruppert:

The fact is, you liberals invading this website of sober thought and analisis of todays issues are wrong. Maybe B. Hussein didn't actually buy it, but he looked at it, and it is tacky compared to the good taste observed by Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin, who you still hate, well, here in the Heartland we think black folks should stop being so uppity and support our troops, so there.

$30,000.00 for a ring is so... (Below threshold)

$30,000.00 for a ring is somethin else comin from someone who wants to put Maoist Communism on the backs of the people of The Heartland of the USA of America. I wonder if the salesgirl wished him Merry Christmas of Happy Secular Holidays? Hard to know as he's a Muslin.

The fact that Hussein X rus... (Below threshold)
Butch Manly:

The fact that Hussein X rushed to deny this latest breaking scandal only adds to its credibility. To all you spiteful hippies who cling desperately to these self-serving denials, I say "get out there and prove he never bought that ring."

That B. Hussein Obama X den... (Below threshold)

That B. Hussein Obama X denies having purchased a ring only serves to reinforce the fact that he did buy it. We're through teh looking-glass here, people. It is up to Barry X to prove to American that he did not use their hard-earned tax money to shower his maniacal she-wolf of a wife with diamonds and rhodium, and before he even actually is president! That the alleged jeweler also denies the purchase indicates yet another scandalous conspiracy is afoot. Ring-gate, anyone?

you stupid democrats got fo... (Below threshold)

you stupid democrats got fooled, obama sucks

It is hilariously impossibl... (Below threshold)

It is hilariously impossible to tell the difference between the trolls and the people who actually believe this crap. To the cons: thanks for being so ridiculous that you are indistinguishable from trolls.

Stupid.Fucking.</p... (Below threshold)
commie atheist:





Do us all a favor, and kill yourselves, now. I mean it.


FAIL... (Below threshold)


Imagine if Joe the Plumber ... (Below threshold)
Hope N Nonsense:

Imagine if Joe the Plumber buys his girlfriend an expensive piece of jewelry. You know the mainstream media would be all over this questioning how on earth a struggling plumber who can't even pay his taxes could manage that! The outrage!

Now, the poor community organizer...that's different, because he's a Comrade seeking the betterment of the Proletariat.






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