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Brother, can you spare a Senate seat?

So Caroline Kennedy wants to take Hillary's place as the junior senator from New York. Best known as the only surviving child of John Kennedy and presenter of the annual "Profiles in (Liberal) Courage Awards", Mrs. Kennedy rose to a new level of prominence during the 2008 Presidential Election as a member of Barack Obama's Vice Presidential selection committee.

Unless she was the only member of the committee horrified at the notion of elevating Joe Biden to second-in-command, that decision alone should disqualify her from serving even as a dog catcher.

She also had some forceful words in support of then-candidate Barack Obama - the only presidential candidate she has endorsed other than Uncle Teddy:

"I have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me that my father inspired them. But for the first time, I believe I have found the man who could be that president -- not just for me, but for a new generation of Americans."

Funny thing, a lot of people felt the same way about Ronald Reagan. Not Mrs. Kennedy, I'm sure, despite the fact Reagan had a lot more in common with her father than Barack Obama. Virulently anti-communist, in favor of lower taxes, and believed the United States had an obligation to protect the world from tyranny and oppression. JFK would undoubtedly be repulsed by Obama's brand of "Ask not what it will cost, here's what your country will do for you" governance.

JFK would probably be derided as a right-wing wacko by the DKos and DU crowd today. Our modern Democratic Party has drifted so far to the left he would likely not even recognize it as his own. Unlike the Harvard and Columbia educated Manhattanite Caroline. I get the feeling she looks at Uncle Teddy and worries he's not as "progressive" as he could be.

Like Hillary, but for her last name Caroline Kennedy would never be considered for the Senate. I was born after the Kennedy assassinations and the myth of Camelot is lost on me. There must be broad segments of the population in New England that hold the Kennedys in high esteem. I don't know a single person who thinks of the Kennedys for anything other than comedic value or with a profound sense of irony. With the Kennedy surname and a (D) next to her on the ballot we can assume New Yorkers will dutifully return her to the Senate well past her 100th birthday.

After all, there's no better place to mask incompetence than the United States Senate. She's had the prototypical family role model to reinforce that notion her entire adult life.

Caroline Kennedy may go on to be a perfectly competent senator. But as a member of the loyal opposition, I would like to see Democrats drawn to candidates based on merit rather than warm, fuzzy feelings.


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Being raised during the Ken... (Below threshold)

Being raised during the Kennedy years, I can say their accomplishments are not there. Never were. Caroline is just another privileged wealthy girl democrat. Her grandpop made millions running illegal bootleg liqueor for the gangsters. Some heritage. ww

Teddy wants his wife to tak... (Below threshold)

Teddy wants his wife to take his Senate seat when he finally kicks the bucket. Now another Kennedy is eying a seat. That going to become hereditary as well?

Sould just rename the Senate The House of Lords. Being hereditary, think of all the money we'd save on campaigns and elections!

Too bad we can't get Sara Palin to move to NY. She's got more experience that Caroline has. Just no "D" next to her name. Are New Yorker's that fucking dumb?

I can recall John Kennedy's... (Below threshold)
Rose Hughes:

I can recall John Kennedy's assassination although I don't remember much of his actual presidency. The only other thing that I can recall was the death of his infant son.

Having studied his legacy in school, I would agree that he was far more right-wing than most today would think. One of my college professors was of the opinion that his greatest accomplishment may have been to not overact to the Cuban missile crisis. Rather than jumping in right away, he choose to step back and let others handle the immediate response.

None of the above qualifies his daughter to be a senator.

"JFK would probably be deri... (Below threshold)

"JFK would probably be derided as a right-wing wacko by the DKos and DU crowd today."


I've said for some time that George W. Bush enacted the most Kennedyesque foreign policy of the last 40 years.

Well, I suppose it's just m... (Below threshold)

Well, I suppose it's just more of the change we've been promised...

Personally I'd like to see no more politicians named Clinton, Kennedy, Cuomo, and yes, even Bush. No more of their cronies (you listening, Obama??) anywhere NEAR the White House. That's change I could get on board with.

Nice write Baron. Keep it c... (Below threshold)

Nice write Baron. Keep it coming.

Sarah Palin instead of Caro... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin instead of Caroline? That is ridiculous. At least Caroline has a formidable education. Pleaaaaaze...........

the press in Albany doesn't... (Below threshold)

the press in Albany doesn't seem to think too highly of her being chosen and the letters to the editor are really against it. personally I think Paterson is leaning away from this pick, fortunately. He almost has to pick someone from upstate, otherwise, as one letter writer wrote, every single significant political leader in the entire state will be a NYC product, and I think it might turn upstate against Paterson if he picks her. But we'll see, so far the accidental governor is not impressing anyone with his political acumen.

