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Early morning cup o'coffee round up

" Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they, therefore, who are decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime and pure...are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments." Charles Carroll, signer of the Declaration of Independence.

  • $1 a gallon gas? Maybe. I was looking through my youngest son's baby album and one of the questions was price of gas. .95 cents a gallon for regular unleaded in May 1998. Today, Wal Mart/Murphy USA, gas was $1.42 regular unleaded. (Via Yahoo Business)

  • Gotta watch those rogue squirrels! New rule eases ban on firearms in national parks People will now be able to carry concealed firearms in some national parks and wildlife refuges. An Interior Department rule issued Friday allows an individual to carry a loaded weapon in a park or wildlife refuge -- but only if the person has a permit for a concealed weapon, and if the state where the park or refuge is located also allows loaded firearms in parks. (Via Yahoo News)

  • Fred Thompson on the economy Say what you will about his campaign, but he still hits the nail on the head in this release. ( Via Melissa Clouthier)

  • A sea change in the Carribean I'll give you a hint: It isn't global warming. (Via IBD)

  • File this under 'who cares!' Obama won't be smoking in the White House. (Via Yahoo News)

  • Are politicians really this dumb? The state of California currently suffers from an $18 billion budget deficit. Yet the San Francisco Chronicle reports that several California state senators and half of the state assembly, including most of the 28 newly elected members, have leased new vehicles from the state. Seems that sentence answers the question, does it not? (Via Common Sense Political Thought)

  • So much for carrot and stick politics Iran has rejected a suggestion by US President-elect Barack Obama that a carrot and stick policy of economic incentives and additional sanctions might persuade the Iranian government to change its behavior.
    Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hasan Qashqavi, said Monday that Obama's proposed policy was unacceptable and had failed in the past. (Via Flopping Aces)

  • Obama, Israel, and nukes Aluf Benn, the well-regarded correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, is reporting that the incoming Obama administration intends to offer Israel a "nuclear umbrella" to protect that nation from any nuclear attack launched by Iran. This might initially be perceived as being a positive development. Israel is a close ally, surrounded by adversaries intent on its destruction. (Via American Thinker)

  • Global warming drops 4 inches of snow in Baton Rouge! NEW ORLEANS -- A rare snowfall blanketed south Louisiana Thursday, with accumulations of up to four inches in some areas. Heavy snow was blowing through downtown New Orleans. Someone better let Al Gore know QUICK! (Via Jammie Wearing Fool)

  • 'NANNY" State? Seems Fran Drescher wants to try her hand at politics by running for Hillary's now vacant senate seat. (Via Jammie Wearing fool)

  • Governor Tim McGraw? According to a report in The New Republic, country singer Tim McGraw is more than casually eyeing the prospect of launching a campaign for governor in his adopted state of Tennessee come 2010. (Via Country Music)

  • How They Did It TNGOP Chair Robin Smith explains how the Republicans took the legislature -- in her estimation. The TN GOP that is. (Via Nashville Post and Chattanoogan)

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    So, you don't believe in gl... (Below threshold)

    So, you don't believe in global warming? OK, I can live with that, as long as it is based on the belief that the earth's climate has a natural cycle.

    I do have a problem with you if you deny that mankind is having an effect on the climate, however, and is likely exacerbating a warming trend thanks to pollution, etc.

    The earth is also very depe... (Below threshold)

    The earth is also very dependent on solar input, ABC. And we're apparently slipping into a VERY quiet period as far as sunspots go, which correlates with significantly colder temperatures here on earth.

    NEW ORLEANS gets 4 inches of snow, and it's not even winter yet. Houston ties its record for earliest snowfall. Snowfalls in Europe are reaching historic levels.

    "Forecaster Cameron Venable is seeing very cold temperatures in the Los Angeles areas as well. Torrance is not usually known for winter weather, thus making this an interesting event for Venable to track.
    "Temperatures in Siberia, Russia will be -81 degrees this week, "said Martin. "With those type of temperatures the arctic air mass has to spill somewhere. Our answer of the exact track will become more clear this week. All residents in the mountain communities should prepare this week for very cold, winter weather, with snow."
    Indications are a second, colder storm could hit near the 18th-22nd time-frame. The details on that will have to be sorted out.
    OWSweather.com staff
    You might also want to look at Ruddiman's theories of anthropogenic warming - according to him, we've been altering the climate since the invention of agriculture, and it's a good thing - since otherwise we'd be deep in an ice age at this point.

    And I don't know about you - but warming's starting to look good to me at this point.






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