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Playing the palace

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice did something interesting on her most recent trip overseas.

Live from the palace -- Condi Rice on piano!

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice performed in a piano quintet Monday night for Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

Rice played Brahms' Op. 34 with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband's wife, Louise, on violin, and three members of the London Symphony Orchestra.

The queen gave Rice an audio recording of the performance as a gift.

Rice is a classically trained pianist who had expressed a wish to play at the palace.

It is well known the Queen has an ear for fine music. That doesn't include middle aged players of the baritone horn. Queen Elizabeth would not be amused by my giving a concert.


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Comments (4)

Ms Rice is a smart, arti... (Below threshold)

Ms Rice is a smart, artist, and classy woman!

Thanks for the article.

The in coming Sec. of State... (Below threshold)

The in coming Sec. of State's husband hopes to recieve many concerts on the "skin flute" while in the U.K.

" Queen Elizabeth would not... (Below threshold)

" Queen Elizabeth would not be amused by my giving a concert."

Don't jump to conclusions Bill, by all accounts she has a great sense of humour....

If Rice were a liberal, the... (Below threshold)

If Rice were a liberal, the media would be worshiping her.






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