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Obama Should Redistribute His Own Wealth First

As Obama's friends yammered incessantly about Sarah Palin's costly wardrobe, stories about BHO purchasing an exotic $30,000 ring for his wife began to surface. Camp Obama has denied the stories. I'm not sure what to think about this, but I will say one thing: I know Obama believes in redistribution, but redistributing wealth to your wife doesn't count.

On Sunday, in an interview with Tom Brokaw on "Meet the Press", Obama told us that redistribution isn't just about spreading the wealth--it's also about sharing the misery:

...part of what I'm hoping to introduce as the next president is a new ethic of responsibility where we say that if you're laying off workers, the least you can do when you're making $25 million a year is give up some of your compensation and some of your bonuses ... That kind of notion of shared benefits and burdens is something that I think has been lost for too long, and it's something that I'd like to see restored.

Some say that if Obama sincerely believes in redistribution, he should be helping his impoverished brother in Kenya, or his poor aunt in Boston. Maybe he should. But maybe Obama has already tried to help his family. Maybe Obama's family is too proud and independent to accept help. You and I don't know much about the situation, so let's give Obama the benefit of the doubt. Besides, private charity isn't really the issue here. Obama says he wants to improve the world not through an emphasis on personal responsibility or private charity, but through "redistributive change," and he plans increase taxes and fatten up the U.S. Treasury to make it happen.

I didn't think Americans would buy into this BS, but on November 4, they did. So I said, "Fine Obama, you've convinced America to support your scheme...go for it!" But then I remembered a little exchange between Obama and McCain. McCain said, "Nobody likes taxes. Let's not raise anybody's taxes."

"Well, I don't mind paying a little more," Obama responded.

WAIT A MINUTE! He said what?

"...I don't mind paying a little more."


Hey Obama! There's good news. If you really want to pay more, YOU CAN DO IT RIGHT NOW. The United States Treasury will accept your patriotic donation. This is no joke. If you need to know more, click here.

Obama, this is your chance to lead by example. Make a big deal about it, have a big fancy check-signing photo-op surrounded by smiling celebrities and politicians; heck, you could even invite that Obama Girl. You could show us how much you hate those nasty Bush tax cuts and send an amount equal to what you saved because of those cuts. With the millions you made from your book, I'm sure it would be a lot of money. While you're at it, help put the rumors about the luxury ring to rest and add another $30,000 to the total.

Barack, put your money where your mouth is and make a financial donation to the U.S. Treasury today! You do believe in the things you say, don't you? Time to start redistributing.

Author: RightKlik


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Comments (29)

My response to every more t... (Below threshold)

My response to every more then well off dipstick who says that we should pay more taxes is, lets see your over payment first. If Warren Buffet wants us to pay more taxes, he should chip in a couple hundred million, same for Bill Gates as well as every hollywood dipstick that says we need to do more. As the movie says SHOW ME THE MONEY!! Especially the silly irishman bono, you want us to pay more taxes as you move to a tax haven, not likely to convince anyone to jump up and kick more into the pot that is misspent by knucklehead politicians. mpw280

I don't know why it should ... (Below threshold)

I don't know why it should surprise anyone. Obamalala is a liberal. A far left liberal. He carries every liberal idea and policy to the max. He has moderated only slightly only because reality has smacked him between his two big ears. He sees himself as the engineer of the new America, a new more socialist America. And, he has only just started.

You do realize that if Obam... (Below threshold)
Crusty Dem:

You do realize that if Obama does raise taxes on the wealthy, he will be paying more, which pretty much negates your point (nice use of the discredited report on the $30k ring). Of course, if Obama's tax plan does go through, most of us will actually be paying less in taxes. Those poor (not literally) bastards earning $400k/couple, after deductions, could see their rates go from 35% to 39%. Before you go full metal "SOCIALIST!!", you might want to look at the tax rates on the wealthy in actual socialist countries, remembering that this does not include the VAT.

Of course, if Obama's ta... (Below threshold)

Of course, if Obama's tax plan does go through, most of us will actually be paying less in taxes.

Are you so sure you'll be paying less in taxes?

I ask you, if the marginal tax rates reduced under the Bush administration return to those rates prior to the Bush administration how is is possible that you will be paying less in tax under Obama's tax? I will note that under Bush's reduction of marginal tax rates the rates for the top 5%ers actually went up while the lower 40% were reduced to the rates which afforded opportunity to not pay income tax whatsoever. How do you reduce income taxes on those not paying income taxes?

