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"Something smells in Washington and it's not the tourists."

Barbara Boxer is up for reelection in 2010 and she's got an opponent who just may have a shot at unseating her. Chuck DeVore is the Republican Whip in the state Assembly and he's just issued an ad tying Boxer to Harry Reid and the monument to Congress that just opened on the 2nd.

Ed Morrissey has this to say about DeVore's track record:

He's an interesting candidate. According to the Wikipedia entry for DeVore, he supports nuclear power for green energy production, introducing four bills to get more plants built, all of which Democrats blocked in committee. DeVore also proposed slant drilling to get to oil in the western OCS so that the rigs could get built on land instead of offshore. He's opposed tax increases, including those from Arnold Schwarzenegger, and pushed for spending cuts. DeVore gets an A+ from the NRA and a big fat zero from Planned Parenthood, both of which can be expected to generate a lot of ads for and against DeVore.

With the financial crisis hitting California especially hard from the Democrats' addiction to OPM - other people's money- DeVore, a strong fiscal conservative, just might succeed.


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Would love to see Barbara"c... (Below threshold)

Would love to see Barbara"chimney sweep"Boxer booted but, DeVore will be up against the "Obama machine" and the wacko dollars. If fuel prices stay down for a while Californians may not see energy so important as to spoil the pristine coastline like they did when gas was five dollars a gallon.






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