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Something Stinks

It's official. An Alabama county has made BO an official holiday. Barack Obama Day will be added to the other holidays that the state has, one of which includes Confederate Memorial Day.

When trying to remain impartial on our president to be, I find the task difficult. The hype built up by the MSM, of a mere man to godlike status most certainly is the cause of this new holiday. This fan frenzied adoration of a man who has yet to serve one day in the White House is better placed in a stadium or a coliseum.

The palpitations and giddiness felt by those who wanted change refuse to see that change is slang for the same. Change from the ways of DC mean a vice president that helped pave the same old path for 35 years. Change means bringing back the Clinton's...

Unveilings of streets, schools, and even new babes born continue to elevate the hype. One can only wonder what will be next. Perhaps in the future, one of the 57 states will become the commonwealth of Obama.

Author Jennifer


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Comments (14)

The problem is - when you l... (Below threshold)

The problem is - when you look at his record he hasn't DONE anything of any real note, at any time in his career.

But that's as may be. He's photogenic and charismatic and can read a script or speech with depth and feeling. For today's media, what more do you need to be elevated to near Godlike status?

I have the feeling, however, the demands of the office will be much more stringent than the demands of the adoring syncophants in the White House Press Corps.

If he adds Cuba, and the no... (Below threshold)

If he adds Cuba, and the northern mexican states, maybe a province or two of canada to come up with his 57, well, I'm not opposed so long as we don't have to take quebec with it.

Here in St. Louis city alde... (Below threshold)

Here in St. Louis city aldermen will be considering a bill today which would designate longtime Delmar Blvd---Barack Obama Blvd.

As pro Obama Post Dispatch columnist Bill McClellan wrote today: "I'd like to see something more concrete than euphoria before we start naming streets in honor of Barack Obama."

One county. In Alabama. Wow... (Below threshold)

One county. In Alabama. Wow. Outrageous.

Granted, the same honor was to be extended to George W. Bush on a national level but April 1st was already taken.

After reading Jennifer's po... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

After reading Jennifer's posts:

I generally agree with the sentiments, but such things as incorrect subject-verb agreement, comma splices, passive voice, odd pacing, etc. are a serious distraction. Sorry, but thumbs down on this poster. Nothing personal.

Obviously Bogworthy missed ... (Below threshold)

Obviously Bogworthy missed the point of the article. just like alot of people we get caught up on the some insignificant details, yet miss the point.

Good article Jen.

I agree Jen. The M... (Below threshold)

I agree Jen.

The MSM did a terrible thing to BHO. They built him up so much that there is no possible way for him to succeed. Our government is slow and slower. Nothing changes or happens quickly unless there is a real time event. Plus BHO lack of leadership abilities (not withstanding his community organizing experience) you don't have much to build on. ww

The word I have been using ... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

The word I have been using for years to most closely define the Western Left is "childish". This is no different.

But myabe...... mayyyyyybeeeeee..... this will be part of the much needed "growing up" process. Namely, consider for a moment if (for whatever unfathomable reason), the country was just so joyous and happy and and downright erect over the election of the great and holy.... Jimmy Carter!.... that they acted exactly the wya they are right now.

What would all these people say come 1980? Suffice to say that even if they were militant Democrats who would never vote for Reagan with a gun to their head, they would STILL at least look like, if not feel like, stone idiots for their behavior four years earlier. And to those not in the tank, including many young people with their rebellious/cynical streak, they would be a laughingstock.

It is really nothing offensive to Obama to simply note there is no way he can possibly live up to this hype. No one could.

And, God willing, the Left's idioticaly immature way of looking at the world that 'all we have to do is "hope", and make those mean conservatives go away, and then all will be puppies and meadows', will go the way of playing with Hot Wheels and Easy Bake Ovens for so many of these alleged adults.

Sorry, but Blogworthy is ri... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Sorry, but Blogworthy is right. Read Jen's post again. It reads like an eighth-grader wrote it.

Odd isn't it? (not really)<... (Below threshold)

Odd isn't it? (not really)

Odd that so many critics have come out of the woods with respect to the "guest posters," but I have yet seen a single one have his/her name attached to a "guest posters" article.

You have your chance critics, step-up, think you can do better. Do it!

lets head off the blanket i... (Below threshold)
david in eclectic:

lets head off the blanket insults to Alabama by noting this is a notably peculiar county. Among the state's poorest and most corrupt, Perry County received some notoriety when, on primary day, voters admitted on TV that they'd been paid ... often in crack cocaine. The county commissioner who rammed Obama Day through, Albert Turner Jr., is your typical poor southern Boss Tweed, manipulating the black vote as a million other machinists have before.

Jeez... Jeff ... (Below threshold)

Jeez... Jeff

You do get the point of Jennifer's post, right?
The content is what COUNTS dude, 5th grade english teachers need to go to the library or something.
I agree with a lot of your positions in Wizbang Jeff, but in this case umm.. NOT so much.

Good post Jennifer

BO mania is completely out ... (Below threshold)

BO mania is completely out of control. Obama voters elected a celebrity and a demagogue, not a leader.

Well, at least that county'... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Well, at least that county's businesses will have another excuse to have a sale.






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