Please explain Obama's tax plan and how you will be paying less in taxes if the marginal tax rates established under Bush expire in 2010?

Secondly, what are your thoughts on increases in property tax, gas tax, consumption tax, tourism tax. cigarette tax, fat tax, Green tax and toll fees to name a few tax increases?

Lastly, do you honestly believe that top 5%ers such as Oprah Winfrey ($2.7 billion) or Warren Buffet ($50 billion) are really going to help their incoming president spread their billions around to you?

It still amazes me that a p... (Below threshold)

It still amazes me that a person who has a very thin resume, far-left liberal got to be elected. Not to mention the ties he has with he most corrupt and criminal people! If it was anyone else, he couldn't be a dog catcher in a 1-dog town. True McCain was not much competition, but still....
Nothing digusts me more than redistribution of money and property. Take all the money from the liberals.....all of it....then come see me. Nothing is phonier than a liberal. They want to bus children, but not their children. They want to build low-income housing, but not near their house. And on and on it goes. The hollywood types spend more money on things like: Bono buying a airplane seat for his favorite hat to be send to him. Jen Antison pays more money a month on keeping her legs free from cellutite then most third-world countries have in their treasury. But these are the very people that tell us to give more and more....they can all go to hell.
I give plenty, I can not believe what I pay in taxes, it is unreal!

All of Obama's relatives ar... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

All of Obama's relatives are rich in the knowledge that he loves them.

syn: yes, billionaires who ... (Below threshold)

syn: yes, billionaires who voted for Obama do want more of their wealth spread around. Why is that hard for you to believe? Does Oprah need $X billion, or would she be alright with $X-1 billion? She has chosen the latter. Love your incredulity, though.

And syn: yes to the fat tax. Taxing the shit out of poison that keeps fat people fat and makes children fat, diabetic, and lazy would do wonders in reducing the burden unhealthy people have on the health care system. Reductions in diabetes, knee/hip transplants, heart surgery... really, it's a no-brainer. I know that's nanny statism but having been left to his own devices, the American consumer has demonstrated himself incapable of regulating his own diet, and thus somebody needs to slap the f*cking corn dog out of his hands.

mag--move to a country with a higher overall standard of living and then post some marginally articulate tripe about paying "too much" in taxes. So long as morons like Grover Norquist choose to exercise their freedom of speech, they will convince people like you that no matter how little taxes you pay, you could and should be paying even less. What's the optimal tax rate in your opinion? 5%? 3%?

And, as CrustyDem mentioned, unless you are a wealthy person in the top tax bracket, you won't be paying more under Obama's plan. So stop being such a whiny baby.

Can't ignore this delicious little nugget of stupidity: Nothing digusts me more than redistribution of money and property. Really? Not rape, genocide, murder, or incest? Progressive taxation is the thing that upsets you the most? You could be Sarah Palin's chief of staff next time she chooses to humiliate herself on the federal stage.

Hyper, hyper, hyper. Again,... (Below threshold)

Hyper, hyper, hyper. Again, people do not think like you so they are idiots. You bring less and less to the discussion then most. You and Paul Hooson seem to not be able to get your point across in a few sentences mainly because your ego is so huge, you think we stand in awe of your prose when in fact they prove your silliness and lack of thoughtfulness.

Tax fatty foods. It will be a huge burden on the poor, but you don't care, do you. You and your ilk are the same that are part of the Sanger group and eugenics. People do not act and look like you think they should, punish them. You are a bigoted angry man, which most liberal leftists are.

I suggest you cut down on your latte's and realize that what I earn, I am entitled to simply because I earned it. My government has no money. They use mine. If I think they do a bad job of it, I don't want them to take my money anymore. Is that complicated for you? Yes. ww

"Well, I don't mind payi... (Below threshold)

"Well, I don't mind paying a little more," Obama responded.
WAIT A MINUTE! He said what?
"...I don't mind paying a little more."

Lame. Faux outrage. McCain said the same thing:

McCain: "Here's what I really believe: That when you reach a certain level of comfort, there's nothing wrong with paying somewhat more."

One difference is that Obama said he doesn't mind himself paying more, and McCain said he doesn't mind you paying more. Which are you taking more issue with?

