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This Is A Good Day.


This is something that, 2 weeks ago, I never thought would have been a possibility, let alone a reality.

My humblest "Thank You" to Kevin for taking me into his community of excellent bloggers. I can only hope to be a worthy contributor to such a fine place as this, and I will do my best to honor the Wizbang "brand". .

Also, my sincerest congratulations to my fellow new posters who made the grade. You are all deserving of this honor.

Since I'll be a regular around here now, I thought I'd just say a little bit about myself.

I'm 37 years old, married, no kids, and live in New Jersey (Jersey jokes start in 3. 2. 1..). I have 2 dogs and 4 cats.

I have no formal writing experience and have never blogged before.

In addition to the county community college, I have attended, for a brief time, Montclair State College (now a University), in northern New Jersey, where I majored in Psychology. I decided to get out of that when, one day, I realized I'm not a big fan of the general public, and I really didn't want to listen to their problems for the rest of my life. I am now a manager for a large retail chain, which isn't much unlike being a psychologist, and I am around the general public all the time, listening to their problems. Sigh..

Although I was not always one, I have learned to be a conservative through observation and experience, and appreciate everyone who, through the years, has contributed to curing me of the disease that is liberalism (which occurred mainly in my late teens/early twenties.).

I am an avid video game junkie, all pc games (I hate consoles). I've been a drummer since I was 13, playing in an original hard-rock band, jamming around clubs in Northern Jersey and NYC. I love photography, bird photography, in particular, and have a rabid interest in Astronomy, especially astro-photography, which I do in my backyard with a humble little set-up in a self-constructed observatory.

And now I'll be a blogger here, on this great site, where I hope to fill my own little niche, and write things that will hopefully interest other people.

I have a feeling this will become my favorite hobby very soon.

And that's about it for me!

Thanks to Kevin and all who supported me, and congratulations to all the other "winners"!! You all deserve it!

Shawn Mallow


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Comments (13)

YAY!... (Below threshold)


Welcome to the team!<... (Below threshold)

Welcome to the team!

Tim B.

Welcome, Shawn. Be... (Below threshold)

Welcome, Shawn. Be looking forward to reading you.

Which games?... (Below threshold)

Which games?

Welcome aboard!The... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Welcome aboard!

There will definitely be some 'general public' types, the likes of which you will rapidly tire of hearing from...Brian, hyperbolist, Paul Hooson, etc. But don't mind them. Every zoo must have its monkey cage.

Welcome aboard Shawn! ... (Below threshold)

Welcome aboard Shawn!

Congratulations, and welcom... (Below threshold)

Congratulations, and welcome!


It's much more fun and inte... (Below threshold)

It's much more fun and interesting to study the heavens above than to even attempt to understand what walks on this little planet.

Good luck

I'd like to know too. Whic... (Below threshold)

I'd like to know too. Which games?

Being from NJ myself, which... (Below threshold)

Being from NJ myself, which is about as liberal a place you can be from, welcome, and let's keep it quiet on the streets around NJ that you (and I) are conservatives.

NJ ranks right there with Illinois as having the most corrupt governments. Can you say Tax?

Thanks for the kind comment... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the kind comments, everyone!

Regarding which video games I play, I am a BIG Halo fan, although I haven't played too much lately and could kill Microsoft for not releasing Halo3 for PC yet. Call of Duty MW and WaW are the one's I currently play.

As far as being a consevative here in the bluest of states, I shout it out whenever I can. Screw the libs around here. Impeach Corzine, while we're at it.

COD4! Sweet, yeah, I play ... (Below threshold)

COD4! Sweet, yeah, I play that one a lot as well, but on the 360.

Tim B.

Jersey huh?My dad ... (Below threshold)

Jersey huh?

My dad used to joke all the time that if he had a brother in Jersey and a sister in the whorehouse - he'd go get the brother first.

j/k - I'm just across the river on the southern side in a truely unremarkable state that wants to be jersey when it grows up (god forbid).

Anyway - Welcome. And great first name btw...






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