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Tickle Me Dumbo?

After years of merchandising domination in the toy aisle, Tickle Me Elmo is being challenged for the title of top Christmas gift for tots. At least in Manhattan's SoHo district. There's a new favorite in town - "An Action Figure We Can Believe In". Yes, Barack Obama action figures are flying off the shelves in SoHo:

Store manager Denys Ramos said they have sold more than 200 of the $12.95 figurines, which features the future White House resident with oversized ears and fingers, since the beginning of the month.

"This holiday season Barack Obama has been our Tickle Me Elmo," Ramos told the New York Daily News.

The vapid expression on his face has been perfectly captured, but that enormous protruding index finger gives me the creeps. I can almost picture him wagging it at the camera while declaring, "I did not have senatorial relations with that man, Mr. Blogojavich!" The only thing missing is the vote of confidence from Hillary. The figure comes with a kung fu grip on your tax dollars.
"We did have the John McCain figure but we had to discount it."

Yeah, all it does when you pull its string is yell, "Get off my lawn, you punks!" Heck, most Republicans weren't going to buy the real thing until he was packaged with Sarah Palin. The fact it's not selling in Manhattan is a real shocker.

Hope and change not included. Joe Biden Gaffe-O-Matic action figure sold separately.


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Comments (9)

The McCain figure wasn't <b... (Below threshold)

The McCain figure wasn't that lame. I mean, at least his figure came with a dagger for stabbing Republicans in the back.

Note the warning on the bot... (Below threshold)

Note the warning on the bottom front of the box.

Warning: Choking Hazard.

How very true. I wonder if there should be any warnings about the toy (I'm assuming, of course, that the warning is in regard to the politician).

Wonder how many bought the ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Wonder how many bought the doll for voodoo?

What's the matter? Jealous ... (Below threshold)

What's the matter? Jealous that your guy didn't sell as well?

Actually Brian, I'm just mi... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Actually Brian, I'm just miffed that I can't hang the Obama figure in effigy without being called a racist.

Sickening.... (Below threshold)


Bet if you squeeze it, it s... (Below threshold)

Bet if you squeeze it, it says "Present!". But in a very authoritative way I'm told.

As I noted a few months ago... (Below threshold)

As I noted a few months ago, the Obama dolls come with a large red warning on the front:

Choking Hazard!

" The figure comes with a k... (Below threshold)

" The figure comes with a kung fu grip on your tax dollars."







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