Regardless, you're twisting Obama's words. He's saying he doesn't mind being a part of a system where his place in the system requires that he pay more. That's quite different from unilaterally and voluntarily paying more than everyone else.

If your boss said he'd have to close down unless everyone got a pay cut across the board, you might accept that. But does that mean that would you then volunteer to give up even more of your own salary?

Obama's talking about changing the playing field. You're suggesting that he puts himself on a different field than everyone else. I assume you think that Bush should have cut his own taxes more than everyone else.

But you already knew all this, didn't you?

syn, obviously you don't kn... (Below threshold)
Crusty Dem:

syn, obviously you don't know Obama's tax plan from shinola. The only people seeing a return to Clinton-era tax rates are those making >$250k/yr.

I'm not sure why you'd be shocked that billionaires supported Obama, they care less about a few million (or tens of millions or hundreds of millions) than they do about the country and world they live in. Notice that Buffett and Gates are already giving away >99% of their wealth to a foundation dedicated to helping mankind.

Come on Willie, even you're not going to defend ridiculous statements like mag's:

Nothing digusts me more than redistribution of money and property.
I vote for WildWillie to ta... (Below threshold)

I vote for WildWillie to take Jay Tea's place.

Warren Buffets' got a net w... (Below threshold)

Warren Buffets' got a net worth of $62 billion.

He doesn't need more than an arbitrary $200 mil. All the rest should be forfeit to the government. That $62 bil would go a long way to... what? I'm sure the auto companies would like it - as would the unions.

Bill Gates has a net worth of $58 bil. He should liquidate Microsoft, and give all but $200 mil to the government. Hey, $200 mil should be enough for anyone!

Wait - perhaps those net worths are tied up in infrastructure and companies that are actually making things and employing people. If so - then that money isn't available to simply throw at the government.

"Obama's talking about changing the playing field."

He's talking about changing the rules of the game as well as the playing field, to one where there's no real 'winners' and the sting of 'loss' isn't felt. And the particular game he wants to play leaves everyone but a few 'referees' supposedly guiding the game less well off to a more or less greater extent at the end.

That it is 'fair' according to him leaves out the fact that he would be exceedingly well insulated from the effects of it - just like the knights and kings in medieval times were not terribly concerned with the peons who supported them in their comparitive luxury.

(And it's rather odd how the poor among us now are for many practical purposes much better off physically than the kings and knights of olden times.)

You might look at how some ... (Below threshold)

You might look at how some of those super rich are compensated. Buffett takes stock or equity rather than income so pays less then alot of his employees. Most super rich have altered their income to avoid taxes and don't pay the full rates on their income, let alone their net worth. They then "give" part of their net worth to foundations controlled by them and use them as they see fit. As to utopian europe, why are they all dropping their tax rates? Ireland, the baltic states, Poland have dropped their income tax rates. Even Germmany, France and England are looking to drop their tax rates to raise productivity, employment, reduce dependence on the dole, increase personal worth and sense of worth. So why is europe going the american way and america is going to the old european way? Again, if you think you aren't pulling your weight donate more to the cause, but if you aren't paying any income tax and say the rest of us should pay more then SHUT THE HELL UP. You have no interest in the tax code if you aren't paying taxes, you are looking for a bigger handout or you have wealth envy. I work, I make money, I don't like to pay taxes and give my money to assholes who spend OPM on silly shit to get reelected PERIOD. mpw280

umm, Buffett doesn't dod... (Below threshold)
Crusty Dem:

umm, Buffett doesn't dodge taxes, it just happens that most of his income is derived from the stock in Berkshire which he owns (he has never taken options, unlike so many CEOs). That said, he's complained the inherent unfairnesses in the tax code for some time, saying that it is unfair and he would like the system reconfigured so people like him pay more taxes.

mpw280, I earn a good salar... (Below threshold)

mpw280, I earn a good salary and consistently vote for politicans who would raise my income taxes. I acknowledge that they would raise other people's, too, but sucks to be middle-upper class don't it.

As for that squelching business investment where I live, that's bullshit. Almost every Canadian province has lower corporate tax rates than most of your states. Raising personal income tax rates in the upper brackets should have no effect on business investment and the net creation of jobs.

max, I agree, Willie should have spent two weeks putting together eight grammatically piss-poor sentences about how the Dimocrats and the left only spew hatred and want to raise taxes to punish successful people and somehow this relates to the overall problem of the deviance of homosexuals. I would have voted for him, for all courts need a jester.

