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Some Final Thoughts..

(Before the Guest Poster privileges are closed, I just wanted to offer a couple of final thoughts.)

Well, looks like Kevin's author experiment is over. No matter the outcome, I've had a really good time trying out for a spot on the roster of this great blog. Whether or not I am part of the Wizbang family, it's still going to be one of only two blogs that I visit every day.

Perhaps the best part of this whole experience has been reading other's comments regarding the pieces I've contributed. Good, bad, or indifferent, it's the feedback that one gets from the community that makes blogging so much fun, and so worthwhile. As I have never blogged before, it took this opportunity for me to really understand that, and I want to say thanks to all who have commented on my writings.

This has been a great time, with some great people who've contributed some really fantastic writings. And no matter if I am one of the writers who's asked to stay on, I would have no problem reading the contributions from any of the others that have participated in this venture.

I especially want to thank Kevin for giving us all the opportunity to try out and contribute for such a worthy venue as Wizbang. He has done a wonderful job of creating a place of thoughtfulness and debate, where I can always find something that makes me think about things in a different way, and where some of the comments are as worthy as some of the contributions.

Producing writings which are worthy enough to share with others is not that easy. Jay Tea has a gift for it. I didn't realize how great a challenge it was to come up with thoughts to be written until I actually set fingers to keyboard for this spot, and I have all the more appreciation for someone like Jay Tea, who, it seems, has a well-spring of content and the gift of prolific writing. As has been said before, his shoes cannot be filled, they can merely be replaced. I think Kevin has some worthy replacements in this current batch of writers, and it would be hard to be in his shoes right now having to chose and eliminate people from this list of excellent guest contributors.

Anyway, many thanks to Kevin for this opportunity, and thanks to all who have offered their support. This has been a great experience, no matter the outcome, one that I will not soon forget.

I eagerly await the announcement of the next Wizbang authors!

Take care and God Bless you all!

Shawn Mallow


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Comments (3)

I am envious of those of yo... (Below threshold)

I am envious of those of you willing to devote the time from your daily lives to contribute your opinions to this blog.

My thanks to you Shawn and all of the other guest posters for providing some very interesting reading. I hope EVERYONE that made the effort is selected. Even the smallest contribution is great in the effort to inform.

I'll second that!!... (Below threshold)

I'll second that!!

The secret is simple: have ... (Below threshold)

The secret is simple: have no life. That was the key to my success.







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