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The Wizbang Effect

Wizbang has been a part of my daily routine since around 2002. I felt my first sense of it's sobering boldness after the "religion of peace" carried out it's beheadings following the beginning of the Iraq War. Kevin was one of a few people on the Internet with enough fortitude to show the actual videos in their entirety. Some might call this sadistic voyeurism. I call it reality. I've always kept this controversial courage in the back of my mind, and am thankful that someone had the, uh, stones, to show the true barbaric nature of our enemy. Although I haven't done it in a while, I would occasionally go back and force myself to re-watch those videos, just so my level of anger and disgust would be put in it's proper place.

Not only did it remind me of why we fight, but it also made me think. I believe that is the ultimate purpose of a blog: To make the reader think, open their minds to other ways of thought and possibilities, other realities and opinions, and to enable people to cultivate their intellectual curiosity.

Kevin and Wizbang have had that effect on me.

Jay Tea was around since the beginning, or at least my beginning of reading Wizbang. He was my favorite contributor, way before any of the current group of excellent writers were on board.

He made me think. He made me expand my thought process with well written, profound offerings, of which I already miss.

It will not be possible to fill his shoes. They can merely be replaced.

This post is not about "sucking up" or "brown-nosing". To me, this blog is a current event: Dynamic, thought provoking, and always entertaining. Jay Tea was a big part of that, and his departure was certainly one of the site's biggest moments.

Once again, Kevin has shown a willingness to take a bold step. Letting regular readers try out their own shoes in his house. It's been interesting, even in this short time, to read the comments from others regarding my meager posts. Some comments are encouraging, others are not, but most are thoughtful and profound themselves. I know now that this is what makes blogging a worthwhile endeavour, and I am thankful and humbled to even be a "Guest Poster" on this site.

By Shawn Mallow


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Comments (5)

ShawnPerhaps most ... (Below threshold)


Perhaps most people cannot comprehend a beheading in its modern form , but I do question the need to repeatedly show such videos as they occur. The normal media, that is, TV news and the press decided long ago that the airing of such material was not in the public interest, for obvious reasons, I mean how many people actually want to see some person decapitate a fellow human being with a bread knife. I for one dont, amd I would be very sceptical of the person whom seeks out such material.

It is voyeuristic and more disturbingly, you admit the need to revisit such material. To suggest that this helps you organise a place for your anger and disgust is beyond the pale.

Snuff is snuff and Islamic snuff movies are beyond the pale also. Perhaps you should find a healthier outlet for your anger and disgust.

Don't listen to him Shawn. ... (Below threshold)

Don't listen to him Shawn. James thinks we should hide these things and forget they ever happened. Ignorance is bliss and history will repeat itself for just that reason.

JAMES--Sometimes som... (Below threshold)

Sometimes someone has to SEE the horrific depth of evil so they can understand what they dealing with.

I still have video clips of 9/11, and sometimes play them so as to "NEVER FORGET"

Does that make me a voyeur? C'MON..

I vowed not to respond to c... (Below threshold)

I vowed not to respond to comments made regarding my posts, but, I have to pull a Paul here.

For some context, I haven't watched them in years, and when I did, it was only a few times. Your snuff film analogy is bogus, since they are made by and for people who possess a morbid curiosity about death. These videos were done by people with a warped ideological purpose bent on our collective death.

Have you ever watched the planes crash into the WTC? Or watch footage from the D-Day landings? Or even "Saving Private Ryan"? Do you consider these to be "snuff films"? Were you not moved by what you saw?

I chose to expose myself to just how barbaric these pieces of human debris were. I didn't close my eyes to it. And the few times I did watch them, it was sickening to see. But it damn sure made me mad as hell, and it put things into the clearest perspective imaginable.

Sorry if you can't handle that.

Denial is easy.

ShawnI have seen o... (Below threshold)


I have seen one beheading and it is enough to haunt me for the rest of my life. I do not need to see another. Reading the transcript of the movie was enough to disgust me, the film itself was sickening. Let's face it, most people are disgusted by the actions of the terrorists and I would wager that the vast majority of people have not seen such material either. Blogs are frequented by only so many people, and more likely than not, the vast majority of people who seek out websites showing man's cruelty to his fellow man are only doing so, out of morbid curiosity.

I do not reserve my contempt nor disgust for these people until I have seen their videos and neither should you. Moreover, viewing the films does not give one a better understanding of these people.

A quick qiestion for you. In your original piece you said that you revisited these films but hadn't done so in a while, the inference being that it was not so long ago. Yet in your reply to my comment, you stated that it has been years since you last saw such a film. Which is true?






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