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Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man, Thief

The art of begging isn't as easy to perform as one first thinks. Especially, for the CEO's of the big three auto companies, who have been so sheltered that the concept is foreign. Well fast forward a few weeks, and the executives are now (almost) like Joe the Plumber in their average drive to once again go before Congress.

I think the counting game from childhood is appropriate to spiral off and chant, Rich man, Poor man, Beggar man, Thief. First they were rich men having private jets available for their beck and call. Then they offered to become the poor man making $1.00 per year in salary. Now they are beggar men as they plead their case for not the original monies of 25 billion dollars, but adding an additional 9 billion more. And as to Thief, well expecting the citizens to bail them out, all the while, they were flying to and fro, not a care in the world until they were shamed into curbing their expenses.

Author: Jennifer


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Very nice analogy! Wish I h... (Below threshold)

Very nice analogy! Wish I had thought of it.

I was just as insulted if n... (Below threshold)

I was just as insulted if not more by their being in a hybrid car they probably never sat in before. They think we are fools.

Also, I thought the dems hated corporations and the CEO's? Except when they benefit their party. This is all a sham. Plain and simple.

Good analogy. Very concise. ww

They haven't been shamed. T... (Below threshold)

They haven't been shamed. They are still as arrogant, but they managed to hide the visible trappings of being highly-compensated CEOs of failing companies.

A $1 a year salary is just PR, when you consider that they still will have very nice compensation packages and golden parachutes.

But don't cry for the Union Bosses either. They too make a nice chunk of change, and never have to worry about losing their jobs.

I heard on the radio this m... (Below threshold)

I heard on the radio this morning that if their bailout request falls through, that they'll shutter it all down. I say, call them on their bluff.

But our representatives won't do that.

Excellant analogy.....and w... (Below threshold)

Excellant analogy.....and what comes after THIEF ???? .....JAIL?

Jennifer,You have ... (Below threshold)


You have come very close to hitting the nail on the head. Well really you did hit it squarely and drive it in, but there is still one nail still not driven home. That is the fact that all the while that they were rich they were thieves just the same. They did not have to be reich, become poor, go begging to have been robbing us blind all along.

I like your writing, and the way you think. Keep it up, and I'll come here more often if just to read your stuff.

All the best,
Glenn B






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