Seriously, Willie, you think making Oreos too expensive will hurt the poor? You think I'm concerned about people's appearance? Fat people cost healthy people a lot of money in shared health care costs. I resent them for it, the same way it's reasonable to resent cigarette smokers. Smokers, though (myself included) pay a shit load of taxes on those stupid cigarettes, some of which is ostensibly used to pay for health care. Why in Yahweh's name should Twinkies be cheaper than yogurt? When it comes to the demographics of health, supply and demand are insufficient. The government needs to step in and force people (through economic pain) to eat better. Also, beverage companies should not be allowed to use high-fructose corn syrup anymore. If that raises the price of a can of Coke to $2, and you can no longer afford it, then find something else to poison yourself with.

Hyper:I was speaki... (Below threshold)


I was speaking about what policitians do...taking money from hard working people. I understand taxes are need to run to country to some degree, but not for pork project and giving money to people who don't deserve it. I'll support my family, not someone else's family. I of course find murder, rape more disgusting...but redistributing wealth is still terribily WRONG...and you sir are a jerk. You seem to jump on one sentence to discredit another people's entries. I'm sure the majority of the people on this webstie understood what I was writing about.

And Hyper...you have no ide... (Below threshold)

And Hyper...you have no idea where I live and how much I pay in taxes...you are one sick person.

Be more careful about brand... (Below threshold)

Be more careful about branding things the worst thing evar!!!!!!, and I'll be less of a jerk to you.

Redistributing wealth is not "terribly WRONG". It's perfectly fine when done responsibly. Every civilized country does it, it's the price to be paid in order to live in a country with a respectable quality of life. Even Adam Smith acknowledged that fairness requires wealthy people to pay a disproportionate amount of taxes. If you don't know who he is, he is the grandfather of free market capitalism. And if you don't know who Grover Norquist is, he's an asshole who thinks he knows better than Adam Smith (and every other economist in the world), when he is merely an ideological hack to the right of Pinochet who is completely incurious as to the potential ramifications of actually implementing his hackneyed tax policies.

As for where you live, I assume it's America; and as for what you pay in taxes, I guessed that you aren't in the upper bracket (based on simple probability), though if you are, good for you! As a rich person, you'll get to pay more income taxes. If you aren't, you will pay less, and will have to find something else to howl about during Obama's time in office.

The gov't can take all of y... (Below threshold)

The gov't can take all of your wealth/property...leave mine and others alone.

Redistributing wealth, very few people would go along with this...not many I know.
To me it is stealing and down right WRONG.

Redistributing wealth, v... (Below threshold)

Redistributing wealth, very few people would go along with this...not many I know.

You must know a lot of tax evasion felons.

Hyper has NO idea what free... (Below threshold)

Hyper has NO idea what freedom is. None. He, like other lefty's what to manage personal behavior by taxing fatty foods. Even though most of the people buying that food are not obese. Twisted logic at best.

Hyper, you are empty of ideas. Your opinions are skewed and all you do to those that disagree with you is correct their grammar. Pathetic at best.

I can go on and explain about life, libery and the pursuit of happiness and how a heavy tax burden prevents me from pursuing my rights, but as I said, you do not understand freedom. In the USA, our government gets its rights from its peoples. You think the other way around. I guess that is canada's way.

No one should have the power to take money from me to give it to someone who does nothing to earn it. Period. End of story. ww

Brian,I don't know... (Below threshold)


I don't know any felons, just hard working people who believe if they earn it they should keep it. I willing to bet most people agree with me.
You are both so generous, when you went you school did you give some of your higher grades (that you earned) to some other student whose grades were lower than yours??? Did your teacher average the grades out so the higher grades were lower and the lower grades were higher until everyone's grades where equal???

Hyper, the canadian, I assu... (Below threshold)

Hyper, the canadian, I assume you know that a lot of small business owners pay personal income tax on earnings from their small business and that small businesses are one of the driving forces of the economy and that if you raise the small businessmans taxes he won't expand and won't hire more, won't put in as much effort and won't pay more taxes or employ others who won't therefore pay more taxes. Oh yeah it sucks to be leached off of by the rest of the nation when you are paying taxes and they aren't, its just like anything thats free for the majority, they will continue to syphon off more from the minority that pays the bills until they revolt. MPW

I don't know any felons,... (Below threshold)

I don't know any felons, just hard working people who believe if they earn it they should keep it.

