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Wizbang Author Tryout's Are Over

As of this evening tryouts for the author position are over. I'll be reviewing all of the entries and comments on Sunday, and should have an announcement Sunday evening.

It is worth noting that while I initially envisioned just a single addition, I quickly rethought that position. There will definitely be more than one new author starting on Monday. The exact number and identities is what I'm working on.

Consider this a last chance to lobby for your preferred candidate(s).


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Comments (18)

The Baron, plz. Thumbs up o... (Below threshold)

The Baron, plz. Thumbs up on the Baron.

They each added something b... (Below threshold)

They each added something but Baron, Shawn and Michael each get two thumbs up.

Thanks Kevin for a fun time... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Thanks Kevin for a fun time reading these new (to Wizbang at least) authors. Maybe you should have tryout's once a year to give the regular authors a break and to give new talent an opening.

Here are my multi-thumbs up picks.

    • Baron Von Ottomatic
    • HughS

Baron & HughS are out ahead... (Below threshold)

Baron & HughS are out ahead of the pack.

Edward Sisson is eating dust.

The Baron for sure. None o... (Below threshold)

The Baron for sure. None of the ones with lots of typos.

Multiple authors = d*mn goo... (Below threshold)

Multiple authors = d*mn good idea (of course, I lobbied for that very thing...).

FTR, the "multiple writers" type of blog is my fave - and one of the key reasons I've kept this on my must read daily list for a very long time, and continue to recc. to friends & family, regardless of political stripe.

Thanks, K!


Baron Von Ottomatic... (Below threshold)

Baron Von Ottomatic

Hugh and the Baron by a mil... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Hugh and the Baron by a mile.

Baron, HughS & Michael. </p... (Below threshold)

Baron, HughS & Michael.

Baron, Shawn, and Hugh are ... (Below threshold)

Baron, Shawn, and Hugh are my top picks, by far, though it's been truly enjoyable reading the thoughts of all who contributed :)

AOTAEveryone that ... (Below threshold)


Everyone that contributed time to do this IMHO.

Some indeed are better than others but that's what makes this blog a daily read. Some write in depth about national news and events, others do local interest, all with different writing skill sets.

Margee writes-"Non... (Below threshold)

Margee writes-

"None of the ones with lots of typos."

Then I'm out of here..........

Definitely include the Baro... (Below threshold)

Definitely include the Baron, and if you're considering at least one more, I'll vote for Hugh. Those two are good reads.

my two cents worth:<p... (Below threshold)

my two cents worth:

I enjoyed reading all the guest posters'. However if they were a "War & Peace" novel then I would just skip to the end.

My vote, for those who can get to point in a quick concise manner.

Ditto what Sarah said, and ... (Below threshold)

Ditto what Sarah said, and PLEASE encourage a more "journalistic" use of paragraphs. Suggest this to DJ Drummond also. I'd like to read what he writes, but most of the time the long paragraphs on the screen just give me a headache.

So it was probably good tha... (Below threshold)
Rose Hughes:

So it was probably good that I didn't post my 5000 word essay comparing Stargate and Star Trek then?

Damn, if I had known this w... (Below threshold)

Damn, if I had known this was going to happen, I'd have FAKED a resignation a long time ago just to lure these folks out of the woodwork.

No matter who Kevin picks (I sent him my votes via e-mail -- it seemed inappropriate for me to express my opinion publicly, and since the "Employee Free Choice Act" doesn't apply to blogs, I still have the "right" to a secret ballot), I feel pretty damned good about who's going to be writing here.

Congrats to all who tried out -- that alone took a hell of a lot of courage (believe me, I know -- I almost passed on Kevin's invitation), and I was very impressed by most of the results. Good on all of you folks!


Wow, Jay Tea wish ... (Below threshold)


Jay Tea wish all @ wizbang had your class. sending your votes via email so you don't influence the rest of us was smart. evidently there are those you are quite as intelligent.:)






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