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Heroism and Beauty: Behold, Namrata Nayak

The Anchoress has written the most poignant paragraphs I have read in months, introducing us to Namrata Nayak. Her home was bombed because her family is Christian and, as you can see in the picture, she was badly burned. But she is, to me, the embodiment of beauty. A more apt and compelling description of her eyes and character than The Anchoress has penned is unimaginable.

The child you are looking at is Namrata Nayak. Her face was disfigured when when Hindu extremists bombed her home last August, looking to kill Christians.

I am struck by her power and beauty, which is transmitted through her eyes. One does not see the scars for the steadiness and fullness of Namrata Nayak's eyes.

Her eyes are fearless. She is unintimidated. She looks directly at you, with a collectedness and assurance that only comes from deep interior knowledge. Namrata Nayak knows who she is. At 10 years of age, she understands the world in ways many of us never will, no matter how long we tread the stony paths.

I look at her picture and I see the same transcendent beauty, the same instruction, the same heaven-directed messages that I glean from the written Icons of orthodoxy.

But I will let her speak for herself, because Namrata Nayak does not need anyone to speak for her. Observe her astonishing and heroic witness.

Please, go to The Anchoress' blog and read this young girl's own words. Her words are (as is she) powerful. They will surely humble all of us who view ourselves as compassionate and brave, yet truly untested in the manner this beautiful girl has been.

May God continue to bless Namrata Nayak, and may He continue to bless us with her example.


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Is it a failing of this cou... (Below threshold)

Is it a failing of this country that people are not thus ordinarily made such examples? Or is it a success?

I do not deny her heroism, her faith or courage, yet I condemn that which made her display it.






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