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Update On Author Tryouts

So far we have six new authors who will be posting under the "Guest Poster" name. Their posts should start appearing tomorrow. Each should have a tagline at the end of their piece to let you know the name of the author.

Please use the post rating stars to let us know what you think about the posts; we'll be paying attention to that and the comments.

If you're interested in a tryout, there's still time to sign up. If interested see this post for details.


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Comments (10)

Gee... did lee ward tryout?... (Below threshold)

Gee... did lee ward tryout?

Yes, I am a smart ass.

Momma taught me good.

With all of the changes and... (Below threshold)

With all of the changes and housecleaning going on around here, isn't the term limit for the current main editor at Blue just about up?

Or are you going to wait until the ENTIRE blogosphere gets banned from there before ending that particular reign of errors?

Just wondering...

If you read the credits at ... (Below threshold)

If you read the credits at Blue, you see that there is no main editor -- just four co-editors. (One of whom resigned a while ago.) But that doesn't keep one of them from asserting supremacy far in excess of his title, taking control of the site and overriding the prerogatives of the other two.

Gee, what a surprise...


Internet voting. Nothing c... (Below threshold)

Internet voting. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Sorry, this part got fat fi... (Below threshold)

Sorry, this part got fat fingered from the last comment.

I would suggest the vote be by comments section somehow. At least that way we know who feels who was a good writer.

JT, when should we see your... (Below threshold)

JT, when should we see your work on Contentions?

Willie, click on my name on... (Below threshold)

Willie, click on my name on this posting for a list of my articles. I've been offline for a day or two for some serious personal issues, but (I hope) I got 'em mostly squared away for now.

And I'll be watching with at least as much interest as anyone else to see who is trying out -- and who gets the nod. They'll have nothing but my best wishes.


heh, good thing for me I'm ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

heh, good thing for me I'm already on board.

I've completely slacked off... (Below threshold)

I've completely slacked off my duties over at Sports (sigh) thanks to my crazy fall work schedule and keeping my 9-month old son out of the dog's water bowl, otherwise I thought about giving it a shot. Maybe.

Then I remembered that I stand a better chance of beating Doyle Brunson at poker than I do of even coming close to competently filling Jay Tea's shoes. Sort of like Matt Cassel filling in for Tom Brady...

I think I'll stick with lin... (Below threshold)

I think I'll stick with link round ups, for now anyway.






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