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Just What We Need, Another Kennedy

So, the honchos at the Democratic party have set their collective gaze upon the statuesque Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg. A mere ploy to garner name recognition and star power (kind of like Hillary riding the stained coat tails of Bill.).

Let's, for sake of sainity, run through Mrs. SCHLOSSBERG's lengthy political credentials:

  • She's a Kennedy
  • She's a socialite
  • Shes' a Kennedy

Quite a substantial resume to be allotted a seat to one of the most powerful and exlcusive political institutions in existence. And so well thought out by the Democratic power brokers, who,of course, have our best political interests in mind.

I guess if you kill a person in an auto wreck, womanize umpteen women under the very watch of the queen of Camelot, and rape a woman after swigging hooch at a Miami bar, anything is possible if you're of the proper lineage.

I just don't get it. I wasn't even born in the long shadow of the bright spectacle that was Camelot, and have no adoration for the Kennedy "mystique", but why on God's green earth do these power leeches automatically proclaim a dubious seat at the table of the political establishment, and who in the hell is brainwashing enough zombies to keep voting for them.

All due respect to the ailing Ted Kennedy (D-Bushmills), but, let the damn fascination rest already. It's a self perpetuating legacy that's long past it's golden years, and it should be duly placed in the historical annals of political idolatry.


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Comments (39)

What addictions or perversi... (Below threshold)

What addictions or perversions does she want to bring to DC? Or, maybe her $$ are running out, since she had to pay off the Bissette family after 'the good Kennedy' killed their 2 daughters.

Ah, but you're forgetting, ... (Below threshold)

Ah, but you're forgetting, Shawn...she's a KENNEDY!

Plus, just like Hillary, she's travelling all around the state (yes, Virginia, there's more to NY than NYC and LI!) to show how much she cares about NY (just like Hillary! and we saw just how much SHE cared about representing NY!). Why she's now been to Sigh-ro-coos, or whatever it is! I'm feeling better about her already! I can't wait until she visits Albania and Buffaroni!

The people of this state overwhelmingly voted for an unqualified person to be president, we have an unqualified governor, why not an unqualified Senator?

You are really a bunch of s... (Below threshold)

You are really a bunch of sick fu***. Nice shot at Teddy Mallow. You jackasses wonder why you're on the outside looking in? All you have to do is read the garbage asshats like you write Mallow. Then read the responses of the slavering asshats who hang on every word of it. You people are pathetic.

Hey, Grady, Shawn barely to... (Below threshold)

Hey, Grady, Shawn barely touched the scandalous behavior of the Kennedys. He could have mentioned banging an underage babysitter, murdering the girl next door, blowing up a son's hand with illegal fireworks, putting a young woman in a wheelchair for life, assaulting an airport security worker...

Yes, Ted Kennedy is gravely ill, most likely terminally. But that doesn't change one whit of the things he has done, or his family has done.

Truth is, after all, an absolute defense. And his brain tumor does not in any way diminish Ted Kennedy's role as the Falstaff of modern American politics.


Ahh, I see, Grady.. Just b... (Below threshold)

Ahh, I see, Grady.. Just because Uncle Teddy is ailing means we should disregard all the boonswaggle and crimes his family has perpetrated on these individuals and the public at large. You're futile attempts at distortng reality to fit your own warped sense of truth is one only a Kennedy could admire.

Gosh, you libs are such noble creatures.


Falstaff? Did you coin that... (Below threshold)

Falstaff? Did you coin that comparison, Jay? If so, kudos to thee.

I agree with Shawn's conclusion but have different reasons. When the going was tough in the 90s and during Bush's first term, this woman sat on the sidelines and did very little to help the Democratic party. Now that the climate has changed such that a chihuahua wearing a flag pin could beat a Republican in New York, she wants a piece of the action. Well, to hell with her. There are people who have worked hard to advance the ideals and political fortunes of the party and she isn't one of them.

I am surprised that Carolin... (Below threshold)

I am surprised that Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg is the best the State of New York can offer for Hillary's replacement. Unfortunately, though, I must agree with Grady. I am no fan of Teddy's but I am not sure what relevance the anti-Teddy vitriole has in this particular post. I don't think Ms. Kennedy-Schlossberg is responsible for Teddy's behavior.

