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In all seriousness

Its not too often I write a post about a comment left to a post of mine at Wizbang but here I go.

In reply to my post about Senator Mel Martinez not running for re-election, commenter Stan25 wrote-

Katherine Harris would make an ideal candidate to replace Martinez. She was running for that seat when the powers in the Republican Party declined to support her. Now she has an open chance to stick it to the Democrats that so hate her
It wasn't only Democrats that Harris has hating her, but Republicans also. Harris spent most of her 2006 US senate bid antagonizing people both left and right. In the end she spent almost 10 million dollars to get 38% of the vote.

At the Florida Masochist I had a field day with the Congresswoman's antics. Here are a few of my posts-

She said she would pour 10 million of her personal fortune into her Senate campaign. Harris did not. Looking back, this shows she had more brains than I gave her credit for.

How about the $2,800 dinner?

Her involvement with a defense contractor convicted of bribery

Constant campaign staff upheval

Claiming Florida democratic congress people supported her effort to beat Bill Nelson.

A top adviser said she was under investigation by the FBI.

Claiming endorsements from Republicans who supported other candidates for the Senate.

Claiming Gov Jeb Bush would campaign for her. No he didn't.

Claiming she would sell her home to finance her campaign. Last time I heard, she still owned it.

After losing in November, Harris said she would write a tell all book. I'm still waiting to read it, maybe The Florida Masochist will get mentioned.

The National Review magazine in an March 2006 editorial asked for Harris to step aside.

Not one single daily Florida newspaper endorsing Harris for the Senate.

Wizbang contributor Jim Addison blogging that he hoped Jeb Bush would run a write-in campaign since Harris was doomed to lose.

I got even more stuff on Harris. Did you know Godzilla and Harris came up in a newspaper column? Or that she was listed as one of the 20 most corrupt members of Congress?

Maybe Stan was making a joke or he knows nothing about took place in 2006. He lives in Wyoming after all. If Florida Republicans want to see the Democrats gain Mel Martinez's Senate seat, then they should throw their support to the woman I wrote more than one post asking-

Where are the men in the white Coats?


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Comments (9)

Oh yes, Florida needs it's ... (Below threshold)

Oh yes, Florida needs it's own John McCain. To be a Republican at the national level it appears you need to do everything you can to torpedo your chances in an election. The RNC needs to support good conservative candidates if they want win. Wake up.

She's batshit crazy but loo... (Below threshold)

She's batshit crazy but look at the opposition, it ain't a whole lot better and yes I am referring to the other party.

IMHO Jeb would be an ideal candidate because of his experience as a governor. If he can get past the primaries then his overall popularity in the state would make him a sure thing against anyone the Democrat party ran. Then again, he could turn out to be a RINO like Martinez and that's the last thing the GOP needs right now.

Martinez a RINO? He was tot... (Below threshold)

Martinez a RINO? He was totally in the tank for Bush, principles be damned--unless you think Bush was a RINO too (and I guess in many respects he kind of is/was).

Don't forget this delicious tidbit about Harris, Bill: she flirted heavily with an undergraduate student who was interviewing her for his school paper. Hubba hubba!

Why the wack at Wyoming?</p... (Below threshold)

Why the wack at Wyoming?

Frnakly, I'm surprised Harr... (Below threshold)

Frnakly, I'm surprised Harris got as many votes as she did. I still can't look at ther without imagining her in a t-shirt that says "I WISH THESE WERE BRAINS". I watched her in couple of interviews before the election and even the most novice of interviewers sounded like Einstein interviewing a valley girl.

I didn't vote for her.

Always about sex with Hyper... (Below threshold)

Always about sex with Hyper. ww

When will K Harris finally ... (Below threshold)

When will K Harris finally fade away into oblivion?

She is a politician. Most o... (Below threshold)

She is a politician. Most of them have no actual job skills. All they can do is take your money as well as PAC and lobbiest money to make themselves and their friends rich at our expense. She as well as all other politicians are useless.
Remember, back when this country was founded, we did not have lifelong politicians. They all had jobs and careers. They did it out of a sense of pride and responsability. To do what was right and neccessary for the good of the country. Do we have ANY that stand for that now? No.

Willie, you're such a prude... (Below threshold)

Willie, you're such a prude. The topic is Katherine Harris, so I pointed out how she got all hot and heavy in the personal space of a 20-something-year-old quasi-journalist. Crazy biatch has less tact than Bill Clinton at his worst.






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