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Build a better mousetrap...

...and the world will beat a path to your door. If they don't, hire lobbyists to force your product on potential customers:

An organization known as Ammunition Accountability is pushing to make coding technology mandatory across the nation. Its website claims it is a group of "gun crime victims, industry representatives, law enforcement, public officials, public policy experts, and more" who are "saving lives one bullet at a time."

If states pass the legislation, manufacturers will be required to laser etch a serial number into the back of each bullet and the inside of cartridge casings, a patented process developed by Seattle, Wash., resident Russ Ford and his business partners, Steve Mace and John Knickerbocker.

According to Seattle Weekly, the men couldn't find an ammunition manufacturer to agree to stamp bullets, so they hired a lobbyist to push for state legislation to require the laser coding.

I'm sure they were shocked to discover ammo manufacturers didn't want to subject their customers to higher costs, the tedium of record-keeping red tape, and addition to a government-maintained ammunition database. Beyond the obvious impact higher prices has on product demand, firearm companies recognize that their customers aren't fond of expanding government intrusion on their Second Amendment rights. But in today's America a flawed business model and lack of demand for one's products doesn't have to lead to failure. You can always find a sympathetic ear at the statehouse - particularly when there's a chance to pass "common sense" legislation addressing a hot button issue.

Then, make sure your government mandated marketing plan can't be circumvented:

Private citizens and retail outlets would be required to dispose of all non-coded ammunition no later than Jan. 1, 2011.

Oh man, there's going to be a whole lot of shooting into the air at midnight 12/31/2010. Or a whole lot of drive-bys. Because a criminal that uses a gun to commit crimes sure as hell wouldn't want to get caught with non-coded ammunition.

Let's ignore the obvious reasons coding ammo wouldn't reduce crime and focus on the rent-seeking. Governments collect fat troughs of cash and they're always ready to spread money around. One particularly galling case was T.Boone Pickens seeking subsidies for his windfarm/water pipeline project. After convincing investors he's got a "great" idea, putting together a business plan and slick marketing campaign, and taking his case to the public all he needs now is a few billion in subsidies and some land acquired through eminent domain for his business plan to actually succeed. Despite the fact his investors have bailed because of the economy, he's got a good chance of getting a wad of money from Washington by hitting on a trifecta of hot button issues - renewable energy, reducing dependence on foreign oil, and jobs.

Building a successful business in America is no longer a matter of, "How good is your business plan?" but rather, "How good is your lobbyist?". Based on early statements by President-Elect Obama and the recent actions of Congress we should prepare for a tsunami of subsidies targeted at otherwise non-viable entities who can link their businesses to Democrats' pet causes.

Posted by Baron Von Ottomatic


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Many shooting enthusiast ca... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Many shooting enthusiast cast their own bullets and reload fired cases. Visit any shooting range and you'll often see people picking up empty cases to reload. The idea that you can track who purchased some specific ammo by some ID inscribed on the bullet and on the inside of the case fails unless there's also a ban on reloading. Once again, only the law abiding will shoot traceable ammo while criminals will reload their own, buy ammo on the black market, or steel it. The ideas from liberals get progressively further and further from reality.

Yeah, but as they'll proudl... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but as they'll proudly tell you, they're 'reality-based'.

And I suppose they are, it's just not a terribly functional reality that's in any way congruent to our own...

Can't get the judges to out... (Below threshold)

Can't get the judges to outlaw guns? Make it impossible to buy ammo, that'll fix those damn rethuglicans.

> Once again, only the l... (Below threshold)

> Once again, only the law abiding will shoot traceable ammo while criminals will reload their own,

You're not thinking evil enough. The really nasty crook won't load his own. He'll shoot somebody, pick up his cartridge cases and scatter somebody else's cases he picked up on the firing range.

The really crafty bad guy will get a revolver that shoots a cartridge normally fired from an automatic*. That way he doesn't have to track down his brass and just dumps the scavenged brass out of his pocket.

*there are revolvers that take .45 acp.

"Private citizens and retai... (Below threshold)

"Private citizens and retail outlets would be required to dispose of all non-coded ammunition no later than Jan. 1, 2011."

I want to see them try and enforce that one...

Talk about unintended consequences.

Or the crooks will pick up ... (Below threshold)
Ray H.:

Or the crooks will pick up someone else's spent cases, that has someone else's registered code on it, reload them and use them in whatever illegal activity they are undertaking. I can't see this passing the reasonable doubt stanadard in court. To many opportunities for cases to end up in someone besides the original owners hands.

I was under the impression ... (Below threshold)

I was under the impression that MOST, not all bullets... You know... Deform when they impact something like a bone or a wall or something else hard. So now we need a perfect bullet that wont deform at all so we can read the number... Even if Im mistaken, dumbest idea ever

The law would require the d... (Below threshold)
509th Bob:

The law would require the disposal of pre-existing ammo, would it?

Typical leftist garbage. They ignore the parts of the Constitution that inhibits their "brilliant" ideas, like the Ex Post Facto clause. Morons.

Rod Blagojevich arrest and ... (Below threshold)

Rod Blagojevich arrest and pending indictment reveal that all 21st century politicians are vermin.

535 times Rod Blagojevich are cooking up schemes like this for you all the time.
Chicago style corruption will soon have a vice grip around all of Americas' throat.



You want my ammo ...fine...come for it little end first.

T h e r e a s o n s f o r e... (Below threshold)

T h e r e a s o n s f o r e t h i s B/S i s t o c r e a t e a t r a c k i n g d a t a b a s e o f c a l i b e r a n d a m o u n t p e r c a l i b e r p e r c h a s e d s o i n f or c e m e n t w i l l h a v e i n t e l o n h o w m u c h f o r c e w i l l b e r e q u i r e d w h e n e n t e r i n g y o u r p r o p e r t y ! move along nothing to see here...






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