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Holiday tradition

President Bush is giving government employees a Christmas bonus.

WASHINGTON - Federal employees: No need to hustle back to work the day after Christmas. The president just cleared you to stay home.

In an executive order Friday, President George W. Bush declared that executive branch agencies and departments will be closed on Friday, Dec. 26.

That means federal workers will get that day off, with pay. The order does not apply to Postal Service employees. And it allows agency directors to require that their employees still come to work that day if their service is needed for national security, defense or some other essential public need.

The White House says that since 1952, federal workers have been excused from duty eight straight times on Dec. 26 when Christmas fell on a Thursday. The last time was in 2003, when Bush issued the same kind of executive order.

We'll have to see if President Obama will be as generous the next time this comes up. That will be in 2014.

Did I just say Obama will be re-elected in 2012? I'm not going to predict the future 4 years out. It is hard enough forecasting tomorrow's weather.


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We'll have to see if Pre... (Below threshold)
Quaker in a Basement:

We'll have to see if President Obama will be as generous the next time this comes up. That will be in 2014.

Conceding the 2012 election already?

Dayoffgate! The guy hasn't ... (Below threshold)

Dayoffgate! The guy hasn't even been sworn in and you're getting hot about a potential scandal 6 years from now. Isn't there anything for 2011 you could be kerfuffling about?

That's nice. I have to use... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

That's nice. I have to use a vacation day along with 2000 other fellow employees FORCED to do so. January 2nd also, forced.

Gotta love how these politicians are so generous with other peoples money.

I was about to give this po... (Below threshold)

I was about to give this post 1 star until I read the last line - which appeared after the jump. It's always nice to be generous with the people's money. OTOH, I'm actually more concerned about the $15Billion W, the House of Representatives and all but 40+ conservative Senators want to give the the so-called "Big Three" U.S. auto makers before Christmas than I am about the executive branch getting the day after Christmas off.

Actually, they did somethin... (Below threshold)

Actually, they did something similar last year. Christmas was on Tuesday and federal employees got Monday, 24 December off.






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