That said, gushing over the most unqualified president in our history and raising money are not qualifications for a Senator. As someone else put it, that qualifies you to be a rich, liberal, NYC socialite.

Comparing Hillary Clinton t... (Below threshold)

Comparing Hillary Clinton to Caroline Kennedy does not make sense. Though Hillary Clinton was well known as first lady, she campaigned and was ELECTED to the senate seat by the people of New York. That is, Hillary Clinton was voted in twice through elections.

Caroline Kennedy would be an appointee and I take issue with that. Ms. Kennedy has not done anything substantial other than to be born into a wealthy and well-connected family.

Her sudden inspiration by Obama coincides exactly with her sudden desire for power.

Sarah Palin instea... (Below threshold)
Rose Hughes:
Sarah Palin instead of Caroline? That is ridiculous. At least Caroline has a formidable education. Pleaaaaaze...........

Currently the grade inflation at the "formidable schools" Caroline attended is epidemic. When people pay that much for an education, they aren't going to stand for Junior to not do well - even if Junior didn't manage to show up to class most of the time.

Class warfare about schooling does nothing to advance your case. If you think Caroline is a better candidate than others, tell us why.

I couldn't agree with the b... (Below threshold)

I couldn't agree with the blogger anymore. When I explained to my girlfriend the "legacy" of Ted Kennedy not only was she shocked and appalled but she immediately claimed that the man should be in prison for Chappaquiddick. Like the blogger, being under 30 yrs old, I just cannot under the fascination with Camelot and the Kennedys but at the same time, fully expect a bunch of dim witted voters to put her in office just because of her last name.

Another example of the Cong... (Below threshold)

Another example of the Congressional "Peter Principal" - rising to the level of ones own incompetance. Happens a lot up there.

Perhaps she would be willing to be a "dollar a year man" like her father.

Caroline Kennedy needs no e... (Below threshold)

Caroline Kennedy needs no experence for senator.
Why you ask? The person she wishes to replace had none and stll has none. She may do even better than Hillary. She has no reason to come to central New York and blantly lie to us.
She did not move to the state of New York for her own personal polical gains. If appointed she may even relise the person she replaced did nothing for centeral or eastern New York.
For all Clinton supporters you have been duped she was and still is the worst Senator New York has evers had. Ms. President elect Hillary (Do you actualy belive she not going to run the Whitehouse-Get real) What she should do is give back her salary for the last two years while running for president because she did not repasent the New York State tax payers. Now the good news about Hillary becoming Secatary of State is she is out of New York, the bad news is she Secatery of State.
Gov. Patterson, go ahead appoint Caroline, central New York needs a senator who starts out with little or no polital coruption

In all this speculation abo... (Below threshold)
Irvin Garcia:

In all this speculation about Caroline Kennedy's appointment to the Senate, you folks are missing the point. It is not about who is better suited for the position, it is about what is best for the people and the state of New York. A qualified individual who is not popular will be ineffective and may even be detrimental whereas a less qualified individual, who happens to be popular, might actually get things done.

Yes Joe Kennedy was a bootl... (Below threshold)
Andy H:

Yes Joe Kennedy was a bootlegger. Yes Joe said if the England falls to the Nazis so be it.(I am from English stock and my mother experienced the bombings of WW2. John F Kennedy was a great orator was he a great President? Maybe yes, maybe no.

You invoke Reagan's name yet Reagan for all his tough talk on the economy increased the National Debt significantly.

The economy has almost always faired better under Democratic Presidents than Republicans. Until I studied economics I laboured until the illusion that the Republicans were better stewards of our money and better for the economy.

Now to the issue at hand. Is Caroline Kennedy the most qualified & best choice to fill Hillary's Senate seat. Forget about her father & Uncle, this is about Caroline.

Caroline has a BA from Harvard and a JD (Doctorate in law) from Colombia. So she is better educated than many of the current Senators. Caroline supported Obama during the campaign but she donated an equal amount of money to Hillary. So she should be inline with Obama's ideas. She is a Director on numerous boards. She worked as the as Director of Strategic Partnerships for the NYC Dept of Education. She is an author, she created the profiles in courage award. She is a member of 3 bar associations. She is currently the Vice Chair of The Fund for Public School.

So is she qualified? Personally I would have liked to see some actual political experience in her resume. But if Palin was qualified to be V.P. when only 2 years ago she was Mayor of a town of 7000 then Caroline is eminently qualified to be Senator.

REBUGNANT TOM DELAY WAS A B... (Below threshold)







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