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The Backbone of America

During this holiday season of bailouts, corrupt politics, and economic doom that have tarnished our independent image, President-elect Obama got one thing right, it is time for a change.

So much for quality is job one, ram tough, and the heartbeat of America. The Big Three have been reduced to whining, begging men that believe they deserve to be bailed out. When did this happen? Where did the backbone of America go?

More importantly how did we get to this point?

The news of impending economic depression is overhead if we do not provide a bailout to the Big Three. Perhaps that is what we need. Who can feel pity when employees are afforded a position in a job bank, which is really being paid and not working.

As I am on the countdown of my oldest son coming home for the holidays from Fort Knox, Kentucky, I have come to the understanding of where the backbone has gone. The backbone of our nation is doing what they do best. They are defending the rights of our citizens and even the CEO's of the Big Three. So it is time for change from politics as usual. We should appreciate our brave men and women in service and allow the Big Three to survive or fail on their own. That is real change for those wailing bailout!



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Fuck the Big Three AND the ... (Below threshold)

Fuck the Big Three AND the UAW! They've all been living high on the hog. Time for some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I found it interesting to h... (Below threshold)

I found it interesting to hear today that the foreign auto makers with plants in America are tightening their belts, being responsible. Cutting back on production on certain lines, 4 day work weeks, no management bonuses etc. The UAW and Detroit could learn something there. Wait, the fact that they can't is what got us here.

In all honesty can anyone b... (Below threshold)

In all honesty can anyone blame them for trying to get this handout? I would almost say their management would be derelict if they did not ask.

The REAL problem is that congress feels empowered to choose winners and losers in the market. It encompasses the mortgage mess, the banking mess, and now the auto mess. It's all the same mess, and it comes from DC. That's the only place it can be fixed. They can't be allowed to just write checks to their constituents.

Anyone that thinks DC can stand there holding out money bags of taxes, and no one will show up to take it, is a fool.






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