Caroline Kennedy doesn't de... (Below threshold)

Caroline Kennedy doesn't deserve this Senate seat and it is offensive to all the women who run for office and serve their constituents that she is going to be "bequeathed" the Senator from New York. The Democratic Party bosses who are behind this are a joke, and the people who are Democrats who support it are complete idiots. (Although to the Democratic Party they are "useful, voting idiots.")

After all the negative media hype about Governor Sarah Palin, you would think that the Democrats would want to "lead by example" and put a qualified person in the Senate seat.

I bet you we don't see any negative "Saturday Night Live" skits on this one!

We are a democracy, not a kingdom where people can get positions of power just because of their family heritage or name.

This is yet another reason to be disgusted with the "change" Democratic Party.

The Kennedy's, the most ove... (Below threshold)

The Kennedy's, the most overrated family ever. What real good have they done besides their own self agrandizement? There is no Kennedy curse, just conserquences for reckless and bad behavior. The most recent, Carolines brother. Cheesh! You liberals love the pretend world. ww

hyperbolist, I dunno if I w... (Below threshold)

hyperbolist, I dunno if I was the first to call Teddy Falstaff, but I've been doing it for some time. And I stand by it. I think I first did it here:


If I dare say so, it's a nice little summary of his wretched life...


Wow, what a surprise that t... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Wow, what a surprise that the posters and commenters on Wizbang HATE everything Kennedy.
Congratulations to Wizbang for hiring a person who doesn't know the difference between the words "mystic" and "mystique", and who can't spell "fascination".

If your only knowledge of F... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

If your only knowledge of Falstaff is the product once produced by the now defunct Falstaff Brewery, you might be a redneck.

Yeah, that'd be me.

Oh, and who also doesn't kn... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Oh, and who also doesn't know the meaning of the word "statuesque".

Dude, I agree with you 100%... (Below threshold)

Dude, I agree with you 100%, but PLEASE, use spell check. Your point is lost through numerous spelling/grammar errors.

I agree she does not deserv... (Below threshold)

I agree she does not deserve the seat. I am sure there are many others out there who have work hard and deserve it over her.

I don't have any anything against her, but I am really tired of the Kennedys. I really don't approve of the way the males in that family treated women whether it was members of the family or woman from the outside.

Good points Shawn.... (Below threshold)

Good points Shawn.

Why isn't someone like Mark Green being considered? He's done some very heavy lifting for Democrats in past years. I disagree with all of his political positions but he is an experienced, well tested New York politician. And I'm sure there are others with the same experience on the national stage (which NY politics is by default).

WJC wasn't suitable for many reasons, one which was very practical and obvious. Could he (or Kennedy) be trusted to maintain the difficult and structured daily routine that is a modern Senator's life? Probably not in either example.

Hell why not make the Democ... (Below threshold)

Hell why not make the Democratic Senate seats hereditary. Splash wants his wife to take his seat when he finally cashes in. Mary Joe was unavailable for comment.

Think of all the campaign money saved not having to suck up to us commoners for our vote.

statuesque: having a tall ... (Below threshold)

statuesque: having a tall and shapely form.

Gee, someday I hope to grow up to be just like Broose Henerie, resident troll.

Care to comment on the actual post, Broose?

I do not have a spellchecker, so thank you all for pointing out my typos. I am new at this, so thanks for your patience.

They have been ammended.

Kennedy family? You mean t... (Below threshold)
Bill Johnson:

Kennedy family? You mean that family whose patriarch, Joseph, made his money by smuggling drugs? (Alcohol, which was at the time as illegal as meth is today)

Yeah, a family just chock full of paragons of virtue and civic goodness. But New York well and truly deserves her - that is, anyone foolish enough not to be moving out.

Have you noticed how well-populated upstate New York is/was? Last one out of Buffalo please turn off Niagara...

