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$3 billion tax refund

Did this guy itemize?

Nearly $3 billion. That's the tax refund requested this year by a convicted armed robber in Pompano Beach, according to a federal indictment.

Prosecutors say Willie Bernard Cameron, 41, filed three bogus IRS 1040 tax returns in May claiming he was owed refunds of $52,918.97, $360,000 and $2.975 billion. Cameron asked for the money after his March release from federal prison, where he was incarcerated for a 1999 armed robbery in Mobile, Ala., prosecutors said.

A federal grand jury in Fort Lauderdale Is your Fort Lauderdale restaurant clean? - Click Here. returned the indictment Thursday.

In October, U.S. District Judge James Cohn revoked Cameron's supervised release and sentenced him to an additional three years for violating probation. If convicted of tax fraud, Cameron could face another 15 years in prison.

Something tells me Cameron wanted to go back to jail. Otherwise he is just incredibly dumb.


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Comments (6)

A federal grand ju... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:
A federal grand jury in Fort Lauderdale Is your Fort Lauderdale restaurant clean? - Click Here. returned the indictment Thursday.

That's one way to put it...

Billy, are you still drinki... (Below threshold)

Billy, are you still drinking on the job? ;-)

Oh, You've got a glitch in ... (Below threshold)

Oh, You've got a glitch in your comments section it was/is telling me I've made to many comments or I've been banned then suddenly they all went thru, sorry about that.

Guess he should of incorpor... (Below threshold)

Guess he should of incorporated himself as a bank or wall street investment company, then all would be forgiven, and he'd score more!

The real question is "Is yo... (Below threshold)

The real question is "Is your Fort Lauderdale restaurant clean?"

If, by some really strange ... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

If, by some really strange fluke, he had been sent refund checks, and since the government seems to be in a give-money-away mood, we'd be talking about how smart the guy was!

I've heard about incarcerated felons filing for tax refunds which are mailed to PO boxes, then someone on the outside picks up the checks and cashes them.

Who knows? The criminals get away with the strangest things.






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