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Cough them up

The measures crooks in Florida take to hide evidence.

An X-ray marked the spot for southwest Florida police who say a teenager swallowed a $16 pair of earrings after taking them from a JCPenney store at a mall.

Authorities say William Colburn faces charges that include retail theft and tampering with evidence.

Naples Police say the 18-year-old was in the store on Saturday when security saw him remove the earrings from a box, drop them into a bottle of water and leave without paying.

When a security officer approached him outside the store, authorities say the teenager drank the water, swallowing the earrings.

Police said Monday the X-ray confirmed the earrings were inside him. A police spokesman didn't know whether the suspect required medical treatment for having swallowed the earrings.

Colburn will pass them out of his system in a bowel movement, just like my younger brother did with some toy when growing up. Police will have their evidence, but will JC Penney then sell merchandise at half off?


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Comments (8)

No doubt, the defense attor... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

No doubt, the defense attorney will claim the evidence stinks to high heaven.

Talk about having shit for ... (Below threshold)

Talk about having shit for brains............

I'm sure the defense will c... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:

I'm sure the defense will claim the police planted the evidence on...er...in the defendant.

Too bad Colburn can not hir... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:

Too bad Colburn can not hire the late Johnny Cochran. Cochran would have him on a diet of kaopectate and claim, "if the man does not sh*t, you must acquit."

What an idiot... (Below threshold)

What an idiot

Man, that's some expensive ... (Below threshold)

Man, that's some expensive shit....

Good thing that moron didn'... (Below threshold)

Good thing that moron didn't swallow something from the "Piercing Pagoda."

"if the man does n... (Below threshold)
"if the man does not sh*t, you must acquit."

Thread winner.






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