Exactly. So they must not pay any taxes, right? Because they believe they should keep it, and you don't know many people who go along with redistributing the wealth.

Sorry, I'm just playing with you. You're talking yourself in circles; it was hard to resist.

Even though most of the ... (Below threshold)

Even though most of the people buying that food are not obese. Twisted logic at best.

Actually, even though you might disagree with his suggestion, his logic is pretty straight.

Currently, 64.5 percent of U.S. adults, age 20 years and older, are overweight and 30.5 percent are obese.
Does looking at fat people ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Does looking at fat people bother you? Tired of feeling like some people just aren't contributing their fair share?

Come visit the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. We're fit, fair, and carbon neutral.

yes, billionaires who vo... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

yes, billionaires who voted for Obama do want more of their wealth spread around. Why is that hard for you to believe? Does Oprah need $X billion, or would she be alright with $X-1 billion? She has chosen the latter.

So, who's stopping her from giving away her money? Why didn't she do it this year already? Or last year? Or the year before?

I earn a good salary and consistently vote for politicans who would raise my income taxes.

Why wait for the pols to do it for you? Lead by example.

Some people, like you, believe in high taxes. Others do not. If you want to pay more, go ahead. Leave the rest of us alone.

27. Posted by Les ... (Below threshold)
27. Posted by Les Nessman | December 11, 2008 8:03 PM

Agreed. It's easy to say you are for higher taxes when you don't have skin in the game (namely, a requirement that makes you have to back up what you say with your actions).

Others have made the point that the Left loves imposing requirements on others, whereas the Right is much more likely to roll up their sleeves. And before anyone pats themselves on the back by parsing or "fisking" what I just said, I am speaking in generalities.

Now, to specifics.

I knew a guy in NZ who, for the past forty odd years, has been a dyed in the wool Communist. He took everything Marx said about communal wealth and tried to live in accordance with those principles.

Some years ago, he was a memeber of a local Communist party group in Auckland, where there were at least ten members, including himself.

One day, my friend made the suggestion that everyone in the group should pool their wages into a common fund, and distribute it out to each person according to his (or her) needs. My friend, at that time, earned higher wages than most of his comrades in the group.

Guess how many of the group took him up on his suggestion?

That's right.


(pass the Chardonnay, please...)

I'll accept that a Clinton, a Kennedy, a Buffet, etc., etc. believes that higher taxes are necessary after he/she shows me an annual Form 1040 that shows what their nominal tax bill was supposed to be (by whatever calculation - rates, AMT, etc. that applies to them in the best outcome), and can demonstrate that he/she voluntarily made an actual tax payment against that 1040 that was reasonably higher than that which was required by Federal Law.

C'mon, Ted (Kennedy) and John (Kerry). Your own state law allows you to voluntarily pay at a higher rate - Jay Tea has blogged on this subject many times. How many times did you guys choose to pay the higher rate???

(pass the Chardonnay, please...)

Willie, you are the ... (Below threshold)

Willie, you are the one who doesn't know the meaning of the word freedom. You limit the word to its purely negative sense, meaning freedom from. You fail to address the concept in its other formulation: freedom to. If you want to actually learn what the word means, as it relates to economic and social policy, read Rationality and Freedom and Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen.

Brian: Willie is such a patriot that he's in denial about whether or not he lives in a nation of irresponsible fat people who can't be trusted with feeding themselves.

Wanderlust: I vote for a party that would raise my federal income tax rate, and I need my money more than Bill Clinton or Warren Buffett need theirs. It's not irrational; it's just that I have different priorities than you.

Baron, I'm not aesthetically put off by fat people; I'm put off by people who demonstrate a lack of self-control, and I resent the burden they place on other people who pay more than their own share of health costs through insurance or taxes or whatever. The price of health care in America is disturbingly high. One way to reduce it is to make Americans healthier--no more high fructose corn syrup, no more trans fats, and tax the shit out of garbage that has no nutritional value. Does that place constraints on freedom? Sure. But so do diabetes and high blood pressure.






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