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"We call this the barbershop. Everybody's getting a haircut here,"

So, can we get before and after headshots of this, Nancey? Will labor get the same buzz cut as bondholders and suppliers?

Why does Nancy Pelosi remind me of Jim Wright? (Is it the #2 clippers or the #4's?) Or is she, sans the botox, just the same boor Wright was ?

"We call this the barbershop," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat. "Everybody's getting a haircut here, in terms of the conditions of the bill," she said, noting the likely impact on labor, bondholders, shareholders, car dealers, suppliers and executives. "The management itself has to take a big haircut on all of this."

We already know that Senator Chris Dodd won't be satisfied with a simple haircut but pictures do tell a thousand words, just don't tell Wagoner.



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Why hasn't Ron Gettelfinger... (Below threshold)

Why hasn't Ron Gettelfinger (sp) been placed in the Congressional Inquisition hotseat????

Oh I know, the EEEEVIIILL automakers forced his union folks to sit around on their asses taking full pay. No thoughts about the future and the sustainability of ludicrus demands....just gimme gimme gimme. Damn shame the union bosses aren't required to have previously owned or run a successful business before taking office.

Of course if he'd have been made to appear with Wagoner, Mulally, etc., in front of the elected blowhards, then ALL the viliage idiots would have been in the same room.

There are so many ironies i... (Below threshold)

There are so many ironies in this "big 3" bailout I hardly know where to begin. The irony of a government body telling a business how to run their business when they couldn't balance a budget (or avoid running up a deficit) if their lives depended on it. The irony of a government body chastising the auto industry after the way they vehemently denied their own GSEs were in any trouble until they totally collapsed. There's a couple.

When do we get to see congress lined up for the barber's chair?

"Barbershop" is probably th... (Below threshold)

"Barbershop" is probably the wrong term to use.

"National Razor" was the term used during the French Revolution; perhaps it's time to dust it off again for the Second American Revolution.

The UAW have been stealing ... (Below threshold)

The UAW have been stealing from the American people for the last 30 years. Unions when they began were a great idea, but they no longer serve a purpose except to support the democratic party. The democrats will not allow their cash cow to fail, so we (the people) must save them so they can save the democratic party






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