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Silly in Chicago

To many people, now shamed Governor Rod Blagojevich has no future in politics. The criminal complaint compiled by US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is indeed damning. Based on what we've seen there's little doubt the foul-mouthed Blagojevich fully intended use his power to fill a United States Senate seat to profit handsomely.

Funny thing, three of the last eight Illinois governors have spent time in the pokey. The odds seem quite good Hot Rod will make it four of nine.

Calls for Blagojevich to resign have already begun, from the Illinois Attorney General to ambiguous statements about "effectiveness" from the President-Elect. Technically Blagojevich has the sole authority to select President-Elect Obama's temporary successor until an election is held, although anyone he appointed at this point would stink of corruption and almost surely (Might be? If it's a Democrat running in Illinois the simple stink of corruption might not be enough...) be defeated in 2010. If he's planning on a blaze-of-glory exit he can make the Senate appointment quickly as a "Screw You!" to the political establishment.

So why not appoint Patrick Fitzgerald?

Posted by Baron Von Ottomatic


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Comments (10)

the senate can and would re... (Below threshold)

the senate can and would reject any appointment blagojevich makes. he knows hes screwed and the only reason he'll delay his resignation is to try to deal for leniency from prosecutors and marshall some resources for his defense. either way i predict he'll stew behind bars for a good long time

The arrogance of this man i... (Below threshold)

The arrogance of this man is a sight to behold! As a public servant, he is required to be professional in his dealings and to protect people. He has everything to lose and nothing to be gained by continuing his filthy language and mean-tempered tirades. Someone get a bar of soap and wash his mouth out! His mother must be so proud!

Hey, When you are a ... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

When you are a corrupt governor in Illinois with an eight per cent approval rating, you either have to be the biggest dumb-bell since Ted Kennedy or possess the brain of a worm.

Just get people like them outta here.

People like this should be serving time in prison, having some brute standing behind them, to shove the idea of justice up their ass.
No,this is not some kind of sex party at a Washington bar, involving all the heroes of the democrat partuy.
Just merely a politician who did democrat party business, as usual.
Sad, but true, all you autobatons love this kind of crap.

Sad! His foul-mouthed wife,... (Below threshold)
Ross Carter:

Sad! His foul-mouthed wife, "As first lady, she works hard to promote initiatives that will help the families of Illinois bring up happy, healthy and successful children," claims her biography. She sounds more like a two-bit w***e than a 'first lady'. What pathetic role models for those children, grossly unbecoming of what should have been the most respected citizens of Illinois! Quite a match for her equally potty-mouthed husband! Who are the ones who voted for this loser? Sad, sad f**ks - both of them. Throw them into prison and let them rot there. America doesn't need politicians like this. Losers of the first degree!

Former Ct. Gov. John Rowlan... (Below threshold)

Former Ct. Gov. John Rowland, convicted for corruption, is a saint compared to this idiot. At least Rowland had the decency to resign when he realized his time had come. This whole Illinois family is corrupt. There doesn't appear to be any redeeming value to the lot of them. Get them out of state politics and into a federal prison for a very long time. I'm sure that once behind bars they will feel very comfortable using the language they seem accustomed to.

"People like this should be... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

"People like this should be serving time in prison, having some brute standing behind them, to shove the idea of justice up their ass.
No,this is not some kind of sex party at a Washington bar, involving all the heroes of the democrat partuy.
Just merely a politician who did democrat party business, as usual.
Sad, but true, all you autobatons love this kind of crap."

Yes, I wish anal rape on every convicted felon. Scooter Libby? Yeah, he deserves it. Ted Stevens? Give it to the old guy.

I'm not sure what all this means. Sex party at a Washington bar? Autobatons? Democrat party business as usual?

And the Attorney General of Illinois who is leading the internal state effort against Blagojevich is a____?


And the former governor of Illinois currently in jail (BTW, hope he's getting it to) who took his television star wife to sex clubs is a_____?


Stupidity and lax morals own no party affiliation.

I think his wife is at leas... (Below threshold)
Greg Shell:

I think his wife is at least as wicked as he is, maybe worse? This kind of stuff cannot be tolerated. Why does it seem so common place in Illinois? Is it organized crime that is running the state? Maybe we should start considering politicians and high level officials guilty until they can prove otherwise. It looks like a whole heck of a lot of them are crooks. Punishment for crimes committed by politicians and government officials should be far more severe than for civilians. And I don't think it should be limited to just crimes against the state, but all crimes committed by these people, cops included. If you can't trust a governer or a cop for instance, who can you trust? I think punishment for any crime committed by these folks should carry a minimum of doulble the sentence and fine as compared to that of a civilian.

Hopefully this power-hungry... (Below threshold)

Hopefully this power-hungry stunod will eventually bring down the entire corrupt Illinios Democratic party apparatus with him.

The karma that this is happening in the state of the Anointed One is just too delicious to overlook, and it speaks volumes as to his pedigree.

oops. "Illinois" ^... (Below threshold)

oops. "Illinois" ^

Why would Fitzgerald want t... (Below threshold)

Why would Fitzgerald want to be a Senator? Isn't he too good at his current job to piss the best years of his working life away casting votes in the Senate?

He'd make a good Attorney General someday, though...






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