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Ideas and Lost Socks

I think we have all run across the question about where ideas come from. Every so often, something just pops into your head on its own, a fully-formed idea. Since all matter comes from someplace, all matter (per Einstein) is derived from energy and energy like matter cannot really be destroyed but only transferred in form, it follows that concepts and intellectual constructs, formed from energy, are similarly eternal in existence, changing only in form and use. It's not a big leap, therefore, to conclude that ideas have an essential existence apart from creation in our craniums.

But what else is interesting to me, is the question about where ideas go? We've all had ideas just about to finish forming in our head when -poof- they just disappear. This seems to happen the most often during exams and important conference meetings, but we've all had it happen; we sense the arrival of a great idea, when ... it's gone.

Whenever they finish that Grand Unified Theory, it won't be done unless it explains where ideas come from and go to ... and what really happens to all those lost socks?


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Ah, you've hit upon one of ... (Below threshold)

Ah, you've hit upon one of the great mystery's of life. Actually, the lost ideas and socks are in the same place. It's an altered state of reality, sort of a 5th dimension. Elvis is also there. This happens on those rare occasions when an anti-matter atom strikes a 'normal' atom. POOF! Gone, whether it's just an idea floating thru your cranium or physical object or person. Fortunately it's a random occurrence.

Your idea was nearly fully ... (Below threshold)

Your idea was nearly fully formed, but you missed the obvious connection: Your lost sock (matter) becomes my brilliant idea (energy). The brilliant idea that didn't quite finish forming was someone's lost sock that got found at the inopportune moment!

So leave the lost socks lost, we need all the brilliant ideas we can get!

It's the Langoliers.... (Below threshold)

It's the Langoliers.

Listen carefully to your th... (Below threshold)

Listen carefully to your thoughts. You may soon realize you are actually thinking thoughts before you pseudo-verbalize them in your mind. Practice this, and you will find yourself thinking deeper and deeper... and dreaming more interesting dreams.

The construction of ideas happens in that place before the words. The conception of concepts occurs before your verbal center gives birth to their expression.

In the most brilliant thinking you've ever done, the verbal portion of your mind may be racing to catch up to the thinking portion. If something interrupts this race, this dance, whether it be a rumbling of the stomach or a sudden, startling noise, the gleaming tower of logic you've constructed may vanish like Xanadu. (The poem, not the city.)

Did you get your socks back... (Below threshold)

Did you get your socks back which were lost?






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