AMEN, BROTHER! I am from a ... (Below threshold)

AMEN, BROTHER! I am from a family of liberal Democrats who worship at the altar of Kennedy. I do not get it. And Bill Johnson, thank you for pointing out the way the ol' redneck, Jew-hater Joe Kennedy became the "man" he was. It is like a modern drug dealer who turns to politics with no consequences for the illegal actions he or she has done. Sadly, the people of New York will be forced to worship at the altar of Kennedy with Caroline.

I think I should have my na... (Below threshold)

I think I should have my name changed to Clinton FDR Kennedy, that will cover all the bases for me to be a shoe in...

Remember when Hillary! deci... (Below threshold)

Remember when Hillary! decided that carpetbagging was her ticket to the presidency, she and the local Democrats pushed aside an actual New York congresswoman who had been working in NY politics for years -- I forget her name but I remember Camille Paglia wrote about her at the time.

So what Caroline Kennedy is doing is not without precedent, at least among Democrats.

The polls here in the state... (Below threshold)
Ray H.:

The polls here in the state seem to be saying that Coumo is who the population wants. I'm not sure Caroline's touring of NY is going to sway anyone. The majority of the population doesn't think she's qualified since she's never held an elected position and no one really knows her stand on issues.

I'm really hoping Paterson thinks about what the state of NY wants rather than telling us what we need.

It was Nita Lowey, who was ... (Below threshold)

It was Nita Lowey, who was shoved aside to make room for HRC. According to Wiki, as o 12/1/08 "she isn't interested in giving up her seniority seat on the House Appropriations Committee."

HRC could've had that committee, had she stayed in Senate. Lowey knows better how to serve her constituents, too bad they're too dim to recognise it.

She's a KennedyShe... (Below threshold)

She's a Kennedy

She's a socialite

She's a Kennedy

These qualifications pale in comparison to O'bamas

Half black

Half white

No clue

Describing Teddy as "(D-Bus... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Describing Teddy as "(D-Bushmill)" is inaccurate. Correct is "(D-Chivas)," according to most accounts. Interesting that a chap with an eight-figure trust fund settles for an admittedly decent blended 12-year-old whiskey when he could easily afford the uniquely-crafted single malts available from smaller distilleries with nearly two centuries of experience.

To call this degenerate "The Lion of the Senate" rather clearly highlights the pathetic state of that body since the ratification of the odious 17th Amendment in 1913.

I'll pray for his health and his soul, but pretending he is something other than he is or that his tenure has been, in sum, beneficial to the Republic would simply be dishonest.

Or stupid. Or, perhaps, both.

Respecting Caroline-for-Senate, this is some sort of joke, right? Yanking our chains, hard? If the bar of qualification for consideration for the Senate is to be set so low, it explains a lot - and offers no comfort in the process.

No, Shawn, I don't care to ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

No, Shawn, I don't care to comment on the "substance" of this piece. You toss red meat to the mouthbreathers here, and get twenty-odd responses gnawing on it.
I just think it's funny that a professional writer will post something so full of spelling errors and such. You might not have spell-check, but you can proofread, can't you?
P.S. Don't get Jennifer to do it for you.

I didn't want to be the fir... (Below threshold)

I didn't want to be the first one to say anything, but pretty much all the newbies need to spell and grammar check their work. Occasionally cringeworthy. Sorry - but true.

Yeah, we need to nip this "... (Below threshold)

Yeah, we need to nip this "legacy" politician thing in the bud. Big deal, all she has is a family name, so what. If we don't stop this trend who knows where it could lead. The next thing you know we could wind up with some recovering coke-sniffing, alcoholic, arrested adolescent frat-boy running the country. What then? Someone like that could really screw up the country, piss off the world, you know, really make a mess of things.

Well, this certainly does r... (Below threshold)

Well, this certainly does raise possibilities here. I am thinking that the "One" has decided to have all of his major supporters get the plum jobs in the Senate. These are the ones that will do his will. Too bad Blago messed up and bragged about how he was getting some dough off the seat in Illinois. Now that seat is in jeopardy of going to "gasp" a Republican. I wonder how much poor little darling Caroline will have to pay the gov of NY to get the job?

