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Peace in the Middle East

A new administration, and a new hope for peace in the Middle East. Barack plans to speak in a Middle Eastern city, Hillary Clinton will contribute the focus and toughness she demonstrated as First Lady during her husband's quest to bring Israel and the Palestinians together, and we can finally pull the curtain on "failed policies of the Bush Administration" that impeded an amicable settlement of decades-old grievances.

It seems, though, that someone forgot to explain Obama's unique healing powers to Middle Easterners. Egypt's top Muslim cleric is under pressure to resign from politicians and newspapers for shaking the hand of Israeli President Shimon Peres. Sheikh Mohammad Sayyid Tantawi actually touched one of the Joos! The horror!

Not just any Jew, apparently:

Shimon Peres, whose career in Israeli politics has spanned 60 years, is tainted with the blood of thousands of Palestinians and that Sheikh Tantawi should richly purify his hands.

Well that changes everything.

Sheik Tantawi has at least one thing in common with our President Elect:

A spokesman for al-Azhar blamed Sheikh Tantawi's handlers for not paying closer attention and misdirecting him.

No word yet on whether the handlers have been thrown under Tantawi's bus. Perhaps literally.

It's been said there won't be peace in the Middle East until Muslim parents love their children as much as they love hating Jews. I'm not holding my breath.

Posted by Baron Von Ottomatic


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But you don't dislike the i... (Below threshold)

But you don't dislike the incoming administration's stance towards Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East, right? Seems like they're making similar noises to the ones Bush et al were making, but without first having burnt any bridges in the Muslim world. Can't be too optimistic but surely you must think that Obama and Hillary would have greater odds at making meaningful inroads with Islamic leaders, non? Or have stupid people already started burning effigies of Obama in the streets of Riyadh?

Sheikh Mohammad Sayyid Tant... (Below threshold)

Sheikh Mohammad Sayyid Tantawi shaking hands with Shimon Perez shows is in itself a positive development. It is sad that he received negative crtisism for doing so. Lets pray and hope Sheikh Mohammad Sayyid Tantawi has the charisma and leadership skill to temper the prejudice in his country.

No, Hillary and Barack don'... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

No, Hillary and Barack don't have greater odds.

The Egyptians and Israelites intransigences date back to the time of the Pharaohs. The fact their government has "made peace" with Israel hasn't changed the people's attitudes toward their neighbor.

The Palestinians are too indoctrinated with hatred to ever make true peace with Israel. Unless the Jews march into the sea like lemmings.

Why should the US even bother? We shouldn't send a penny of aid to the Middle East - other than the two democracies in the region. And there's no sense trying to force a badger to mate with a bobcat.

Baron, I agree, except your... (Below threshold)

Baron, I agree, except your country does not prop up Israel by virtue of the fact that it's a democracy. It's more complicated and less noble than that. My Israeli friends are well aware of why evangelical Christians funnel money into their nation, and it has nothing to do with human rights and everything to do with fulfilling an insane prophecy.

Still, their parents are happy to take the money as they know that the Rapture is a fiction and their country cannot sustain itself.






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