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'Tis The Season to Take Chances

As Senate negotiations on the auto industry bailout stall, at least two senators are starting to sound a little desperate.

On Thursday, Harry Reid predicted financial doom. "I dread looking at Wall Street tomorrow," Reid said. "It's not going to be a pleasant sight." Someone tell Reid it's okay to look now. The Dow closed at 8,629.68 (up 64.59) on Friday, and no one was jumping out of buildings.

Yesterday, a pathetic Barbara Boxer put a bizarre holiday twist on the bailout debate. On the senate floor, clad in festive red, Boxer implored her colleagues: "This is the Christmas Season. My goodness, let's take a chance on this. Let's take a chance on this."

Honorable Senators, please try to be sober. There's no reason to panic. The unions know you're trying very hard, and you're going to get your foolish bailout sooner or later.

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"Let's take a chance on thi... (Below threshold)

"Let's take a chance on this." A chance is something you take with a $1 lottery ticket, not a $14 Billion "bridge [to nowhere] loan." Further, from what we've seen from the so-called "Big Three" American car makers, a lottery ticket would have a lot better chance of winning than a $14 Billion loan will have in bailing out these guys in the long run. As one sane Congressman said, the proposed "Bailout" will just "postpone the funeral." The Execs and the UAW have established manufacturing conditions under which failure is a certainty. The only thing wilder than imagining they will solve their problems and pay back a $14 Billion "loan" is thinking a "Car Czar" could manage this trio back to profitability. Congress should do themselves and the American people a favor and adjourn for the remainder of the year.

Babs Boxer, now there's a r... (Below threshold)

Babs Boxer, now there's a real intellect.

Once a chimney sweep....alw... (Below threshold)

Once a chimney sweep....always a chimney sweep.

No wonder they're rating a wopping 11% in the hearts of americans.






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