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Blagojevich is Right

The Blagojevich story is sick, shameful and embarrassing. But is it surprising? It shouldn't be. We should be expecting much more of this kind of nonsense. Power is highly concentrated in this country. Highly concentrated power leads to highly concentrated corruption. You can count on it. The problem here isn't Blagojevich...trolls like Blago can be dealt with. The problem is the apathetic electorate that allows the Blagos of the world to rise to power in an environment saturated with opportunities to go bad.

Blagojevich: "I've got this thing, it's f-----g golden..."

Blagojevich is absolutely correct. This thing, the power to appoint a U.S. Senator, is an awesome power. Senators relentlessly interfere with our lives, declare wars, and have their hands in a $3 TRILLION pot of gold--the annual federal budget. That's an obscene $30 billion per senator. Thirty billion dollars buys a lot of votes. So we shouldn't be surprised when some bonehead from a corrupt state like Illinois cracks under the pressure when given the responsibility to appoint a Senator to replace Barack Obama.

As the size and scope of government continues to exponentially grow, corruption will grow proportionately. To end the corruption, we must take back the money and take back the power.

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We can't take back the mone... (Below threshold)

We can't take back the money we've already given, only stop handing more of it out.

We can't peaceably take back the power we've given, but we can stop handing it out.

That takes a majority voting WE.

So we shouldn't be surpr... (Below threshold)

So we shouldn't be surprised when some bonehead from a corrupt state like Illinois cracks under the pressure when given the responsibility to appoint a Senator to replace Barack Obama.

Surprised? No. Willing to bet this story could have been told before election day? Yes.

I know it would never happe... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

I know it would never happen, but what needs to happen is every conservative and libertarian, and Anti-Obama voter out there needs to just stop paying federal income tax. They can't arrest us all. Well maybe they can, but until we say enough, the government is always going to do what's best for the government and not what's best for the people.

If there is a special elect... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

If there is a special election, here's the guy we need to get behind:


One law that could be enac... (Below threshold)

One law that could be enacted is that when running for president you cannot hold any other public office. That way if they want to run either they need to complete their term or special elections take place. Another might be to just hold special elections when ever there is a vacancy. I really do not like appointment of members of the Legislative branch.

... Oh how Mr. Obama must f... (Below threshold)

... Oh how Mr. Obama must feel as he sits amongst the flame and ruin of the Blagojevich Governorship, his well tailored image in tatters and the diadem now fallen from his head. Yes, he will protest and ply his case before the court of public opinion, but alas the die has been cast, the veil lifted. No longer can his most ardent of admirers continue to revel in the unholy glow of their now tarnished idol as to do so would demonstrate their obstinacy as well as their fanaticism. Obama has now been revealed to be human, complete with all the loathsome vestiges that must accompany the mortal throughout this life. Never again can anyone be expected to believe that he is a politician above all politicians, oblivious all of the worldly temptations prone to that profession. No he is just like the other politicians; embroiled in incestuous political associations that were corrupt from their inception. Nay he is no god; he is a mere mortal just like all the rest and more imperfect than most...

More At:

Two words: Bill Clinton.</p... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Two words: Bill Clinton.

Blago idolized Clinton. Bill's flying around, raising millions ,getting laid, his wife is almost president and we let him off the hook. Blago sees Bill getting away with a felony and blago thinks he's on the same path. This is what we get for letting Bill Clinton get away with a felony and idolizing the guy to this day.

Pride goes before a fall. ... (Below threshold)

Pride goes before a fall. This man thought he was untouchable. Finally, at least someone gets his comeuppance. Maybe the good guys do still win one once in awhile.

WELCOME TO THE ILLINOIS SEN... (Below threshold)



"So we shouldn't be surpris... (Below threshold)

"So we shouldn't be surprised when some bonehead from a corrupt state like Illinois cracks under the pressure when given the responsibility to appoint a Senator to replace Barack Obama."

Is that what you think happened? That's like saying the Black Sox cracked under the pressure of playing in the major leagues.

This is a guy who doesn't even think he did anything wrong. To him it was just an average day at the office.

"It wasn't my fault! It's j... (Below threshold)

"It wasn't my fault! It's just that the pressure was too great. Too much temptation!" Horsefeathers. This is the sort of backwards reasoning which lent itself to McCain-Feingold. The "stop me before I become a crook" legislation which all of the true crooks figure some way to ignore. Washington was given absolute power by the congress during the Reolution. He did not make himself king. He did not use that power to buy another Mt. Vernon. Indeed he returned it to the congress at the end of the war. This nation has too few Washingtons, not too few "preventive" laws or too much temptation. Stop passing the buck on personal honor and responsibility. Congess is full of those creatures now.

It's actually 300 billion p... (Below threshold)

It's actually 300 billion per senator.

Ooops my bad....forget it.<... (Below threshold)

Ooops my bad....forget it.

Just another 'error in judg... (Below threshold)
M Sears:

Just another 'error in judgment' by our esteemed President-elect. ie: Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and now this (even though he denies knowing anything.) Sounds a lot like Pres. Clinton "I did not have sexual relations with that girl".

Nice job Chicago.... (Below threshold)

Nice job Chicago.

Check out Angry Capitalist'... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Check out Angry Capitalist's purple prose!
"The diadem fallen from his head"....."but alas the die has been cast, the veil lifted"...."nay, he is no god; he is a mere mortal"....






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