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Change We Can Believe in

Finally the campaign slogan Change is ringing true. Change for the citizens of the US means that President-elect Barack Obama will be attached to scandals before he takes office. Change for Obama means that he will pledge support of the little guy (Republic Windows and Doors):

President-elect Barack Obama and other politicians have voiced support for the workers' cause, arguing the Wall Street bailout was not serving its purpose of loosening credit for Main Street businesses.

All the while knowing that on the campaign trail he voted for the bailouts, which began the domino effect of dumping money for the big guys. As we inch closer to Obama taking office, the question of the day seems to be "it depends on what the meaning of change is."

On the Obama-Biden website here is their definition of change:

"I'm asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington ...I'm asking you to believe in yours."

So close your eyes tight and imagine your ability to change things. Because President-elect Obama will be too busy in his continual seduction of the world to make any change. Gone are the promises of solving global warming, gone are the promises of resolving the economic woes. Change has arrived and it is on the wheels of Illinois corruption, unrepentant terrorists, damning pastors, and a campaign coffer that would make Trump happy.



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Comments (14)

No one ever thought that a ... (Below threshold)

No one ever thought that a third-rate burglary at the Watergate could possibly take down a sitting President either.

Obama is undoubtedly as corrupt as any chicago pol or senior democrat ever has been, but has been a good deal luckier than most. But now I think the end has already begun. It'll be fun to watch if nothing else.

wally - please describe exa... (Below threshold)

wally - please describe exactly how obama has been corrupt.. the world needs to know


Oh man, the soup keeps gett... (Below threshold)

Oh man, the soup keeps getting thicker. Obama is as corrupt as it comes. It's been a quick honeymoon.

Scandals during the transition. Unheard of in the past, is now common with America's First Crime Family.

Words mean things, and so does changing them.

bill-tb - please describe e... (Below threshold)

bill-tb - please describe exactly how obama has been corrupt.. the world needs to know


I won't say Obomber's corru... (Below threshold)

I won't say Obomber's corrupt.

How about a lying douchebag? Obomber's going to stay in Iraq, fight in Afghanistan, is preparing to include Israel under our nuke umbrella, is NOT going to increase taxes in the rich ...

How does the Obomber moron contingent feel about being sold a bill of goods? Or is it they're just not bright enough to know it?

I clicked my heels together... (Below threshold)

I clicked my heels together three times and wished for change and nothing happened.

If anything, so far BO has shown how he is the same ole same ole. He hasn't even been sworn in yet and already there is a scandal involving two of his top aids. ww

obama sure has a lot of que... (Below threshold)

obama sure has a lot of questionable people somehow tied to him,he may be very innocent, but what are the odds of having that many people connected to him and not being involved with at least one of them???

Don't forget how he carved ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Don't forget how he carved a "B" into a young woman's face and that he killed his grandmother because she knew the truth about the birth certificate.

The actions of Illinois Gov... (Below threshold)

The actions of Illinois Governor Blagojevich provide anyone willing to take an objective look all the evidence one needs to indict, and convict, not just this irrational perpetrator but the entire leftist movement, of crimes against the republic. For so long they have held our institutions in contempt, and through the process of working against it, they have sought to enrich themselves through nefarious means. Their lust, both monetary and political, reflects their distain for the voter and serves to highlight the absence of any ethical and moral compass to set true their course through life. Where as a capitalist will channel his greed into a motivating force in order to attain wealth through ethical means, the unprincipled politician acts without the moral impetus to guide his actions and in turn does damage to not only his already tarnished reputation but to the political institution as a whole. Breeding apathy and cynicism their actions lie at the heart of the malady that aggravate the health of the national discourse. There is no greater scourge on earth than the politician who lacks the ethical consideration for those to whom he is bound to serve or the body of which he is a member...

More At:

Hilarious, all you cons sal... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Hilarious, all you cons salivating about the Blagojevich scandal.
Obama has never endorsed or been endorsed by the Governor, they're not allies, and apparently Blago hates Obama's guts, but somehow Obama is "tied" to this scandal.
I know in TalkRadioLaLaLand this has you all a-twitter, but most people see this for what it is: an attempt at guilt-by-proximity. It won't work, but, hey, knock yourselves out.

That's it boys and girls, j... (Below threshold)

That's it boys and girls, just close your eyes and click your heels together 3 times while saying "Change".

Obama has never en... (Below threshold)
Occam's Beard:
Obama has never endorsed or been endorsed by the Governor

Incorrect. Obama endorsed Blagojevich twice, in 2002 and 2006, and worked as a senior strategist on Blagojevich's campaign.

He might not be corrupt bu... (Below threshold)

He might not be corrupt but h he does not represent any great change in politics.
Obama wanted to make sure that certain criteria was met to fill his senate seat that being a black person. So it seems odd that he was not involved with someone who he endorsed and was a friend.

He was friend with Rezko and was able to very good deals on restate from Rezjo while Rezko was able to get good deals in his district.

Obama was able to run unopposed twice in Illinois by getting other candidates both Democrats and Republicans removed from the ballot.

Yes, Occam, I was partially... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Yes, Occam, I was partially incorrect, and so are you. Look at your Wikipedia cite again.






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