"No, Shawn, I don't care to... (Below threshold)

"No, Shawn, I don't care to comment on the "substance" of this piece."


"I cannot refute any of the truths you've laid out so I will pick on your spelling instead."

broosie, do you care to comment on why you don't know what the word 'statuesque' means then? Glass houses.

Bruse, shuldn't yu be over ... (Below threshold)

Bruse, shuldn't yu be over with the ultra-knowwledgeable ruling clas gettin' redy fur the messiah's cornaration?

Thanks for stopping by and giving us a spelling lesson.

DHoggs:My bad about ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

My bad about "statuesque". Is my face red, or what? Of course I'm not a professional writer, just a smartass.
Now about "refuting the truths you've laid out"......What?
Shawn doesn't agree with appointing Caroline Kennedy, on the grounds that

She's a Kennedy

She's a socialite

She's a Kennedy

conveniently forgetting she's also a lawyer/philanthropist who has extensive political and cultural connections that could be put to work for the people of NY. The rest of his post is a rehash of 40 year old insults about her uncle and cousin, topped off with a juvenile reference to Ted as "Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Bushmills". What a card, huh? Bet Ted's never heard THAT before!
If Wizbang thinks that pushing the IHateTeddy button and watching the commenters fall all over themselves shrieking "Me too" is what constitutes insightful conservative commentary, fine. But I think it's hilarious.
You can almost see the face-reddening, spitting and sputtering. Now watch this: Cindy Sheehan!! Jane Fonda!! Sean Penn!!

al hale broose!kee... (Below threshold)

al hale broose!

keeng uf trols!

bruce, the 'rehash of 40 ye... (Below threshold)

bruce, the 'rehash of 40 year old insults' (aka truths) IS the basis of her 'extensive' political connections. And talk about falling all over yourself! She's not qualified and you know it. Speak ill of a Kennedy and bruce shrieks 'wah WAH!!!!'. I think it's hilarious!

I don't like to speak for s... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

I don't like to speak for someone else, but I think what Bruce is trying to say, as he ducks the brickbats from posters howling TROLL, is that cheap insults about the Kennedy family, severely flawed though they are, gets us nowhere.

Yes, I agree Caroline Kennedy appears to have an annoying sense of entitlement. I also agree she is likely not the most qualified person to take Hillary Clinton's post. BTW, I'd watch the "carpetbagger" slur. It can be thrown on both sides of the aisle.

Now, some historical perspective, Shawn. I'm sorry you're chronologically challenged with respect to understanding how many Americans feel about the Kennedys. Many people my age remember where they were the day John Kennedy was shot. It was a national trauma of a kind you can't imagine. No comparison to 9/11 in terms of lives lost, certainly. But he was our President. And a very popular and respected President at that. "Beloved" might not be too strong a term. Then to lose his brother Bobby so soon after deepened the nation's shock.

Caroline was just a little girl. Watching her toddler brother John salute his father's caisson as it rolled by broke this country's heart. It wasn't a Democratic tragedy, it was an American tragedy.

So please, don't hesitate to aim justifiable criticism at Caroline Kennedy or her uncle Ted. But in the name of decency, show some respect.

"If Wizbang thinks that ... (Below threshold)

"If Wizbang thinks that pushing the IHateTeddy button and watching the commenters fall all over themselves shrieking "Me too" is what constitutes insightful conservative commentary, fine."

Well pushing that button seemed to get your gears cranking too. And what insightful commentary did you offer for a full 24 hours? Unless slinging insults at those you feel have unfairly characterized another is "insightful"...

I agree with every word Dav... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I agree with every word Dave Noble wrote in post #36. Dave is eloquent, I'm just a smartass.

"cheap insults about the Ke... (Below threshold)

"cheap insults about the Kennedy family, severely flawed though they are, gets us nowhere."

Yet according to you and your fellow libs, the cheap insults about Bush, Cheney, Rice, etc...etc...etc... banded about for the past 8 years have been oh so constructive. Frigging hypocrites.

"Dave is eloquent, I'm just a smartass."

brooose, you give yourself entirely too much credit. Dumbass.






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