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The Most Ethical Congress In History.

"Culture of corruption".

How many times have we heard that phrase hackneyed about throughout the past 8 years in reference to Republican politicians. It was a phrase used ad nauseum by the Democrats and their lackeys in the MSM for years, and used to good effect. The trouncing of Republicans in the 2006 Congressional elections erased their majorities, an outcome which validates the power of the phrase and for what it stands. Will anyone within the Republican party employ it with any amount of sincerity and tenacity toward the Corrupt-o-crats now that the tables have not just been turned, but axed, split, and ready to be used for some fresh firewood, or will they cower as they have for years, afraid to fight liberals, worrying how they may be portrayed in the media, as if they may have something positive reported about them.

In 2006, for a total of 6 weeks leading up to the election, you could not turn a page or to a news station without the scandals of Republicans Mark Foley and Duke Cunningham being repeated and condemned by the Dems and their grunts in the media. Ultimately, because of these two buffoons, the entire Republican party was looked upon as being corrupt, and majorities were lost in both the House and Senate. Speaker Nancy Pelosi proclaimed that hers would be "the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history.". This is shaping up to be one of the sincerely dumbest statements she's ever uttered, and that is really saying something. With approval ratings for Congress at historical lows (around 15% approval), the only thing holding this House of cards together is a complicit media and an ever-revolving liberal spin machine.

This "most ethical Congress" has elevated some of the most incompetent, sleazy individuals imaginable into positions of the highest importance, reeking havoc with our financial system, and producing a Presidential candidate with enough dirty relationships that he makes Tony Soprano look like an altar boy.

The genesis of this current and unfolding financial crisis can be directly connected to the sub-prime mortgage bomb, which, at it's very core, has the fingerprints of several powerful, prominent Democrats. Senators Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer, Representatives Barney Frank and Maxine Waters, and yes, even Barack Obama co-opted Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as there own mortgage slush fund, forcing these entities to dole out loans and mortgages to people who were not qualified to receive them. Because of this, we are now mired in their financial pool of corruption and insidious lack of prudence, with things revealing themselves to be worse everyday.

And that's not all! Many other stellar, ethical tendencies have produced some fine prospects for the good of our country. Things like Chris Dodd's sweetheart CountryWide mortgage deal, Barney Frank's "ex-partner" (who, among other things, Frank paid to have sex with) running what amounted to a brothel out of the basement of his house, and Senator Harry Reid passing legislation that all but guaranteed the firms of his son and son-in-law getting bundles of money from Nevada real-estate lobbyists. All noble endeavours, of course, with the best intentions for the country in mind.

Then there is Mrs. Pelosi. The lioness of ethics.

In her land of San Fransisco, there is a wholesome, homely event called the Folsom Street Fair. Last year's fair included public, homosexual pornographic activities, all of which would make Larry Flynt blush. These events were not just viewed by adult spectators, but they were also viewed in plain sight by small children and the San Francisco Police Department. The people participating in this "event" are Mrs. Pelosi's constituents. The ones who keep her in office. No news about it. No scathing op-eds. Not one peep of concern directed at her for not denouncing such horrid things blatantly occurring publicly in her district.

Imagine this happening in a Republican's city?

That brings us to "The One". Barack Hussein Obama. A man, a media creation, an instantly and incessantly proclaimed "rising star" since his speech at the 2004 DNC Convention. All based on an eerie absence of accomplishments. A definitive case of style over substance. And what little substance there is to be found is altogether bizarre, if not frightening.

Whereas his utter lack of substantive legislative or executive history would be enough to disqualify him from running even a supermarket, Obama has a litany of questionable and downright radical influences.

Whether its his association with the kookie, racist firebrand Jeramiah Wright (who reared his bulbous head again this week), his dealings with the arrogant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, shady relations with convicted felon Tony Rezko, or his disgusting support of former PLO spokesman/anti-Semite Rashid Khalidi (btw, where is that videotape, LA Times?), all are damning in and of themselves, let alone in sum total for one individual.

Still, knowing all this, and with few exceptions, the entirety of the main stream media has chosen to ignore Obama's associations with these people, so much so they have almost become accessories after the fact by pretending to not acknowledge the existence of these freakish relationships. For if any one of these dealings were linked to any Republican running for any public office, that individual would be skewered like a pig wearing lipstick.

Imagine if John McCain were to have had, or even just attended, a fundraiser in which David Duke were a participant. The Democrats and the media would have been possessed with the subject, colluding in his downfall, and ripping his life apart for any other questionable activities.. In short, there would be no more John McCain, and the entire Republican party would have been indicted as corrupt racists.

