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New York's Gubernatorial Gift

Patrick Ruffini doesn't scoff at the myriad new taxes and fees New York Governor Paterson is hoisting atop the flagpole. He calls it "a gift on so many levels." Of course, it remains to be seen if conservatives (and Republicans) recognize this and run with it, or if they will be found beside the Christmas tree playing in the big empty box.

This is eerily reminiscent of the sky high Dinkins-Cuomo hotel occupancy tax rates. When Rudy Giuliani cut them, it sent an immediate signal that New York was open for business, literally and figuratively. Our candidate for governor, and it could be Giuliani, now has a ready-made issue: kill the iTunes tax. And restore a sense in which New York is one state, not an agglomeration of petty interests to be bought off by tax differentials. Comically, Paterson is going to force you to drink diet soda by taxing it less and directing the proceeds to obesity prevention. (No word yet on Albany's obese state budget.)

This is a template that could resonate state-to-state.

It should be like the sleepy getting an alarm clock wrapped crisply and tied with a bow. Ruffini states that three things should be done in light of the new scheme, which could prove a state-level governance version of a viral video.

  • First, governor's races should be a massive focus of attention in then next two years.
  • Second, Republicans at the state level need to get their story straight on tax increases and bailouts.
  • Third, with out-of-control health care costs being a big driver of spending at the state level, will the GOP put forward a compelling agenda on controlling health care costs?

Not entirely optimistic the sleepy will respond to the clanking alarm clock going off under the tree, but it is refreshing to see yet another clear-thinking example of how so many of the solutions are farther from Washington and closer to you.


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Comments (9)

I wonder how the Governor o... (Below threshold)

I wonder how the Governor of New York got a hold of Obamalala's tax plan for the country? Here is another liberal president in the making. The future is so bright I have to wear sun glasses all the time.

Is the problem of health ca... (Below threshold)

Is the problem of health care costs, or the increase in the costs of administration of health care programs?

If you allow ERs to become dumping grounds, or act as primary care physicians, then those costs go up.

HMOs have incurred the wraith of liberals (HMOs which ironically, were created with the substantial assistance of Teddy Kennedy), because of their insistence on negotiating and strict adhering to the terms written in their plans. If denial of coverage is the problem, why not create a mechanism to address that issue, not completely scrap the system which is far more efficient than any government/bureaucrat agency?

I feel for you guy up in NY... (Below threshold)

I feel for you guy up in NY not that we don't have our own problems here in NC with taxes,nothing is safe for the money grabbers. We will pass 7 Billion in debt this year almost as much as the state of CA. Just amazing how government can never see and end to spending. There worse than a shopaholic with a never ending credit card. Whats next a tax every time you flush the toilet in your house.

Second, Republicans at t... (Below threshold)

Second, Republicans at the state level...

You're asssuming we still have any.

Tax and spend. Foster the e... (Below threshold)

Tax and spend. Foster the entitlement mentality, then tax some more to support it.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong with this?

Whats next a tax every t... (Below threshold)

Whats next a tax every time you flush the toilet in your house.

SSSSHHHHH! Don't give 'em any damn ideas!

The city I live in taxes ou... (Below threshold)

The city I live in taxes our water and sewage use. We get billed quarterly. The more you flush the more you paid. So they are already doing that.

This is a template that ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

This is a template that could resonate state-to-state."
Yep. Better hurry, though:

"California's Democratic leaders were planning a vote today on a brazen proposal to raise gas, sales and income taxes through a series of legal maneuvers that would bypass the Legislature's minority Republicans."

-L.A. Times via Instapundit

Among many other things, they want to tack on 2.5% on everyone's Cali State tax returns.

Hermie:Don'tG... (Below threshold)

[epador vainly attempting to prevent cerebral kinetic disassembly while reading that HMO's are more efficient than any government agency]






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