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Be on the lookout

For 130,000 inflatable breasts.

A men's magazine has lost a shipment of 130,000 inflatable breasts en route to Australia.

The breasts, worth £100,000, were planned to be a free gift in Ralph magazine - but vanished before arriving at their destination.

A spokeswoman said the container left docks in Beijing two weeks ago but turned up empty in Sydney this week.

The magazine has put out an alert to shipping authorities but the breasts need to turn up in the next 48 hours to make the January issue.

Ralph editor Santi Pintado urged anyone with information to contact the magazine, saying: "Unless Somali pirates have stolen them it's difficult to explain where they are.

"If anyone finds any washed up on a beach, please let us know. We want our boobs back."

Would you settle for 535 members of Congress, the Olsen Twins, Brittney Spears, Michael Jackson, and Maureen Dowd?

That's asking for too much.


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<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:
I hope the thieves, whoever... (Below threshold)

I hope the thieves, whoever they are, get busted.

Lawyers for Playboy Magazin... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Lawyers for Playboy Magazine have issued a stern denial.

Likewise, Pamela Anderson could not be reached for comment.

On the other hand, Howard Stern has announced a new contest for with 65,000 grand prize winners...


OregonMuse, I now have coff... (Below threshold)

OregonMuse, I now have coffee on my tie. Thanks for that. :)

Maybe the container was emp... (Below threshold)

Maybe the container was empty before leaving docks.


China is obsessed with breasts

"appealling to Chinese women's chest anxieties has become big business in the last few years. Everyday, women are bombarded with advertisements in newspapers and bus shelters encouraging them to try plastic surgery, breast 'enhancing' lotions, firming-up massages, and a variety of other treatments"

Bill, in your list of Ameri... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

Bill, in your list of American boobs to send, you forgot to mention Lindsay Lohan.

THe other White Meat.... (Below threshold)

THe other White Meat.

Give Maureen Dowd a break. ... (Below threshold)

Give Maureen Dowd a break. She's a nice but insecure woman with great tits. She vacilates
between homegrown sensibility and star struck
open legs syndrome. And she's 57. Ron Burkle would call her "granny" as he stumbled about his plane while lunging for fresh fish. Maureen could learn alot about life from Rachel Evan Wood.

Firming-up massages? I kne... (Below threshold)

Firming-up massages? I knew I went into the wrong line of work. (see #5)






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