Even after all this, after Obama and his partners in PR have won the election, the love affair continues unabated.. Puff pieces, glowing cover stories about him and his wife, Michelle, the comparisons of the Obama presidency to that of the beloved Camelot, there's been not one substantive question produced by the main stream media regarding actual issues which will affect the lives of millions of Americans. The media and his fellow Democrats have propped him up on such a high altar that they cannot allow themselves to tarnish his image in any way by calling him to task for either past transgressions or future situations of which he will have to confront. His only concrete response is that things will get worse before they get better. Ugh.

All that can be talked of is Obama's edict to build a $150,000 basketball court at his White House residence, his desire to use YouTube as a means of communication, and his dire necessity to have to relinquish his beloved BlackBerry..

Times is tough for The Big O.

At some point, the honeymoon will be over, and the work of the people will have to be done. Will journalism in this country rise to the occasion and regain it's long lost place as a noble force of truth and honesty, or will we see the same cloaked coverage of a man who, by all means, has some incredibly serious flaws, which will undoubtedly affect his judgement during his tenure.

Culture of corruption, indeed.

By Shawn Mallow


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Comments (14)

I don't think Larry Craig w... (Below threshold)

I don't think Larry Craig was an issue in 2006. Duke Cunningham from CA was. You are right though, the media coverage of Rangel, Dodd, Frank etc is a joke. Anyone remember the name of the guy who replaced Foley who cheated on his wife with 2 mistresses and used public funds to pay one off???? Where did that story go??? What was Rahm Emmanuel's role in it???

CDR M,You are righ... (Below threshold)


You are right.. Duke Cunningham was who I was thinking about.

Good Memory and thanks for the correction!


What Wm Jefferson did was f... (Below threshold)

What Wm Jefferson did was far worse than what Foley or Craig did. Not to excuse those 2, but, Dims seldom are offended by actions within their own party.

Shawn, a very good post.</p... (Below threshold)

Shawn, a very good post.

The democrats in my estimation has no core belief. They slam conservatives because we espouse moral behavior so they rub our faces in it when one of our own does something illegal or unethical. They do not get the part of how immediately we cut off/out any support of the offending person.

The dems, for the most part, embrace and surround their illegal or diviants trying to justify their reason for supporting a fallen comrade.

BO is not even sworn in and two of his top staff members are involved in a huge scandal. I love it. I also expected it. ww

Two of his top staff... (Below threshold)

Two of his top staff members? Who? Are you referring to Blagojevich?

Hyper, it is embarrassing t... (Below threshold)

Hyper, it is embarrassing to you when you attempt to play stupid. ww

Yep, modern journali... (Below threshold)

Yep, modern journalists are Democrats. Everybody knows.

Republicans need to get over that. They can't do a thing about it.

They should, instead, learn to communicate through advertising, guerilla and grass roots to get their message out.

Journalists are only important as gatekeepers. Go around them.

Ethical behavior would seem... (Below threshold)

Ethical behavior would seem to vary considerably, depending on which party you align yourself with. Of course, you couldn't have just one standard - that wouldn't be 'fair'.

No, seriously, Willie, are ... (Below threshold)

No, seriously, Willie, are you referring to Blagojevich? Because he isn't one of Obama's staff members. I've read about Rahm Emanuel's involvement (or lack thereof) but I'm unaware of anyone else tied to Obama. Who are you referring to? Name them, or admit that a) you misunderstood Blagojevich's relationship with Obama; or b) you are making shit up.

You Rethugs just don't get ... (Below threshold)
Sonny D.:

You Rethugs just don't get it. AMERICA HAS REJECTED YOU AND YOUR POLITICS OF HATRED AND FEAR. Period. End of discusssion.

Hyper, you waste my time. C... (Below threshold)

Hyper, you waste my time. Check out Rahm and Axlerod's lies. Also, the article from right after the election where BO told the reporter he met with Blago about his senate seat. Hide your head in dispare, but this is getting legs. ww

"You Rethugs just don't get... (Below threshold)
Dark jethro:

"You Rethugs just don't get it. AMERICA HAS REJECTED YOU AND YOUR POLITICS OF HATRED AND FEAR. Period. End of discusssion."

And yet here we are, still discussing how a Democrat Governor, who was vouched for twice by the current Democrat President Elect, thought nothing of selling a Senate seat to he highest bidder. Obama, and two of his top staffers, are on tape telling two different stories about what they knew, and when they knew it.

Sounds like a bona-fide scandal to me. If Obama and his staff hadn't lied, there would be no story. The man isn't even in office yet and his first instinct is to lie about what took place, when the truth would exonerate him. Tells me a lot about Obama and his staff; they are liars.

Tell me again how this has anything to do with Republicans, other than our desire to learn the truth?

Good article. Sorry to nit... (Below threshold)

Good article. Sorry to nitpick, but it's "altar," not "alter."

Good eye, Kathy. Thanks!</p... (Below threshold)

Good eye, Kathy. Thanks!

Fixed it!







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