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A Thought

File this one under "Keep your friends close and your Clintons closer."...

With the selection of Hillary Clinton to man the post of Secretary of State, Barack Obama seems to have offered a significant olive-branch to the Clinton camp. Obviously hoping to tamp down the prospect of having to face Hillary in a 2012 Democratic primary fight, Obama has to remember the Clintons are all about the Clintons.

I believe he has a very shrewd battleplan in mind.

In four years, Obama could conceivably dump Joe Biden, who will be 72 in the next Presidential election, replacing him with Hillary as his Vice-Presidential candidate. In this way, he will hope to nullify any effect a Palin run would have regarding the female vote, coasting his way to a second term, all the while, placating the rascally Clintons.

In this arrangement, Clinton would then be the rightful heir to the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016, running with Senatorial, Cabinet, and Vice-Presidential experience, while riding the coat-tails of a 2-term Obama Presidency.

We could find ourselves with a Clinton in the White House, after all.

Just a theory? I hope so.

By Shawn Mallow


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Comments (8)

pun-ishment of the readers ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

pun-ishment of the readers should be minimized.

Thanks HEAPS for ruining my... (Below threshold)

Thanks HEAPS for ruining my weekend there, dude. Now I won't be able to get that out of my head for at least three scotches (neat, of course).

Astute analysis Shawn. You ... (Below threshold)

Astute analysis Shawn. You have answered the question that was nagging at me: Why in the world would Hillary take this job? I could not think of a positive for Hillary positioning herself as the fall guy/gal/person for any failure of Obama's on the world stage. If Middle East peace does not happen, well, that was Hillary's job. China or Russia get belligerent, ditto. I thought he was brilliant in naming her, and she was foolish in accepting. Your analysis offers a plausible answer. Thanks

Yeah, but will America elec... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but will America elect a 65 year old woman?

he will hope to nullify ... (Below threshold)

he will hope to nullify any effect a Palin run would have regarding the female vote

Were you paying attention last month? Palin did a good job all by herself nullifying her effect regarding the female vote. Obama doesn't need Hillary for that.

Brilliant point about the v... (Below threshold)

Brilliant point about the vice-presidency. I thought he appointed her to be Secretary of 3am Phone Calls just because of the primary thing.

Down With the Drive-Bys

pun-ishment of the reade... (Below threshold)

pun-ishment of the readers should be minimized.

Excuse me, Mr. Drummond? Did you EVER read the titles of some of the pieces I put up? Puns were practically my trademark!

But on the substance... it's a fun thought, but it doesn't take the calendar into account. Hillary will be 69 when the 2016 election is held. And while women tend to age better than men in most ways, they have a definite "shelf life" in situations like elections. Fair or no, she will simply be too old to be a credible candidate then.

No, my theory is that she took the position not to make history (Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice beat her to that), but rather to make her mark on history. Not simply to "be" something, but to "do" something.

Very entertaining theory, though, Mr. Mallow. I especially like the idea of Obama dumping Biden in 2012 for a possible successor -- something folks thought Bush might do in 2004.


When Obama gave the Clinton... (Below threshold)

When Obama gave the Clintons a day at the Democratic National Convention, pundits thought it was a sign of weakness. I disagreed. With the Hillary appointment to Secretary of State, I am beginning to see that I was wrong.






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