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Coming soon!

Three priority projects are on the docket here at Wizbang for December:

1) Author search - With the election behind us and the departure of Jay Tea to a new high paying gig, we're down one consistent voice. We've got an excellent group of authors at Wizbang, but it's time to "replace" (if such a thing is possible) Jay Tea. This will involve tryout days for interested writers. Way back when Jay Tea was a regular commenter at Wizbang, and that's where I'll be looking again. Any Wizbang reader interested in a tryout should send me an e-mail at kevin at our domain name. While commenters and readers are encouraged to contact me, others who may blog (or have blogged) elsewhere are welcome.

2) Blogroll project - Our blogrolls have been orphaned on it's own Links page. In addition it's woefully out dated. That's a situation I intend to rectify this month by starting fresh with a new blogroll. More details on this, including how you can get your site (or favorite sites) on our new front page blogroll/feedroll, will be forthcoming next week.

3) Software upgrade - Nothing major here, just an update to our back end software. Commenting will be faster, more AJAXy, and more manageable.

There's some other stuff in the works as well (yes I do read the tips/suggestions e-mails), more details on those soon...


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Comments (5)

Kevin - maybe you should hi... (Below threshold)

Kevin - maybe you should hire a proofreader first?

(Or refrain from posting after midnight!)



I will be proud to pass alo... (Below threshold)

I will be proud to pass along Olaf The Troll God's Hammer to whoever wants to step into my size 12 wide shoes.

However, I'm keeping the duck.


However, I'm keepi... (Below threshold)
However, I'm keeping the duck.

Fine. Keep the Duck! Go ahead and rip the soul out of Wizbang you money-grubbing self-serving "contentious" opportunist..... :)

Replacing Mr. Thayer will be a tough one Kev, but I guess time march's on. Good luck in your search.

Jay Eastlick writes a blog ... (Below threshold)

Jay Eastlick writes a blog at Madison.com, he writes for the Wisconsin State Journal in Madtown...very conservative, fresh look from Madison, an island in the middle of reality...

Kevin - maybe you ... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:
Kevin - maybe you should hire a proofreader first?

(Or refrain from posting after midnight!)

Thanks. Posting in a hurry after midnight is rarely a good idea...






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